Parsifals Poem Ideas 1

Parsifal's Holy Love Poems


Words cannot express the love that I have for God, it is beyond comprehension in the capacity of His magnificence and human understanding. However, I have tried to write down and express my thoughts in some ways and means of my love for God. Fashioned to serve and reprove His ultimate supremacy and superiority. I look upon life as a humble servant, to an awesomely inspiring God who loves me very much, more than I could possibly understand or comprehend. Or fathom the depths of His love for me or all the treasures of His heaven, what He holds instore for me and you, if you lend an ear to be inclined. However still, I keep coming back for more of what I can never get enough of and that is the knowledge of the love of God. Not that I could do without it, for without knowing God, I am just a complex mess of a mixed up ball of confusion. We need the guiding light and clear vision of a holy God, who loves us very much and wants the best for our lives. I have tried to vent some of the frustration and troubles that often plague my mind into written words of poetry, with some sort of discernment of the confusion, coming to the light of right minded thinking, after writing them down for you to read. The writing helps me put things into perspective for myself and hopefully for others to, who venture to read and take on board the work of written verse in poetry. Holy Love Poems is about explaining that adventure of life into the hearts and souls and minds of His people, by a Holy God who loves His children very much. In fact enough to die for them on the cross 2000 years ago, that we might have life today and be insprired to write praiseworthy lines of inspiration, for hearts and minds in poetry. We as His people can take to heart to dwell upon and read today, by being His rewards, for whatever the instruction of wisdom is in that or to it. Please feel free to take in and digest the wise words of life, not mine, but the divinely inspired words of God that flow freely through me for you to read. Be blessed and be rewarded by life's freedoms and pleasures, which for me, the main one is writing poetry for you to enjoy and think about. I hope that makes sense to you and that as you go through and read the sixty poems written down for you, that you may have some memories to cherish, with a sense of peace in mind for your thoughts, as well as a clean heart and perspective from what a Holy God can do for you and me. God bless and enjoy the read.

Darel Robert McAllister.

Chapter 1 Heart Of Holiness

1 Singing Like Angels

Singing like angels in heavens choir,

Voices so beautiful at God's desire;

A harmony and melody so sweet you could cry,

Like coming through the clouds, birds could fly.

I listen to the birds, chirp, sweet as can be,

Singing like angels, amongst the trees;

Their soft tender voices, loves own rejoice,

Their colour, their voices, an angelic noise.

In the cathedrals, the choir if you care,

Voices like angels, sounds soft on high air;

Rejoicing in the hymnes, to praise their God,

Choruses so sweet, like an angels response.

Singing like angels, God's own dear harrum,

Voices so childlike, God rejoices for them;

Singing like angels, I heard God say,

Let them have life and more abundantly I pray.

Singing like angels, all of heavens good news,

People all praying in cathedrals wood pews;

Voices so sweet, all rejoice in the sound,

God is a good God and all heaven resounds.

Singing like angels, people come and go,

Choirs live forever in heaven I know;

Coming from the mountains tops and clouds far above,

Heavens choir, singing like angels in love.


Peace and Joy.

2 Heavens Choir

Heavens choir of angels, one more to rejoice,

Singing in harmony and different voice;

From out of the sky and palaces above,

Cathedrals filled with heavens choir of God's love.

Heavens choir, oh what, angelic voices did sing,

Goodness and beauty and love they did bring;

Ranges and valleys and high and lows,

Words all in harmony and melody does flow.

Heavens choir united, in cathedrals did sing,

Songs of praise and worship, adoration, no sin;

God is true love, what else can I say,

But to sit back and listen to heavens choir away.

Heavens choir once again, angelic voices on high,

Words of a love song to God in the sky;

A hymn high and right, in splendour of sound,

Heavens choirs feet, plastered firm the ground.

I think I will fly away at the sound, to the stars.

Over seas and high mountains in peace all around;

I reach to the sky, where heavens choir sings,

Voices in golden aray, through stained glass windows to sing.

Heavens choir now many, all standing in place,

The whole congregation and earths chosen race;

Bringing good news to the poor, through voices that sing,

Of God's gracious goodness, all right, crisp and clear.


Standing on tippy toes.

3 Beautifully Clean

Free from sin and shame and pride,

Washed beautifully clean beneath the skin;

The love of Jesus and grace of God,

Has made me whole and beautifully clean.

A house, a car, the evening stars,

My dream, my heart, my beautiful soul;

A place to live and dwell in love with thee,

Washed beautifully clean in the blood of Thee.

It is well beneath me in my soul now God,

You have shown me truth and shown me love,

You have made me clean from sin and pain,

To worship and glory, washed in your name.

The power of heaven so beautifully clean,

The blameless saviour, who bore my sin;

Who took my shame and dirt and pain,

To magnify and glorify His name.

In Him now do I serve with love,

To the king on high, who is God above;

The goodness and mercy of being a clean spirit,

The wind which comes and seems to heal it.

Beautifully clean and clear and right now,

The Devil's beaten and gone to hell;

You can have the beautiful clean love of God to,

If you will come and bend the knee to pray to God.


Straight Love.

4 Crystal Clear

Crystal clear and clean with Thee,

God's love looking down to shine on me;

To love and bless and help and heal,

To see things crystal clear and perfectly.

Crystal from here, till now life going on,

When God shone down His perfect love;

To reign in my heart and dwell with me,

The love of God and goodness of He.

Crystal clear, I pray from my heart,

To see the soul and love of God;

Crystal clear now and all things good,

Merciful saviour, now the love of God.

And he will keep me safe with Him on high,

Where I can dwell in heavens eye;

Beautifully clean and crystal clear,

My love my joy, my peace is near.

Keep me sure and free from sin,

To live in heaven and kindom win;

A place of safety and crystal clear,

Where I can live and well with Him.


Perfect beauty.

5 Holy Thoughts

Holy thoughts of things being right and good,

Holy minded people, something for God;

Love in the kingdom, everything sweet,

People trying to do just what will please.

Holy thoughts of Thee, good and gold,

Holy thoughts of Thee, Thy love so bold;

Holy types of people, what will unfold,

Holiness pleases all things of old.

Holy thoughts of God, good and everyhthing right,

Holy places to visit all love and might;

Holy heads and hearts, God's right idea,

Everything in the right place, nothing out of sight.

Something to see, God in our minds,

People loving and kind, holy in our hearts;

Perfect wisdom and might, God's only way,

Venturing out there to home and space.

Holy thoughts to dwell on and live,

God's lovingkindness and something to give;

Peace in our hearts and love in our heads,

Joy is the start of holy thoughts read.

Holy thoughts of peace, for me and you,

God watching over to make all things new;

Thinking the right way we each or to do,

God loving us back for these things we can use.


Ever Present And With Us.

6 Trying To Do Right

Trying to do right, you think you can,

Everything going your way, if things can;

You want what you can have, no time for me,

I must be following some kind of heavenly plan.

Trying to do right, I know I can't,

God's love wins, every time I start;

I want to get my own way, no chance of that,

Best going in to God, then I know what is right.

Trying to do right, well we all should,

If any one on earth, possibly could;

Each to their own way, living in sin,

All should turn to God's way and possibly win.

Trying to do right, Which way do I go,

If I do it my way, God won't know;

You think your own way will win in the end,

God has got good news for you, my long lost friend.

Trying to do what is right, Well I sit down and think,

To write what I can, hoping all things will link;

It is a special kind of magic, when all it comes together,

Light at the end of the tunnel, God has the victory.

Trying to do what is right, We all think we can,

Each and all individually, we see the plan;

I am trying to do it my way, I think I can,

I am left, high and dry, God takes my hand.


I could not do it my way.

7 Being Good

Being good is for the birds and the bees,

There is no way on earth, I could possibly be;

Being kind I might win, even a few,

But being good, everyone thinks I overgrew.

Being good it is hard to even imagine,

What can be done without things happening;

I have to work at this job of making things right,

Seeing God has the helm and reigns for meaning.

Being good, well there is no way on earth that I possibly could,

Get all of these things done for the good of me;

I have to let go and turn and listen to God,

He will show me the truth, the proof and the light.

Being good is best left unsaid and undone,

Everthing right shining under the sun;

Trying to do everything my own way,

Being good, well I am just not cut out for it Ok.

If everybody was being good, there would be no trouble on earth,

Nothing going wrong and everthing right at birth;

I know that the devil won't listen to God,

Being good, doing things my own way, something is worth.


Out Of Character.

8 Honest To God

Honest to God, things best left unsaid,

Telling the truth, no one will be dead,

Honest to God, heres how the story goes,

Don't get out of bed, stay where it is safe.

Honest to God, no fuss intended,

Everything going right, no pun intended;

So much to do, in so little time,

Everything happening Gods way for a change.

Honest To God, I should do what I am told,

Not keep wandering, going where its cold;

Good to be seen in the light, right and true,

Honest to God, there is a purpose for you.

Honest to God and a reason to live,

The joy and the beauty, the blessings they give;

Life in the place of holiness and heaven,

Honest to God, things are best right and even.

Honest to God, there is a clear right path,

Straight and a narrow one, going to heaven,

Look, find and follow it, you will soon clearly see,

The place of rest for your soul in eternity.

Honest to God, I have been writing for a while,

My mind is starting to get weary and restless in style;

Look out for God, who just goes on and on forever;

Over mountains and ridges and through all kinds of weather,

Honest to God, he always finds the right kind of weather.


Places I have never been.

