Men and women of Australia and people all around the world,

The news is that the metals all take it in turn by word;

Silver and Gold have I none they said and you can take this bronze third,

For it really is an Olympic effort to relay metals by bird.


Well the healing takes time and the years still appear to condemn,

For the metals are medals and the English have landed again;

The games must go on just as in the beginning God did start,

With the Coliseum then Athens and Olympia by his heart.


Now dad was a metallurgist and new the tensilities and elements,

For metals had chemical symbols and some compound alloys all meants;

Like the iron and the tin or zinc or lead and steel,

The shield and the spear tip and the sword were cold to feel.


But God had the trident of Neptune and he could beat them all,

In the fight and the loving he's as hard as metal and higher than men tall;

God grew in his strength and I admired him best but I a bit mental,

So I with a pen, drew copper and cop her as a good metal.


It's a fight to beat with my parker but it takes a real long time,

For the words going down through the barrel of metal must all rhyme;

And the athletes are ready and willing and fitness the name of the game,

For the pen leads the village but competitors by event and the name.


So I hope I have got it all right but is best left up to see,

For the challenge to win for the nation is far across the sea;

So if you are as hard as a rock or metal surrender to God and win,

But don't be beaten by the metal because it only answers to sin.



The Meet.