I'm wondering what's in the weather to work up a sweat,

With the humility of people and the person to beget;

It's as sweet as the wheat and the love of humility,

For when it's dry or it's wet it's welcoming humidity.


So whether I was wandering down the path or the line,

My weakness and strength is in the humility of the fine;

Like the thing of the earth is as humble as the line,

Which is real hard to beat and so much humility to find.


Now humility has trouble and problems as reasons to know,

That the best thing you can do is to financially grow,

But humility will teach to show restraint and hold back,

That to be the best person you must deny and have lack.


So humility develops through the long list of people and things,

And the reward is the return of the what comeback it brings;

Like the sound of the songs and the music in the sings,

Is a lifetime of money on humilities, heaven's angel's wings.


And the beauty and passion are the weakness and desire,

Of all that you want and all of the humility you require;

For the climate of things that life has to offer the human being,

Is the humility in that and the joy of what you are seeing.


And as for now what I aim for is to get an answer for humility,

As we age and mature to grow to be very old for eternity;

Because if the best things in life are really as free as the birds,

Then all the work for humility must be measured in words.



No other reason