9 Worship In Truth

Worship in truth and the spirit of holiness,

The right kind of places for people who travel it;

Look where you are going and worship in truth,

God has an eternal plan for the good of you.

Worhsip in truth and not relax in idleness,

Come into the light in the spirit of heaviness;

Stay right minded and focus on the things above you,

To live in the love of heaven, not focused on you.

Worship in truth and look unto Christ,

He will, lead you and guide you in His heavenly light;

Making money is a thing of dark ages past,

Come into the truth of the saving knowledge of God.

Worship in truth and live lives acceptable,

God is a good God, above all us unrespectable;

Worship in truth and you will see the light,

God's plan in heaven, with everything being right.

Worship in truth and the pspiritof understanding,

With everything in the light, without people straying;

Worship in truth and the beauty will be real,

Like the flowers that bloom in Gods kingdom ideal.

Do not go too far over to the left or the right,

Stay straight on the path of the truth and the light;

God is a good God, someone we can all trust,

Without all the trouble and strife and fuss.


In Thankfullness.

10 Servant Minded

Pain and suffering, working along,

Doing what is right and nothing wrong;

Living for others, the way things should be;

Peace, loving, kindness, following Thee.

I'll help you by the way you help me,

Christ was a servant, the way I should be,

I will help you no matter what is wrong,

Nothing to hurt or harm, nothing odd.

I'll help you, the way it should be,

Nothing rotton or odd, but only me;

You are my master, I will serve you,

To help you with the things I should do.

I love God and He loves me,

Helping and serving for the kindom to be;

Making life better and easier to see,

The world is a great place for God to agree.

Helping and serving, it is Gods way to,

For us and others for the things to do;

Loving and helping, everything right,

God watches over us in heavens delight.

Working together, helps make things right,

Serving each other is Gods love and might;

Looking out to see where I can serve you,

Things for me to do, to help out you.


Right Minded Thinking.

Chapter 2 Peace and Holiness

11 Filling My Mind With Peace

Filling my mind with peace,

It is a great and gracious thing to do;

Love of a good and holy God,

More things to play with and to do.

Filling my mind with peace,

It is a heavenly type of thought;

It is loving and giving to one another,

It is a kind and different sport.

Filling my mind with peace,

It is beatiful and lovely all the time;

Given to me from God above,

Trying to use up every resort.

Filling my mind with peace,

Filled with heavenly places and ideas;

Going back to where the mind began,

It is a good idea to want to do.

Filling my mind with peace,

Looking to the future of the world;

If all would be as it should,

This is how it ought to be.

Filling my mind with peace,

Things going right all the time,

Belonging and staying on top of things,

Thinking thoughts of peace and not strife.


Time for tranquility.

12 Holy and Right

Holy and right and all things good,

Peace and plenty as how they should;

Love and honour a very good thing,

God blessing others in kinds of thing.

Holy and right and all things good,

Love, joy and peace, and hope I could;

Faith in the mind, strength in the will,

A heart to serve and purpose fulfil.

Holy and right and all things good,

Kindness and glory to love and will;

Mercy for each other when tempers flare,

Gods care and goodness and all things well.

Holy and right and all things good,

Time on our hands to do what we can;

Help, serve and care, as we should,

God watching over us to see things will.

Holy and right and all things good,

Patience, love and kindness, God is good;

Joy in the heart and depth of despair,

Gone, beaten and forgotton, nothing wrong there.

Holy and right and all things good,

Blessing, honour and love, living proof;

Time for peace and not war,

Everything, everywhere in Gods prayer.


Love and care.

13 Good To Each Other

Good to each other in times of strife.

Caring for each other, husband and wife;

Life is far to short to go it alone,

You need some love and care of home.

Good to each other, one more time,

Words that fit into this caring rhyme;

People aren't perfect, but most try hard,

To be the best they can, along the road.

Good to each other, when life is tough,

Caring and helping when things are rough;

Remember the good old days with God,

Back to the pen and type all the odd.

Good to each other, I dare ask again,

Is there anything else I can put down then;

When all is taking its time on earth,

Stick to the truth and proof of birth.

Good to each other, we need to care,

Love one another and always share;

People need people it is fair to say,

Throughout the world and time of day.

Good to each other, you be my guest,

Answers are found when you look and guess;

When everything goes beyond the stress,

God comes into the picture to fix the mess.


All is not lost.

14 Caring Helps

Caring helps at times of need,

Hearing prayers from people, God to lead;

When crisis comes, look up to God above,

He will show you His care and love.

Caring helps with different people,

Looking to see the needs to fill;

When you get old, you need more care,

Love and attention from people there.

Caring helps, you see and say,

Don't ignore those going astray;

Point out the right way to go if you can,

Show people you care, under God's good plan.

Caring helps, it is fine to say,

Sun smiling down, people going there way;

Its all good and perfect at the end of the day,

Caring people, help others find their way.

Caring helps, have you not noticed,

Others doing, for others comfort;

When things are not going the way you expected,

Caring people are there to protect you.

Caring helps, if you dare to try,

Look another in the hurting eye;

Aleviate the pain and trouble there,

Teach others how and show you care.


Meant Good.

15 From Good Works

From good works, come love and healing,

Open the mind to people receiving;

Show how much you want to help,

To care and see others get well.

Grace is found when life is too hard,

When you stretch beyond the measure and yard;

Good works aren't easy, but shows you care,

Teaching people love and respect.

From good works, comes love and help,

Financial gifts to the kingdoms head;

Cherish each kind of gift in heart,

To do good works for Gods word to spread.

From good works comes, pride and envy,

Thinking you are better than others, is jealousy;

It rots the mind and stops the cause,

To serve and love and recieve applause.

From good works, comes peace and hate,

The two together do not relate;

The vane will think they did it for themsleves,

Not gifts to kids from Santa and eleves.

From good works comes more reward,

Money and things, for not being board;

The truth be known, it is good to help,

But not enjoy all the pleasure from someone else.

From good works. is the love of God,

Working for the kingdom is nothing odd;

Helping others leans towards results,

A better world for God, against the odds.


Work For God.

16 Knowledge Minded

Knowledge minded is a different world,

Striving for things and not for peace;

All the books you have read, sit on the shelf;

For myself to know and to tell yourself.

Words come asy and cheap and kind,

Trying to find and keep peace on your mind;

Knowledge things you have heard or read,

Best learning form the Bible or you will be lead.

Beats having problems for a while at a time,

Knowing whats right and rhymes in the rhyme;

Being kind is a surity of peace on your mind,

Problems come and go you seem to want to find.

Knowledge will help you get on with your life,

Knowing what to do and is right to stay out of strife;

God bless us all as in this wisdom we seek,

To love one another and kiss the other cheek.

Knowledge is a tool and resouce for helping you live,

Staying out of trouble and a bursting bubble in bed;

Truth and afcts are established out of what is right to know,

The knowledge that you are sure of what to do and say.

Make sure your right and that you know what your saying,

Know for sure that you have read the books on the shelf;

Knowledge is a crime if you sin to yourself,

God's gift of love is worth more than being dead.


Truth To Save.

17 God Is Perfect

God is perfect, you are sinning,

Heavens bidding, God is winning;

You think you can enjoy yourself,

You have a right to live.

God is perfect, look at Him,

See yourself in the mirror;

Are you standing up to Him,

Lost in love, without a hope.

God is perfect, admit the truth,

All living hope, is living proof;

Faith for the future, life is good,

Living for each other and for God.

God is perfect, you will fail,

Christ on the cross, the dreaded nail;

Lost in sin, dangers are near,

Strangers are around,you need not fear.

God is perfect, in Him do they all hear,

God will win, to them that choose Him;

Choose the right way, any time of day,

I will follow God, lest I do stray.

God is perfect, you will lose,

If you choose to go your own way;

Don't worry about tomorrow,

God has been there first.

God is pefect, I can assure you of that,

From the past and the darkness,

God has led and lights your way;

Home you go eternally, with peace forever.


Faith and Grace,

18 Peace and Holiness

Peace and holiness, God is love,

Glory to the highest heavens;

Leading us all home on hope,

To get to be with God forever.

Peace and holiness, God is good,

Beauty reigns on earth forever,

Giving us strength to live with him;

The truth we trust, life is light.

Peace and holiness, God is right,

We must do what He says we can;

To know what, when and then is might,

Following nearly in truth and sight.

Peace and holiness, admit it now,

I must write to make things right;

You can live all day if you like,

Do not venture too far into the night.

Peace and holiness, God is King and knight,

Serving the others to work out right;

For things to be as they should be,

The joy of the world for you and me.

Peace and holiness, see how now,

Understand the goodness from God's heart;

Don't be stupid, but be quite smart,

Peace and holiness, yes! right from the start.


Full of love.

19 Joy Being Given

Joy being given, love is free,

God did not cost you and me;

Peace in the heart, joy is given,

The love you deserve, joy is free.

Jesus came to earth as a baby boy,

Love and peace, to give us joy;

Joy being given, a toy to play,

Gods gift to us, salvations ploy.

Joy being given, Christ is free,

Dieing for us on that horrid tree;

A cross with love, pain with sin,

God of earth for us to all win.

Joy being give, love a minute,

Stuck for words, God the limit;

Nice being kind, the joy I find,

Winning not as easy as thought at first.

Joy being given, God in heaven,

Christ on high, throughout the sky;

Mercy calling, sin is beat,

Grace forever, perfectly sweet.

