Parsifals Poem Ideas 2

Parsifal's Poetic Verse


Chapter 1 Euphoria

1 Spiritual High

Stuck in mind on a spiritual high,

Thinking that I am flying home through the sky;

Lost in love and looking for a home,

Cost me all I had and nothing I own.

Its euphoria on a spiritual high,

Thinking of loving everything I can;

My minds gone to heaven and wind where I've been,

Time for reality and being spiritually kind.

All of this loving, I don't know what to do,

God has the reigns and it is time for dreams come true;

Love on the ocean, thinking and dreaming,

All the things that I would rather be doing.

God cares for me and sees my heart,

A spiritual blessing is just a small start;

But big enough to see me home and around and above,

A heart full of hope and a head full of love.

God loves little children more than I can imagine,

He taught me how to love and see;

All the very good things of God,

About spiritual blessings and the fruit on my mind.

A spiritual high, I am living in a dream,

Clouds floating by and looking at me;

Time for everything and everything needs time,

A spiritual blessing of a home in heaven on high.


Lost in love.

2 Heavens Home

Its lonely at the top on high,

Where God abides at home and right;

Heavens home is a place to enjoy,

A place of peace and perfect rest.

Join the crowd all trying to get there,

There is room in my heart for Thee;

To go and be with God forever,

You say its going to be great for good.

I am too young to die just yet,

But I love in my heart, this God on high;

Who's home is in heaven, a place to view;

Where good is plenty and life is right.

Heavens home, my place or address just here,

A place where I can sleep, eat and enjoy the rest;

People have mansions, places of pride,

Castles in the air and over the sky.

My home is in heaven where, when Christains die.

A place of paradise perfection, people there,

A place to reflect on God and what's real life;

Heavens home is for me with God on high,

You can keep the money, heavens home I'd rather I.


Keeping House.

3 Paradise Perfection

Its a paradise perfection, you know of course,

A place in heaven, alone with thee;

To abide and live with God forever,

And love and serve on earth till then.

A tropical manifestation of glorious treasures,

People lovingly giving the hearts to Thee;

God of glory and heavenly peace,

Where turmoil and strife, struggle and cease.

A mirror image and reflection of God,

Staring at the one who saved the lost;

My heart, my joy, my peace of mind,

God in heaven, being heavenly kind.

Its a paradise perfection you should know by now,

A place of love and humble power;

Beauty around us and all is ideal,

A paradise perfection, the here and now.

God loves us all do you believe,

He will help you to love and recieve;

He will lead you home on high,

To heavens home when you grow old and die.

The paradise perfection of heavens dwelling,

A home on high with love forever;

Great goodness great God, you are,

The paradise perfection is for me right now.


Home in heaven.

4 Love In Heart

God put this love in my heart to share,

To teach and heal and answer prayer;

To be good and kind, for each forever,

No matter whatever, transcedental weather.

Whether you right or being kind,

God is good with peace of mind;

Creation was made for each good person,

To love and cherish God forever.

He put good in my heart, not bad, but love,

Great glory shining through the heavenly sky;

He is the morning and the rising sun,

And is the sunsetting on all we have done.

Sin is really just a dirty word,

With God singing through ever little bird;

So now I have love in my heart to carry on,

The goodness of God and what has shone;

A beautful paradise perfection of God on high,

A place where comfort is love of home.


How could I bare.

