Where going up to heaven with an addition to preach in the sky,

Rising up many levels of floors to build a building up so high;

An addition to the house or the family if you care,

If I'm just the man to do it and then double up the dare.


Addition is adding sums to add and all add up so right,

That the completion of the problem is sums that do delight;

Now the property I'm building is in addition to all the rest,

That the one now near completion is simply but the best.


In addition to the problem the answer still must be so right,

That to see it all correctly in the bright and shining light;

As it darkens at the end of the day to be the black of night,

The total reconstruction is paid completely by the way you write.


So the addition has a solution to each and every question,

As the answer to the problem suffices all of the suggestion;

If you add it all up correctly you must have the answer right,

For as in all addition you must have it a hundred percent to be bright.


So the total calculation of numbers of sums adding up the same,

Is a complex simple problem of fame and game and name;

The attraction to the addition is that you are always getting more,

So those who all get it wrong simply become so very poor.


The pride of the possession is perfection in the mind,

Of beautiful thoughts and wishes all trying to be kind;

And only in the reflection is the reflex of addition so quick,

To find out who is king and in addition pick the queen as quantity.



Quietly, What's The Answer.