Joy being given, Love is great,

All the sin in the world, God does hate;

Love and reason, we all must relate,

The truth be knowing, joy being given.


Accept the gift.

20 A Happy Ending

Happy ending to the never ending story,

God is love and God the glory;

Live the life of love and truth,

Christ is God and all living proof.

Keep the faith, learn to be kind;

The peace of God, right on your mind;

Tries to be good and tries to be find,

Love and contentment all of the time.

There is a happy ending to this tale and fable,

Never fail and always be able;

Keep trusting God and He will lead you,

To be good and kind and always need you.

A happy ending to ask me again now,

How could this be with trouble and turmoil;

Strife keeps raising its ugly head,

Better loving God than always be dead.

There is a happy ending, that you should know,

Keeping the law and in truth you do grow;

Free loving God and beauty along the way,

Weigh it in the balance and you can't lose.

There is a happy ending and you should know,

All beauty is life andthings should grow;

Peace in the heart and in life being kind,

Gods love the best thing to have on your mind.


The magic dragon.

Chapter 3 Kind and Meek

21 Kingdom Children

The people of God are kingdom children,

Seeking, looking and loving, things on earth;

Istead to be looking to God reigning on high above,

Coming in His kingdom from in His heaven of love.

Kingdom children need time to help and to heal,

To love one another and care how they feel;

Meaning what they are, and learning to be real,

Precious children, God's blessing to woman and man.

Treasures come and pleasures go,

Stick to God and keep Him near;

Know for sure that you are His children,

Next of kin and born to win.

Kingdom children who play in the garden,

Working hard for ove and pardon;

Look to Him who reigns on high,

Grace will come and glory magnify.

Kingdom children, making mistakes,

Mercy is needed to see things out;

Trying to do right, though often fail,

For in His strength I'll find the trail.

Kingdoms children are born of God,

Shining in the light with nothing odd;

The rich are right, the poor will reign,

His people shing in the kingdom light.


People in heaven.

22 Learn Again

Learn again to live and love,

To look anew to the kingdom above;

Chiildren teach us a lot you know,

Teachers, teach us to read and write.

Learn again what God has instore,

People rich and people poor;

See the sky filled by heavens love,

Perfect magesty found in God above.

Learn again to seek things out,

Looking where you will not doubt;

God has the keys and reigns on high,

Coming through the clouds and sky.

Learn anew to love and understand,

Try to see God's wondrous land;

Let Him take you by the hand,

To lead you home and become grand.

Learn anew and learn afresh,

Find the things that start to mesh;

Connecting broken pieces in a mess,

To restore the life of those who stressed.

Learn to find and trust in Him,

Peace and security, trust and truth;

Honesty, strength and beautiful blessings,

Grace and mercy, people confessing.


Sunday School.

23 Jesus Loves Me

Jesus loves me, this I know,

For the Bible tells me so;

Little ones like me belong,

I am week but He is strong.

Rhymes and reasons, truth and trust,

Loving right, not things of lust;

In the dirt, diamonds are dust,

Crystal mirrors of beauty and must.

Jesus loves me, though I sin,

He forgives me to see and win;

Keeps me strong and doing right,

Shining through the hidden light.

Jesus loves me when I go my own way,

He leads me back into the stay;

He teaches me to love and pray,

Each and every different day.

Jesus loves me and wants my best,

Not to wander and go my own way;

He leads me home to heavenly rest,

Loving me unconditionally as His quest.

Jesus loves me in perfect truth,

Heaven coming and reigning in living proof;

He leads me beside still waters,

In peaceful, natural, eternal bliss.


He loves you to.

24 Good As Gold

Good as gold and cold as old,

God holds me in heavens fold;

Nice and warm and rich and real,

Monies coming, I'm coming back.

Good as gold, the shining sun,

Gives to me, His love and fun;

Teaches me how to love and learn,

The truth of how to not to burn.

Good as gold, perfectly right,

Keeps me in His loving sight;

Truning, earning, blessing anew,

Love is for real, not for just a few.

Good as gold, all I have,

Special blessings, heavens kingdom;

Children learning to laugh and cry,

I kind of imagine that I can fly.

Good as gold, God is love,

Water coming down from heaven above,

Through the skies, the kingdoms dove,

Perfect beauty, sun shining, streaming on.

Good as gold, God's kingdoms beauty,

Many a cuty, doing my duty;

Behaving myself in truth and love,

The best of all is yet to come.


I just have to be.

25 Happily Loving

Happily loving everything that I can,

Humble servant of God and man,

Anything you want has a price,

Pray to God and He will give it nice.

Happily loving the things in His plan,

Kingdoms blessings, woman and man;

Children for the school of future hope,

Coming into the world of faith and love.

The best of God is from heaven above,

Happily loving the treasures all there;

Seeing places you just wonder where,

Pictures of truth and blessings of heaven.

Happily loving all the things I can't,

They will do me harm and will or won't;

Learn to trust in God on high,

The perfect picture of heaven in the sky.

Happily loving, green and blue,

The sky, the seas, the trees all true;

Seeing the beauty in me and you,

The goodness and kindness of God and truth.

Lovingly finding the blessing around,

Heaven and earth, above the ground;

People walking and turning to read,

The word of God he has to lead.


Peace in paradise.

26 Boys and Girls

Boys and girls go out to play,

In God's kingdom, do not stray;

Help me find God's heavenly way,

To love and work and learn to pray.

Girls and boys stay home all day,

Dolls and toys they want to say;

Everything for them seems OK,

While staying dry on days of grey.

Girls and boys off to school,

Playing around and acting the fool;

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,

Tom Thumb, pulled out a plum.

Girls and boys stay in at night,

Snug and warm and wrapped up tight;

Loving and hating as if it was a fight,

With pen and paper, learn how to write.

Girls and boys do not destroy,

But keep each other to enjoy;

Smiling, friendly to employ,

What is good for the girl, is good for the boy.

Girls and boys, one and two,

Good for me and good for you;

God loves them and Jesus to,

Christmas time, heaven and hell.


Santas coming.

27 Weak In Mind

Weak in mind, week of mine,

Blessings coming in the things I find;

Strength has its place in God's heaven of love,

Peaceful resistance to doing things wrong.

Weak in mind, I want to sin,

Jesus stop me from this whimsical whim;

Teach me to love you and live and win,

To put my rubbish in the bin.

Weak in mind, week in heart,

Teachers pet and being smart;

Looking for God everywhere,

Anything, anytime, everyone.

Weak I think. Week I am,

Good to see and good to do;

I love me and I love you,

Show me how to love it true.

Weak and poor, week and rich,

Show me joy and switch from sick;

Give me strength to see and win,

Help me beat this heart of sin.

Weak I be, Week I am,

Peanut butter, Vegemite and jam;

Breakfast and lunch, as dinner comes,

Food for thought, skip the crumbs.


My mind's mine.

28 Blessed Are The Meek

Blessed are the meek, they shall see God,

Inherit the kingdom of His heavenly love;

They shall learn to seek what is right,

While still within God's truth and sight.

Blessed are the meek,

They shall inherit the earth;

Given love and given birth,

For all God's grace and worth.

Blessed are the peacemakers,

Their's is the kingdom of God;

Love and joy instead of hurt,

Clean as a whistle, no more dirt.

Blessed are the poor in spirit,

They will be filled with everything in it;

Full to the brim and topple over,

Cake or cream and pavlova.

Blessed are the pure in heart,

They shall see God in heaven;

To get what is coming and deserved,

Grace amnd mercy and glory forever.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst,

Drink and eat, eternal life;

Beyond belief and out of sight,

King to reign and God's joy remain.


Gratitude and apptitude.

29 Old Fashioned Care

Old fashioned care, the way it should be,

Truth and trust in age and time being;

Helping others to see right and live,

To love each other and win and give.

Old fashioned care, never to change,

Gifts from God, within His range;

Taking it easy, at this stage,

No race or rage, upon this page.

Old fashioned care, still the same,

Love and peace and joy remain;

People who live beyond their youth,

Years of truth and endless proof.

Old fashioned care, where things had cost,

Waves and wind, but not all is lost;

The ship is still upon the sea,

Time for you and time for me.

Old fashioned care, it still exists,

Where people strive and still persist;

Age is beauty for all to see,

Timeless you and timeless me.

Old fashioned care, for all around,

Keeping your head above the ground;

Helping others is still to be found,

Living longer, then all is sound.


Ageing longer.

30 To Rest A Day

To rest a day from love and play,

The see each other in the right way,

Teach us how to love and pray,

All around the earth each day.

The sabbath is His day of rest,

When we in truth have sin confessed,

To live within His loving grace,

To look upon our mind and face.

To rest a day, we all need to care,

While work goes on nearly everywhere;

Peace for me and peace for you,

Keeping everything perfectly true.

To rest a day, look to God,

He will keep you from being odd;

Nothing wrong and everything right,

Keep me in your guiding light.

To rest a day the rest will pay,

Sure and strong and constantly true,

Beauty for me and brilliant for you,

Grace and peace and mercy to.

Rest a day, don't go your own way,

Listen to God in what He will say;

Straight and true and right to pay,

I lie down, as would would lay.


Heavenly light.

Chapter 4 Humble In Spirit

31 Suffer Unto Me

Suffer unto me, chilren to come,

They are love and He is strong;

Beauty in the constant making,

Christ on the cross for no loss.

Suffer unto me, making things worth,

Rightly, perfectly, birth on earth;

Silently for the wrong things,

All human beings around the world.