5 Brilliant Mind

6 Tropical Planet

7 Age And Beauty

8 Time Forever

9 Seas and Skies

10 Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 2 Uptopia

11 Poem Perception

12 Heaven Reigns

13 Nice Nervana

14 Fruit Salad

15 Pie In The Sky

16 I Feel Like I am Flying

17 Home and Happiness

18 House On The Water

19 Parramatta River

20 Sydney Harbour

Chapter 3 Life On The Beach

21 Sun and Surf

22 Running Free

23 Beach Fishing Rod

24 Sand Castles

25 Waves On The Sand

26 Salad Picnic

27 Time Lines

28 Surf's Up, Grab Your Board

29 Rock Pools

30 Guys and Girls

Chapter 4 Romance And Love

31 Perfect Partners

32 A Row Boat For Two

33 Cafes and Dreams

34 Restaurants Nights

35 Cinema And Movies

36 Lets Stay Home For Dinner

37 Bed Time

38 Travelling For A While

39 Beach House

40 Holiday Unit

Chapter 5 Faith and Worship

41 Monatseries

42 Cathedrals

43 Churches

44 God

45 Music And Hymes

46 The Organ Recital

47 The Whole Orchestra

48 The Congregation

49 The Choir

50 Ministers Preaching

Chapter 6 Country Folk

51 Hillbillies

52 Life On The Farm

53 The Homestead

54 Country Dinner

55 Working Animals

56 Sewing and Harvest

57 Then Came The Rains

58 Crops and Shops

59 Family Life

60 Town People

Final Word - Nights By The Fire

Parsifal's Idea Factory


Chapter 1 Cooking Dinner

1 Chocolate

2 Vegetable Soup

3 A Nice Steak

4 Lamb Chops

5 Table Service

6 Get The Cup

7 Gravey Forever

8 Main Cources

9 What's For Desert?

10 Do The Dishes

Chapter 2 Manufacturing

11 Clothes and Taste

12 New Furniture

13 The Kitchen

14 Utensils

15 Dinner Sets

16 About The Car

17 Food Products

18 Made Nearly Anthing

19 Industrial Wares

20 Building Houses

Chapter 3 Medieval Europe

21 France

22 Germany

23 Italy

24 Greece

25 Castles

26 Walled Cities

27 Clothes and People

28 Cathedrals and Churches

29 The Tournaments

30 Sport and Hunting

Chapter 4 Native Bushland

31 Gone Bush

32 Bush Tucker

33 The Billys Boiling

34 Around The Fire

35 Huts and Humpys

36 Up The Creek and Down The River

37 Boats and Fishing

38 Native Game

39 Cave Paintings

40 Over The Mountain and Far Away

Chapter 5 Islands

41 In The Pacific

42 Tropical Paradises

43 Time To Feast

44 Lets Go Fishing

45 Turtles, Clams and Crabs

46 Get The Picture

47 Thirsty Weather

48 Sunshine and Water

49 Missionaries

50 Returning Home

Chapter 6 Every Day Things

51 What's Normal

52 Time For A Change

53 Lets Go Shopping

54 A Few Dollers More

55 Park The Car

56 The House Sits and Remains

57 A Day At The Beach

58 Picnic Time

59 Money Around, You Can Bank On It

60 Restaurants Want

Final Word -Life's Good




1 The Sun Comes Down

2 Rays of Beauty

3 See The Light

4 Through The Clouds

5 Heavens Right

6 Maybe Perfect

7 Christ All Mighty

8 Brilliant Sky

9 Sin Sun Son

10 Perfect Days


11 Reflecting Glory

12 Meek and Wonderful

13 See The Faith

14 Mirror Image

15 Lovely Beauty

16 Dazzling Bright

17 Dancing Lights

18 Light Waves

19 Kingdom of Light

20 Light Of Life


21 Picture Perfect

22 Clear a Day

23 Air and Water

24 A Few Clouds

25 Brilliant Blue

26 Heaven On High

27 Breathing Kingdom

28 See The Heart

29 Clarity of Mind

30 Beauty In The Face


31 Christ Is Coming

32 Through The Clouds

33 A Bit Of Water

34 Sometimes Life

35 Wisdom's Tears

36 Created Great

37 Thunder Storms

38 Somewhat Normal

39 Expected Conditions

40 Not So Clear


41 Smiling Sun

42 Smiling Face

43 Pretty To See

44 Lovely Looking

45 Good To Be

46 Happy Heart

47 Happy To See

48 Happy To be

49 You Please Me

50 I Love You


51 God Smiling

52 Hard But Good

53 Strong And Tough

54 Forgiveness

55 Redemption

56 Glorification

57 Gracefullness

58 Mercy Calling

59 Kindness

60 Love And Faith