The grass is always greener on the other side,

Said the manufacturing company for the to customer abide;

The wholesalers got to make money as the man in the middle,

And these days it takes a million to manufacture a minute!


It takes a second to pick a product up off the shelf,

In a supermarket or clothes retailer to buy for myself;

And a magazine or newspaper maybe meaning, might sell,

As manufacturers hope it will go direct to the brain cell.


The person paying the amount will figure it all out well,

As sure as the manufacturer makes it, it will all go to hell;

But it must be a heavenly product and perfect to sell,

As they work very hard and at the register might bell.


The factory takes and uses and want to get work done,

As the rest of the other men are outside, shining under the sun;

And the lights and the overheads cost money and time,

And the boss cracks the whip and the staff laugh in rhyme.


The manufacturing must get done, so we all get whatever we want.

At whatever the cost or price and the amount at the shop;

It's better looking at the things, that people are picking for yourself,

As you must buy something when you've read the books on the shelf.


Well man wants the woman and the women want the men,

So it is left up to me in the air to supply it all happily by pen then;

God knows he is coming back while we are all out busily shopping,

So it's when were in bed manufacturing love the rest is all stopping.



A difficult one asleep.