Suffer unto me, the things I want,

Working gradually, through the words;

They cost money for me to pay,

Through the week and say the day.

Suffer unto me, something great,

Costs and affordability relate;

Understandingly, correctively, the date,

I hate the wrong, the right I wait.

Suffer unto me, distinguishingly,

Each little difference in the weight;

The earth so big, I pray my fait,

My prayer, the hell I have to hate.

Suffer unto me, constantly,

Pain I need to feel and create;

Working wanting, thinking hard,

Love and heaven, not to disguard.


Working too hard.

32 Servant Hearted

Servant hearted, servant minded,

Christ on the cross, loving saviour;

Perfect soul, beautiful behaviour,

Working for me to do what is right.

Servant hearted, simply relinguishing,

Everything wrong, He is perfecting;

Does what is good, healing others,

Loving fathers, sisters, mothers and brothers.

Servant hearted, heavenly minded,

Seeking, seaching and peace for finding;

Doing what you can to help,

All the good for constant health.

Servant hearted, for peace on earth,

Pefectly wanting things to be right;

Watching, waiting while perfecting is done,

Perfection, peace, paradise, people.

Servant hearted, God is great and good,

Doing what he can for us as we should;

Loving, learning, looking above,

God coming in His kingdom of love.

Servant hearted, peace of mind,

Everything beautifully, heavenly kind;

Working for all to turn out well,

Under the magic of God's heavenly spell.


Real results.

33 Doing God's Will

Doing God's will, all will work out right,

Truth and reason, freedom and might;

Obeying, understanding, as you do,

Serving writing, doing God's will.

Doing God's will, dreams come true,

Working logically for me and you;

More maybe an essence of terror,

Going wrongly remains in error.

Doing God's will, things work out right,

Understanding heavens mindset,

The whole truth in the light.

Working for freedom is a fight.

Doing God's will, things are made,

Cathedrals built, creates the grade;

Trees will grow, grass the blade,

Houses standing, in the shade.

Doings Gods will, things are accomplished,

Fortunes favorites, things admonished;

Abiding things, abiding interests,

Financial savings as investments.

Doing God's will, works out right,

Everything constantly in His sight;

Kicking the goal, plans are made,

Furniture, appliances, not to rade.


All is well.

34 Strong In Heart

Strong in heart, strong in mind,

Week in spirit, lovely and kind;

Strong in heart, head over tails,

As strong as God, love never fails.

Strong in heart, strong in mind,

Rich in spirit, being humble and kind;

Strong in heart, strong in head,

Understanding, that God wants us lead.

Strong in heart, strong in mind,

Love is burning, a passionate desire;

Strong in heart, loves simple ways,

God is yearning, for us to follow His ways.

Strong in heart, Strong being well said;

A nice soft voice, or loud instead;

Being a smooth talker, you get your own way,

Better to listen, best not to stray.

Strong in heart, mind, soul and head,

God is calling, heaven wants us lead;

Strong in heart, best left unsaid,

Passing the wind or beating instead.

Strong in heart, softer, kinder and humble,

Lost in mind, surrounded by jungle;

God is best, less stressed and undressed,

God is strong, the rest put to the test.


Loving and Kind.

35 A Good Mind

A good mind to think,

A good mind to do;

Thinking like I'm having fun,

A dream come true for one.

A good mind to see and say,

Kindly going along your way;

Thinking that I can take all day,

People working for their pay.

A good mind I want to have,

Giving God what I got and gave;

Beautiful, brilliant and perfect,

Look in the mirror and reflect.

A good mind, I have and want,

Time for others, time for me,

Money in the bank, what can I say,

You want it and you have to pay.

A good mind, to link and like,

Doing what you want in this life;

Trouble comes and problems go,

Still trying to find me a wife.

A good mind to read,

A good mind to write;

Thinking what I am seeing,

Is still well in sight.


Comes and goes.

36 Loving Jesus

Loving Jesus, He loves me,

Looking for Him, I want to see;

He knows my heart is good and right,

God judges correctly in His sight.

Loving Jesus, just you and me,

Perfectly, rightly for Him to see;

Clearly, concisely, understanding me,

Unconditionally and infallibly.

Loving Jesus, look up to Him,

Through the sky when things are dim;

Heaven comes and hell a whim,

Working hard to be slim.

Loving Jesus, as I should,

Things come and go, God is good;

Thinking what i can do better would,

Trusting Him because I could.

Loving Jesus as He first loved me,

Honestly, loyally, kind and free;

Bound and tied unto the tree,

Where life is saved abundantly.

Loving Jesus because He is good,

He loves me back unquestioningly;

Morally, ethically, righteously,

He sees us all truly and evenly.

Loving Jesus, I trust His words,

His promise to me as I have heard;

Protecting, guiding, through His work,

His life is free, like a million birds.

Loving Jesus, something great,

Heaven and hell and love relate;

Goodness, Kindness, Patiently,

Forever, abundantly and eternally.

Loving Jesus, His love is true,

Seeing and understanding me and you;

Beautifully, brilliantly, and perfectly,

Saving me from sin and correcting me.


Years and days.

37 All Things Right

All things right, give God the glory,

Pure and holy, the loving story;

Wanting truthfullness as we wait,

For the king of righteousness to come.

All things right, fashioned to serve,

Perfect magesty, all things correct;

Coming in the truth and light,

Absolute saviour, everything right.

All things right, the way they should be,

Truth and perfection, the king of glory;

Humble humans tell the story,

Of Christ's love and magesty.

All things right, they have to be,

Got to be good enough for you and me;

God the standard, the rest will follow,

Keeping up with what God wants for me.

All things right, God knows the answer,

The truth and love of Christ will cancel;

Everything I sin and whim,

God tells me to put in the bin.

All things right, best for all,

Truth and honesty, beyond the fall;

Peace and progress, faith the process,

Goodness graciousness, proof is best.


The way they are.

38 Best Be Humble

Best be humble, best to wait,

Establish the truth and things relate;

Do what you can, when you can,

Considering others as you go.

Best be humble and kind to others,

All people on earth as lovers;

Good to me and good to you,

Everything perfectly, beautifully true.

Best be humble, best be true,

Best for me and best for you;

God is good and God is kind,

Giving peace to make a heavenly mind.

Best be humble, best be great,

Heaven and hell, truth relates;

Serving others, the truth be known,

Children loving, children grown.

Best be humble, establishment on earth,

The world spinning around, worth and birth;

Doing good to others, kindness shares,

Sit down and read and write on chairs.

Best be humble, quick and nimble,

Butter cake or maybe marble;

Best be humble, best be black,

Jesus is always coming back.


Long time coming.

39 Humble Humans

Humble humans, true and free,

Dividing you, uniting me;

Black and blue, red and green,

Pink and purple, yellow, orange I mean.

Humble humans, the life of roses,

God suggests and God supposes;

Humility, humidity, working well,

A Christ like spirit, I can tell.

Humble humans working for,

Care and love and truth the more;

Wanting waiting, watching for God,

Everything right, nothing odd.

Humble humans, God knows your heart,

Working towards the goal of peace for all,

Looking, longing, living to tell,

Servants fashioned to love Him well.

Humble humans, a hundred years,

People passing in God draw near,

Creating some for the purpose of God,

His mighty kingdom to come in love.

Humble humans, hurting heads and hearts,

Trying in vane to be too smart;

Clever Joe and intellingent Ian.

I am the saviour, keep it clean.


Beauty for all.

40 Wind, Air, Spirit

Wind of the West, air and spirit,

When freedom comes, do not fear it;

The sun the sky, the clouds of rain,

Christ is perfect, feels the pain.

The windows cry out for loving help,

The little dog begins to yelp;

The wind, the spirit, through the air,

Holy scriptures to compare.

Words of life, blowing around,

God the breath, God the ground;

Breathing in, exhaling out,

The inhaled breath goes to your head.

Air and wind, spirit so free,

Blowing around for you and me;

Heaven above, clouds on high,

The spirit of the wind is air in sky.

The spirit so holy, a breath of air,

The wind blows through your flowing hair;

The sky is grey, where I lay,

Living to find another day.

The air and wind, the spirit still free,

Blows around an old oak tree;

Aging figs, red cedars and gums,

Eucalyptus helps the breathing heart.


The breath of God.

Chapter 5 Blessings Upon You

41 Blessing Others

Blessing others, be my guest,

Show love to one another and be blessed;

Look upon the humble poor,

In their denial, they are more.

Understand the will and ways,

Of life and truth and people days;

Spare a thought for someone else,

Be blessed, don't doubt, God at His best.

Blessing others, what joy it is,

Goes beyond the heart of friendship;

Those who seek and have need for help,

Don't refuse them in their yelp.

Be the place of perfect plan,

Give to others in demand;

Blessing others, God's character commands,

Residual, residing, everything right.

Blessing others, redeemed to do,

Piece by piece in glorious clue;

Perfect love gives of itself,

Books you read left on the shelf.

Blessing others, Loyalty to God,

Everything right, nothing odd;

Harmony and purity, to others on the path;

In blessing others, they can laugh.


Get and give.

42 Blessed Are The Givers

Blessed are the givers, livers, lovers,

Give from yourself and not resist;

Nor restrain the right to being in bliss,

Take what you need and give the rest.

Blessed are the givers to someone else,

Their joy is plentiful, beautifully best;

Want not, have not, deny no care,

God is good in every gift.

Blessed are the givers, who give to you,

Peace is theirs and love of air;

Paradise a place of total perfection,

The mirror image of peaceful selection.

Blessed are the givers of days gone by,

Who have left this world when they die;

Whose legacy a mark of infinite history,

Life eternal and complete restoration.

Blessed are the givers, they are peacemakers,

Giving hope and love through faith to all;

The truth be known, they earn the right,

Losing their money for life and light.

Blessed are the givers from times to come,

Who make the future, their blessing sum;

By their gifts the grace is faith of face,

Not on earth but out of space.


Heaven forever.

43 Blessed If You Do Right

Blessed if you do right,

Deeds of worth and value,

Done for someone elses joy,

To make their day as you pay.

Blessed if you do right,

God sees the heart in His delight;

To reward the honest in truth and light,

A better gift from someone else.

Blessed if you do right,

Yours the knowledge of truth and might;

In the wisdom of blessing others,

Yours the chershing, something for everyone.

Blessed if you do right,

You have the facts and knowledge of truth,

What you have done, you can count on,

Another day, your earthly sum.

Blessed if you do right,

Something for you for your own rejoice;

A choir of angels in angelic voice,

Praying, hoping for everything you need.

Blessed are you if you do right,

God rejoices if your every deed,;

Purposefully, plentifully, everything,

For your pleasure, read and lead.


Each requirement.

44 Best To Be A Blessing

Best to be a blessing,

Something of yourself, someone giving;

Best to be a blessing, Someone loving,

It goes right on past yourself.

Blessing someone else beside yourself,

Better not to think of yourself at all;

Constantly conscetrate or other peoples needs,

Take the thoughts off yourself.

Focus on others and you will be happy,

Best to be a blessing, I am sure;

Gets rid of all the stress and testing,

Best to be a blessing at all times.

Loving what you do for others,

No such thing as crime in helping;

Looking out for ways to bless,

To make the day from someone else.

Helps prevent all the unwanted mess,

Looking for ways to make others happy;

Best to be a blessing, Always helping others,

Making sure of yourself by seeing how to help.

Best to be a blessing, monetarial gift,

So someone else can have something;

That you often have for yourself,

You don't really need everything for yourself.


Life anyway.

45 Blessings From Heaven

Blessings from heaven, treasures sent,

The fragrence of life in beauty spent;

The cent of a flower, roses being,

Life everlasting, forever seeing.

Blessings from heaven, God is wise,

Coming through the clouds of heavens skies;

Rain in its due course, greatful ground,

The earth becomes thankful as it goes around.

Blessings from heaven, thankyou very much,

All I ever wanted in dreams as such;

Creation and glory, God is from heart,

Poeple seeing blessings, God is smart.

Blessings from heaven, perfect love,

Romantic relationship, through God above;

Time to stop searching, seek for truth,

Long time coming, everlasting proof.

Blessings from heaven, Meek and mild,

God our father, smile upon this child;

Your plenty and abundance, always good,

Enduring patients and perseverance pure.

Blessings from heaven, reign down love,

Fill my mind and heart from your treasures above;

Holy righteous, God of love, flowing true,

Help me always and let me remain in you.


Full to the brim.

46 Blessings Forever

Blessings forever, never ending or ceasing,

Joy of the heart, your always releasing;

Believing and trusting something is good,

Remaining truthfully as everything should.

Blessings forever, plenty flowing all around,

Surplus of everything for everbody down;

Lovingly keeping your head above the ground,

A pupose, a reason to appear and be found.

Blessings upon you to help you feel sound,

Being a blessing, is sure good all around;

Blessings forever, to the whole town,

I hope you have seen someing here for you.

Something you can recieve and believe in for you,

Trusting and hoping, there always is more;

God opens the gates to heavens sky and floor,

New life for all and as abundantly to win.

Blessings forever, You don't have to wait,

Personal belongings in them,who create;

He stands at the door and knocks and waits,

For sinners to come home, if they will only relate.

Blessings forever, people perfectly true,

Bursting right through the sky, abundantly blue,

Righteous in nature, the hope is eternal,

God's righteous behaviour, always anew.


Welcome home sinner.

47 God Blesses Us

God blesses us whether we know it or not,

Giving us love, we deserve for now what;

Fashioned to serve, seeking not yourself,

God blesses us through every book on the shelf.

God blesses us, he is always perfect and true,

The love He redeems is just for me and you;

Righteously showering us in gifts of love,

The best is still coming from the perfect world above.

God blesses us, through heavens untold riches,

An abundant supply or treasures forever;

Renewing and changing our hearts and minds,

To be more like Jesus and with peace from God.

God blesses us, as we sit by still waters,

Cool and rejuvinating, restoring our souls;

The righteousness of nature, pure and pristine,

Reigning surpreme until we stop to listen.

God blesses us as we go on doing the right thing,

Life in His kingdom, you can't lose but win;

Trusting and loving all the good things of God,

Joyfully knowing he is good and not rotton or odd.

God blesses us in the new order of creation,

Weather as lovely as all the earth waiting;

Whether we are holy or awefully sad,

God remains good, even when we are bad.


God makes me glad.

48 Better To Trust

Better to trust in The Lord,

Than people or things;

Better to believe in God,

Than things to make you happy or sad.

You can have confidence in God,

Rather than people who cheat you;

Better to trust in The Lord,

Than to go aimlessly, blindedly into trouble.

There is a reason and purpose for everything,

Put your trust in God and be sure;

Lieing and stealing and greed is bad,

It makes a bad person miserable and sad.

Better to trust in the truth of God,

Not harmful or rotton or even odd;

The Lord will return you with what you dish out,

Don't think you can win, if you still doubt.

Better to trust in The Lord our God,

He will pay back to those who serve Him;

Those who love Him and help Him to win,

You will be a winner to, if you first trust in God.

Good things take time you know, wait your turn,

He will reward you and turn things toward you;

He will instill hope and take away all of your fear,

For those who love him and in Him draw near.

Better to trust in the Lord, than all the ways of man,

The Lords path and way is a certainty;

You had better not trust in your own you know,

Trust in the truth of God on High in heaven.

He will smile at you with sweet bye and bye,

And can look you straight and honestly in the eye;

He will give you everything you need for now,

Eternal life and a place in heaven and paradise.


Right To Me.

49 Believe In The Blessing

Believe the blessing of God above,

Truth and right and all of His love,

Believe in the blessing of heaven and life,

Safe and secure and kept out of strife.

Believe in the blessing of loving God,

As sinful human nature is always odd;

You can't trust yourself without God,

Best to give it all to Him and live.

Believe in the blessing of being right,

Knowing your salvation is sure and tight;

As you see Him in His truth and light,

Your humble destination is heavens sight.

Believe in the blessing of a redeemed soul,

Your redemption draws near to pure delight;

As holy as you can be if you keep up the fight,

All the dirt cleaned off, your white as snow.

Believe in the blessing of the kingdom of God,

Everything you work for, really pays off;

All things fashioned to serve us, money great,

We have to anticipate the changes though for love.

Believe in the blessing, knowledge the key,

Success orientated people working for love;

Peace ever after, the kingdom of heaven has come,

Let Jesus reign on earth as God, people be real.


I testify to the hope.

50 Blessings Are Beautiful

Blessings are beautiful, God reigns on earth,

The kingdom of heaven, now of real worth;

All of the good things of people and life,

Given over to God for the renewal of love.

Blessings are beautiful, creatures who dwell,

All things in perspective and doing very well;

God of all goodness, send your gracious love,

Give us your blessings, as beautiful as above.

Blessings are beautiful, the continents delight,

Your grace and your mercy, tropical islands in sight;

Answer our prayers, God reveal yourself to us,

Your truth is eternal, your greatness and love.

Blessings are beautiful, I see clean clear bays,

Women with beautiful faces, bodies and babies;

Restore our whole nation to be perfect again,

Everyone writing to have faith and truth again.

Blessings are beautiful, God has the victory,

Christ's revelation of the whole world in peace;

Serving and loving, to Him never cease,

Creation the slave of the earths slow release.

Blessings are beautiful, God gives to everyone,

Anything anytime, for people at home;

A life worth living and working for a house,

God's adventure is life, Christ's beautiful thrown.


God has it again.

Chapter 6 For The Love Of God

51 High and Mighty

High and mighty, strong and powerful,

Is God's love and mercy towards me;

Rest assured he loves you too,

His grace is sufficient for me and you.

High and mighty, God of love,

Great is your grace and gift from above;

Heaven shines down from upon your face,

Eternal life given as light forever in space.

High and mighty, Love and grace,

A personal saviour to save me from my sin;

Putting the unwanted into a tin can bin,

Those who will come and ask to him though.

High and mighty, lifted up for all to see,

Crucified on a cross for you and me;

Jesus came anddied for me and you,

He will give forgiveness and grace too.

High and mighty, grace and freedom,

Lovingly knowing He has won the victory;

Rose from the grave and ascended on high,

Coming again through the clouds and sky.

High and mighty, go out and tell,

The whole world that Jesus did win;

He died for sin, for you and me to have life,

Confess and believe and stay out of strife.


Roses are red.

52 Enthroned Forever

Enthroned forever, the victory is won,

Christ on the thrown, His kingdom come;

He sits at the right hand of God,

To judge the whole world and me and you.

Enthroned forever, Please take the cup,

He suffered for you, your time is not up;

Go out into all the world and preach the Gospel,

He will be your reward and He will love you.

Enthroned forever, Christ has the reigns,

The trains of the farmers in prayers for rain;

God wants His children to worship Him,

The treasures of heaven, gifts to his kids.

Enthroned forever, God loves you very much,

He is kind and gentle and cares for you as such;

Beautiful people, the brilliant mind of Christ,

Peace and good fortune for those that he loves.

Enthroned forever, God's mercy at His side,

Saving He loves you, with a big smile;

Talking over dinner for the future to come,

God plans are to prosper you, not hurt you at all.

Enthroned forever, faith for the table,

Time for a banquet, a feast for His people;

Dinner is being served, don't be a loser,

Choose to have eaten with God not the sinner.


Seated at the table.

53 Heaven In Mind

Heaven in mind, if you choose to accept,

The sky is the limit, don't hedge your bets;

Roast lamb and duck, not down on your luck,

God rules the roost and owns every truck.

Heaven in mind, don't wander or stray,

God has the victory in His own special way;

Please keep your mind on what matters,

Stand with your hat on, sit down and take it off.

Heaven in mind, God wants you in church,

All of the looking and still you will search;

He is there waiting for you to find Him,

Watching and waiting for you to come in.

Heaven in mind, its a beautiful world,

The blue skies and white clouds worth;

The piece of the day, to give you your peace,

Pray that the grey clouds won't hide your vision.

Heaven in mind, its a tropical island,

God has the blessings all waiting instore;

Don't give up the fight, you'll reach the shore,

The victory waiting for all the still more.

Heaven in mind, God I sure love you,

You would give yourself for me and I'm so selfish;

Help me to see you clearly, you are the key to it all,

I can't live without you, the floor and the door.


Smoother mining.

54 No Greater Love

No greater love, than lay down your life,

For your freind or partner, husband or wife,

No greater love had God, but send His son to die;

Crucified on a cross for you and for I.

No greater love has no man, but God's grace

For what had God poured out from heaven,

Tears of pain and anquish, relinquished forever;

Agony and torment, love written on His face.

No greater love has woman, than the birth of a child,

Jesus comes at Christmas, from Mary meek and mild;

Christians celebrating at Easter time,the victory is won,

Jesus rises from the dead and then goes back to heaven.

No greater love, than to believe in the one who died,

Who rose again in victory for you and for I;

Who reigns in heaven mightily, waiting for us all,

The son of God eternal, the first, the last with awe.

No greater love have I or even me and you,

Than the Christ reflected father, who is the God of love;

Peace for all created, the God of mercy and grace,

Beauty is now nearly perfected, the face of God is love.

No greater love has any of us, than to give our lives to Him,

That He would give them back again and fill with peace within;

In that when we lose our life, He returns it for us to win,

God the ever present reigning father, giving gifts to his kids.


God's love greater.

55 God On High

God on high, coming through the clouds in the sky,

Like riding on a jet plane, travelling around the world;

Descending and ascending rising and coming into land,

Christ reigns rightly surpreme and kindly holds our hand.

God on high, the virual effect or a perfect beautiful place,

Heaven is there waiting for us to look and discover why;

God sitting there on the mountain top so far above,

Looking down on us all and showering us with love.

God on high, the truth of unity waiting for us all,

The picture now coming clearly, God wants us all there;

The world in perfect equality, everyone knows where,

Turning around for to our hopes with faith and fears.

God on high, the clarity of a clear true blue day,

The weather made to order, whether sinners hear;

God wants to come home with us to dinner,

If we will only ask Him to love us and hearts invite Him in.

God on high, you are the truth and righteousness to win,

That we might know the victory and with Christ us not to sin;

Through thick and thin the victory, when the Devil's under our skin,

Knowing the blessings of eternal love, the truth now lies within.


Looking down.

56 Truth Reigns

Truth reigns on earth in glory and might,

Eternally smart and clever for heavens delight;

God bless each child, the furure of us all,

Little children come unto me, though they are small.

Truth reigns forever in our minds and hearts,

Getting the picture of what is really fits the part;

A beautiful world where all are equal with love,

God has the helm and we as servants impart.

Truth reigns in people who believe in their God,

Nothing is sinful and the simple not odd;

Grant us the peace for our minds and our hearts,

God of mercy and love, your truth is very smart.

Truth reigns on earth, in a fashion and style,

People taking their time for a short little while;

Go places and travelling from here unto there,

A reason for everything, a purpose for prayer.

Truth reigns on earth, the people to compare,

Heavenly angels going here and to there;

The choir and the voices rejoice in the love,

The freedom of living God's gift from above.

Truth reigns as well as the love we do share,

People who promise and in parrallel pray prayer;

Blessings upon you, come have and behold,

Glory and mercy with grace beautifully bold.


Way to know how.

57 Trust In His Might

Trust in His might, in truth and in light,

Shining so brilliantly and so beautifully bright;

Peace and good will to man upon earth,

Heaven rejoices in our saviours birth.

Trust in His might, loving and free,

Glory and mercy, dutifully to be;

Grace and love, through faith do we see,

Christ coming form heaven to reign and to lead.

Trust in His might, you great and small,

The earth a big place, this revolving ball;

Surrender your hearts and will to His head.

The mind of Christ in us all, if you get out of bed.

Trust in His might, truthfull and wonderful,

See where you can help and serve to be done;

Working for the promises of heaven to understand,

Go home at night and live with your family so grand.

Trust in His might, what will and what won't,

Decisions we are all taking effect each of us as one;

Women are wanting and working for their good,

Men are behaving and doing as they should.

Trust in His might, He is powerful and strong,

God holds the keys to heaven for people to belong,

Take your time with things and be ready for Him to come,

God is coming to get you and take you home to live long.


Be On Your Best Behaviour.

58 Love Endlessly

Love endlessly longing to come and be yours,

God has a gift for you and it will be more;

Life eternally the promise of the spirit to come,

Christ reigning on earth, prayer for each one.

Love endlessly burning in hearts and in minds,

A passion within you to love and be kind;

Serving each other to seek and to solve,

Problems on earth for the truth to be told.

Love endlessly, the vision of pristine virginity,

A world that is right and not messed up distinguishingly;

Grace and in mercy is my hearts sweet delight,

The truth reigning so simply in truth and with might.

Love endlessly serving, God has the reigns,

We are all here to ask question for Him to explain;

God sees us from in His kingdom of heaven above,

The asnwer is to follow dearly, nearly and sincerely with love.

Love endlessly waiting for Christ to come to earth again,

Words all written down and in Him we trust them;

As if the world goes around every day and each way we trust Him,

To watch us and keep us safe from each whim.

Love endlessly wondering, which way He will come,

Into our hearts and minds or in duty bless some;

Fathom the riches and treasures in His kingdom of love,

Beauty is upon you and in wealth you have become,


Poor mans worth.

59 He Loved Me Back

He loved me back when I did not love Him,

He trusted me when I could not see;

He gave His life for me so I could be free,

He healed the blind and the lame to walk and to see.

He loved me back with His unconditional love,

God looking down on me from heaven above,

Beauty so heavenly and riches so kind.

He gave me grace for my sin and peace for my mind.

He loved me back, all the way home,

When I was in trouble and hurting, God lead me to Him;

I could what a great God had meant unto me,

All I could do was to cry and to fall on one knee.

He loved me back when all I wanted was myself,

He waiting and waited till I looked to God Himself,

I can still feel the pain in my suffering and shame;

No matter what the problem or whatever the cost;

He loved me back when all was hopeless and lost.

Each one trying to keep everything for themself,

Blaming whoever for not giving unto one another,

Me the ring leader, and both the hardest to bother.


I give in now.

60 His Love Is Paradise

His love is paradise, it cost me nothing,

All the work involved to lead a sinner home;

Christ turning and reigning in truth and with love,

Christ on the cross again, no push and shove.

His love is paradise, He will never hurt you,

He wants the best for you to stay alive and renew;

Leading us to Him so that we can rejoice,

Heaven is there as He is calling for us to invoice.

His love is paradise for us, as free as a bird,

All of us knowing Christ's grace and His work;

I've got no answers,I'm stumped for words,

Christ's love has the key to eternities worth.

His love is paradise, the theif on the cross,

Gave up all he had, when all was but lost,

Nothing to lose and everything to win,

Today you will be with me in paradise, free from your sin.

His love is paradise, Christ's love for me,

He gave it all when I was blind and could not see;

Life for eternity, how could I have been so foolish,

Christ paid it all, now my life I relinguish.


That is why.

Parsifal's Worship Poems


Worship The Lord Love Poems To Our Great God and King

Welcome to yet again another book of poetry, the versitality and flexibility of subject and mind has enabled still another book to be written. We worship our God because he is holy, divinely inspiring His people to love and enjoy Him who is a holy God and well worthy to be worshipped and respected as our King, Lord and Saviour. WIth the inspiration of a created mind, fashioned to serve and work for God, as a passion of living and understanding the joys of faithful service. This book has been and is and will be created for humble people, with spirits of fear and timidity, to revel in the love of God and honour Him through reading and understanding the spirit of worship. Being able to comprehend the meaning of literature of any kind, especially poetry is a complete joy and blessing in any part or all of the procedure. We are not operating on or discecting life into tiny little pieces, but making whole, through connectivity and associated joining of lines or verse, explored and explained as and into creative inspiration. Things seem to just work out by themself as words go into lines and as lines flow down the page into a somewhat how and logical format of understanding that comes to life, through continuity of completion, of a collection of poems which compromise the whole book of the endeavour. What we have here and is in the process of being made and created, is as a real life picture of the given subject matter and in this case, it is praise for a worthy and holy God, through the worship and spirit of poetic verse. I know that God loves me and loves you to, He has proved it over and over again to me by giving me a heart and mind to serve Him in the written format of poetry. I hope to that you also can share in this spirit of poetical understanding and enjoy the vast and vivid explanations of the mind as they rise to the occasion of being put down in words for you the readers to read as it is and in whatever shape or format it comes out for you to understand. Worship is about the spirit of integrity and love for one another as He who has shown us and knows everything and holds the keys to eternal life. This is our great and wonderful God of awesome character and nature, who dwells and lives in the realms of creativity of a vast unexplained universe in dialogue, yet to be formatted and written down. As we go through and complete this book I hope that you can share in this creative passion of understanding and that the God who you worship and trust for everything is more than able to give you what you want and reward you for you time and effort to. Thanks once again for reading and that I hope that you can be inticed by the book of Parsifal's Worship Poems for yourself and your own personal enjoyment.

Darel Robert McAllister.

Chapter 1 All Beautiful

1 Beautiful Attitudes

Beautiful attitudes and peace of mind,

Heavenly character and joy in soul;

Looking for a heart to serve and win,

Have you found God and freedom from sin?

Beautiful attitudes, the hearts delight,

Whats is going wrong, is now going right;

A personality type to beat and see,

The joy on winning people to Thee.

Beautiful attitudes, what people all need,

Right minded thinking to read and lead;

Caring and concern, showing your passion,

Loving and looking in perfect fashion.

Beautiful attitudes, monetarially secure,

Good sport with money, pay your tithe;

Warm and considerate, sharing with each other,

Compassion and solitude, peace and quiet.

Beautiful attitudes, love surveys the cross,

Jesus displayed to rejoice and suffer not loss;

Christ conveyed the message of love,

Divine government from God high above.

Beautiful attitudes, the parables of peace,

Joy in relinguishing, the truth to never cease;

Sowing and reaping, souls to the kingdom.


The heart of Christ.

2 Beautiful Minds

Beautiful minds, just how Christ thinks,

Healing the sick, opens the eyes of the blind;

People with faith, all living to enjoy,

God reigning surpreme, an angel convoy.

Beautiful minds, are you focused on God,

Christ on the cross again, suffering the odd;

Thinking of heaven, now a paradise state,

The truth is in knowing, that I must relate.

Beautiful minds, people grow and improve,

Lovingly knowing to get into the groove;

Understanding the knowledge of what is in heart,

Doing what is right, living to create as if so smart.

Beautiful minds, going through bodily hell,

The joy in suffering is long life on earth;

God won't put you through more than you can stand,

In a day or a week, what is this wondrous land.

Beautiful minds, thinking whatever I like,

The love in the oceans blue and faith is true life;

Beautiful minds with all people loving God,

Being smart in the pursuit of nothing being odd.

Beautiful minds, the trust in His authority,

God has the reigns and she is doing dutifully;

Peace flowing down from heaven gracing us all,

Faith for the future, now everything is sure.


Mercy money.

3 Beautiful Heaven

Beautiful heaven, God's work displayed,

Sunsetting in reds, oranges and yellows;

Blues and crimsons, golden sunshine,

Christ dawns a new day, sunrise in colour.

Beautiful heaven, drinking-tropical juice.

Life is refreshing, everything as new;

Clouds move in the distance, white and crisp,

The morning has come, dew drops dear whisp.

Beautiful heaven, lovingly and kindly warm,

The heat of the day, now not so warm;

The cool wind of raindrops, time to enjoy,

Life abundantly and plentiful, all to employ.

Beautiful heaven, pacing each and every step,

Sure of your footsteps and of your breath;

Breathing the life of heaven, peacefully sound,

Lovingly keeping your head above ground.

Beautiful heaven, created for all to enjoy,

Wondrously knowing, God loves a small boy,

Girls twirl in wonder to, they are not second,

Heaven the haven of marrige God recond.

Beautiful heaven, everything done in prayer,

Pefect salvation, Christ coming and drawing near;

Church for all eternal, songs of the choir,

God grants us serenity, heavens perfect desire.


Heavenly peace in places.

4 Beautiful Forever

Beautiful forever, Christ reigns surpreme,

The cross of salvation, everyones dream;

No sin or wrong, everyhing seems so right,

A beautiful world order, what is left to write?

Beautiful forever, toast to the truth,

Milk and honey, reasons and raisons;

What is on the other side, only green pastures,

Worshipping, knowingly, the heavenly master.

Beautiful forever, lets all worship our God,

When the wind blows and gets rid of the odd;

The heat of the day, supressed by the poles,

God is living and reigning to save all lost souls.

Beautiful forever, Save us we ask and pray,

Our souls made to worship, praising each way;

Searching for answers, forgiveness each day;

Hunting the questions we seek for to say.

Beautiful forever, what now the task for us,

Show us the correct path, to follow and ask;

Jesus will lead us and guide us toour homes,

The truth is the road and to know everlasting life.

Beautiful forever, correct and right thinking,

Lovingly and knowingly, God as the king;

Worship the father through Christ the son.

Everything perfect and beautifully one.


Paying what is made.

5 Reigning Beautifully

Reigning beautifully, worshipping the king,

The reason for love, that is the thing;

God is the Christ child, Christmas and Easter,

Release us to realize, He holds the future.

Reigning beautifully, beautifully reigning,

Heavenly offering, Christ is our saviour;

Worship God in paradise, hell overcome,

Heaven now waiting, the keys for each one.

Reigning beautifully, the cost of the cross,

The state of perfection, the boss of his some;

The children of God, the kingdom of heaven,

The art of the heart, the peace of being clever.

Reigning beautifully, the due of the Jews,

Snow on the roses, the sun through the hue;

The clouds of forever, what's ancient has passed,

Beautifully reigning, what has gone is the past.


Back tomorrow.

6 Beautiful Hearts

Beautiful hearts, souls and minds,

Enjuring, restoring and finding the kind;

The love of God is still hard to find,

But work hard to know it and to be inclined.

Beautiful hearts, faith and trust,

Out of the dirt and from amongst the dust;

Clean hearts and souls in wearisome minds,

Blessing each other and helping to be kind.

Beautiful hearts, Truth of the honest,

Accounting to God with manners worthy,

Loyal and royal, principles of integrity,

Coutesy, scruples, ethics and morality.

Beautiful hearts, bringing joy to others,

Making happy the people who work so diligently;

Loving kindness, a passion for living,

Beautiful hearts are always giving.

Beautiful hearts, the spirit of generosity,

Obedience and patience, the spirit of onipidence;

Taking, making, having, requiring,

God is giving and God is having.

Beautiful hearts, everybody is happy,

Going to heaven to be with the Lord in eternity;

Graciously knowing peace is security,

They rest assured in salvations certainty.


Worship the Lord.

7 Being Beautiful

Being beautiful, beautiful Saviour and Lord,

Trust and honour, with praises are always yours;

Jesus lamb of God, rescue your sheep,

Give us safety and security, worthy of our sleep.

Search out the nations, love is hard to find,

Except in explanation of passion and mind;

Verse for understanding, love deep in thought,

Worthy is this God of ours, righteousness the resort.

Being beautiful, God's holy and righteous people,

Love is a certainty, righteousness a pleasure;

The clear clean water of life is freely given,

Mountains and rivers and lakes for living.

Being beautiful, drink of the righteous thoughts,

God is a holy God far above all sports;

Come rest you weary and heavy laden,

Lie down and rest your souls in God forever.

Being beautiful, rise and get up for the day,

God is coming and He is on His way;

He is going to take you home to be with Him,

It is a perfect paradise of heaven in endless bliss.

Being beautiful is not all it is cut out to be,

Marriage and children make work for you and for me;

Give God back a tenth of of all that, which was His,

Come and celebrate His kingdom, all the glory of being His.


God's Eternal Thrown and Home.

8 Big, Best and Beautiful

Big, best and beautiful to see,

God's love reigning, just for you and me;

Mountains rise to the sky for all,

Trees stand the test of time so tall.

Big, best and beautiful and small,

Possibly good to see and listen to teach;

The mighty ocean crashing on the beach,

Sands of time, thousands of years old each.

Big, best and beautiful, weather coming,

The clouds are passing along all day,

Through the skies empty self projection,

Consideration is sent and implies to all.

Big, best and beautiful, creations gift,

The earth a place for people to venture,

Adventure and the price is sweet and good.

Big, best and beautiful, countries heart,

Self demanding to self whole impart;

Love steaming like a wide river,

Into the hearts and minds of all.

Big best and beautiful, Look Him in the face,

God 's strength, love and might to see,

Perfect picture and perplexed depiction,

Troubled times can seem small to all.


Still Quite Calm.

9 Seeing The Beauty In Others

Seeing beauty in others is constant pleasure,

Watching smiling worried faces and hearts;

Best to worship and to look on Jesus,

He will ease and heal your troubled mind and heart.

Seeing beauty in others, perfect love,

Constant creation surrounds us and worries;

Looking wholly unto Jesus helps us,

He will lead you by His guiding light.

Seeing beauty in others, drives out all the fear,

Pleasant smiling happy faces;

Looking out for each others heart,

Clever people learning how to be quite smart.

Seeing beauty in others, ever pleases,

When all else is crumbling down;

God will smile upon your troubled faces,

He will help you when you are feeling down.

Seeing beauty in others, when life treats you hard,

Go the extra hundred meters or the extra hundred yards;

God helps those unto who He pleases,

Look up to Him and He will look down.

Seeing beauty in others through the pleasant smiling faces,

Lots of love from hearts adore us,

God will teach you not to frown.

It is His nature to tell how to laugh and learn.


People profit.

10 Beautiful Worship

Beautiful worship, happening so true,

Loving God, just for me and you;

Times are changing, peace come true,

Beautiful worship, people learning anew.

Beautiful worship, just for loving God,

People doing the right thing;

Nothing at all happening as odd,

Church is for everyone to worship God.

Beautiful worship, pleasing to Him who sits on high,

Reigning there on the thrown looking down from the sky;

For you and me, to follow not alone,

God of glory, always perfect, of He who owns.

Beautiful worship to the allmighty God I love,

My whole life in constant worship to Him I owe,

Glorified there, wearing heavens crown,

Smiling at me coming to Him at home.

Beautiful worship, glorified saviour,

I love you as much as you love me;

If I can and that if it is at all likely to possibly be,

Because you loved me before I knew you,

Beautiful worship, constant lover,

God you call me to be with you alone;

You want to take me to be with you always.

Lead me on and up and to my home you own.


Onipodent One.

Chapter 2 Worshiping God

11 God Is Worthy

God is worthy, holy and great,

The best who work in love relate;

Creation the key, heaven the state,

Relationship based, worship weight.

God is worthy, Christ the right,

Grace surpreme, holy sight;

Beautiful morning, loves delight,

Weight in glory, worthy the right.

God is worthy, Christ the light,

Human wellbeing, ocean might;

Mountains rising, rivers run,

Eternal life, fresh sunlight.

God is worthy, praise the Lord,

Olden times, ancient days;

Working to help, others pays,

Heaven rewarding, paradise board.

God is worthy, he reigns on high,

The surpreme allmighty, people cry;

Things in order, things the same,

Different people, known by name.

God is worthy, Christ as cream,

People rewarded, coastal dream;

Summer comes, Winter goes,

God is worthy, everyone knows.


Phrophecy fullfilled.

12 Greatful Adoration

Greatful adoration, sight notation,

Full acceptance, God quotation;

In the heart of Jesus's mind,

Comes the gift of being kind.

Greatful adoration, Thanks to God,

Give Him the gift of your love;

Respect and adore Him, He is Thine,

Heavenly father, always mine.

Greatful adoration, lets give thanks,

Peace and forgiveness, like the banks;

Money comes and money goes,

Blessing others from whom it flows.

Greatful adoration, patients and persistance,

Creative spirit, native passion;

God loves gloriously, always right,

Good and holy, perfect might.

Greatful adoration, I give thanks to God,

Loving me first, when I was odd;

Everything I am goes back to Him,

In greatful adoration I love Hymnes.

Greatful adoration, how can it be,

When I was lost, he found me;

Greatfully thankfully all I need,

Returning thanks God, I love Thee.


Right With God.

13 Forever Loved

Forever loved, forever wanted,

Time on my hands for all of you;

The kingdom prospered and me to,

With grace from Thee Lord, I could do.

All I need do was to accept it though,

Lost and tried and tossed and turned;

The cost was paid and I accepted,

Saved my soul, now I'm not rejected.

Looking for God now to be connected,

Replaced my sin and is now perfected;

Forever loved God, you I selected,

Wandered, worried, was wasting and wanting.

Deep in Thee now never needing,

Everything that must come my way will;

Loving forever, like I am loved forever,

Harmonious and pleasant in any weather.

Loved forever, my heart is true,

Trusting and obediant to God I'm you;

Blessings maybe more the merrier,

Not drunk and dishearted in any circumstances.

Loved forever, perfect and new,

Coming good under the right weather;

Romance will come and be brandnew,

Loved forever by God, I love you.


Unity in spirit.

14 No Matter the Cost

No matter the cost, I love you Lord,

Blessings and honour, my reward,

Your kingdom come, your will be done,

Suffer the truth, as if for only the one.

No matter the cost, your will be done,

Bright shing stars, the truth is won;

Winning is easy, if I love you Lord,

Staying on track, I stray no more.

No matter the cost I will follow you,

Perfect in truth and unity too;

Love the way to know what is right,

God is that way and the truth is His light.

No matter the cost, I am a deciple of yours,

An apostle to follow and lead your cause;

I am committed as much as I ever will be now,

I give you my time for all your commands.

No matter the cost, you have won me Lord,

Playing my part to do my duty for yours;

I won't ever give up but always love you Lord,

No matter what cost God, I am always yours.


At The Cross.

15 The Price Is Paid

The price is paid, yes it is paid in full,

Chirst through the years, the cross he knew;

Yes glory was rife and riveted to the ground,

The whole damn lot, now nothing is found.

The dew on the roses, the snow is too,

The jewish rabbai is here now, a dream come true;

Messiah who is messing with me and you,

Money for everything, but if God is blue.

God bless the skies as I see Him coming,

Reigning upon earth, while doing something;

Cloudy days all weather away to grey,

Babies all born beside the seaside bay.

The price is paid, it is now complete,

The cost of everything with each receipt;

Who are you cheating, there is no deceipt,

Christ died on the cross, precipice precede.

The price is paid, Lord have your own way,

You did everything for me and now I am free;

That cursed, wretched old fashioned tree,

Establish your truth for all to agree and see.

The price is paid, communion in prayer,

Perfect saviour, for us you did it all well;

Common community and so now we are on air,

Living in your love for all to compare.


Serving you Lord.

16 Full of Honour and Glory

Full honour and glory are yours Lord,

Great is your magesty and patience;

Your subjects love and adore you,

Great is your honour and glory.

Full of honour and glory, award you Lord,

People love you because you have patience;

Your people praise and adore you Lord,

Great is your honour and magesty.

Full honour and glory are always yours Lord,

Great is your name above all names;

Mercy and grace are your righteousness,

People come into your presence of holiness.

Full honour and glory are perfectly yours God,

You reign in stength and righteousness;

You created the heavens and the earth God,

People adore you and magnify your holy name.

Full honour and glory are yours Lord,

Your is the worthiness of all time;

Grace and mercy flow freely through you Lord,

People come into your presence in adoration.

Full honour and glory are your Lord,

Heaven is the footstool of your thrown,

We praise and adore you and magnify your name,

Lord, you are the complete book of righteousness.


Looking above.

17 Graciously Atoned

Heavenly father, you are greatly adored,

Your thrown is your magesty forever;

Great and merciful are your thoughts Lord,

You love your people more than anything else.

Graciously adored Lord, atoned and redeemed,

Poeple come into your holy presence Lord;

We need your forgiveness more than anything,

Please look upon your people and pardon.

Graciously atoned for all of our sins Lord,

Your righteousness was left hanging on the cross,

You died for all of us to be saved Lord,

You atoned for the needy and the lost.

Graciously atoned for and believed Lord,

That you could do more for us than anyone else;

You paid the price, yes in full Lord,

You rose form the dead for us all to see.

Graciously atoned for and achieved Lord,

You went to heaven to be with your father;

You will come back one day and take us with you,

To be with you there in heaven and in paradise.

Graciously atoned for and accounted too,

We are left here to serve you today,

It is our priveledge to honour and worship you Lord,

You give us eternal life all of the way, every day.


Endless Gratitude.

18 Church Is A Blessing

Church is a blessing to us all Lord,

Honour and magesty is your own way,

I long and love to praise you all day Lord,

Call me into your presence to pray.

Church is a blessing for us all Lord,

We come to love and honour all of your ways;

You live out lengthy longer days Lord,

Your is the ancient weathered years of the pays.

Church is a blessing for all lord,

We love to come to you on Sabbath and worship;

Jubilation and redemption are mothods to us Lord,

Save each of us from going astray and to be OK.

Church is a blessing from your heart Lord,

We come into your building of love,

Rescue our hearts and our souls Lord,

Fill us up with all of your joys from above.

Church is a blessing to the whole congregation Lord,

The capactity of your people to the brim,

Open your doors Lord and let us all come in Lord,

Yours is the roof and the floor of your love.


Worthy Of Praise.

19 Heaven Reigns

Heaven reigns with you on high Lord,

You are the great king of the whole world;

You are our life and all of our joy Lord;

You are the great God of all the earth.

Heaven reigns in our hearts and minds Lord,

You fill our souls with your many songs;

You are the master of all creation Lord,

You are the most high God of all Gods.

Heaven reigns God, you shining down on us all,

Yours is the sun of our hearts Lord;

Yours is the strentgth of our great love,

You send your showers from your tears.

Heaven reigns above all and on high Lord,

Your is the blessings of all of our hearts,

We pray and ask for our lives Lord,

That you would give us what we need from the task.

Heaven reigns with your forever more Lord,

Your is the righteous thrown above all else;

Your world is nearly in all of its competion Lord,

Take us all home to be with yourself.

Heaven reigns Lord, yours is the kingdom of God,

Keep us all safe in your presence Lord;

We all thankyou for being our merciful saviour Lord,

You are the kind and good God of great love,


Joy Forever More.

20 No Higher Love

No higher love has Jesus than God's love,

No greater name is higher than all;

You are the king of salvation God,

You reign in heaven above all.

No higher love has each of us Lord,

Than to take up our cross and follow you,

You have the keys to eternity Lord,

Youn understand all that we knew.

No higher love than all creation Lord,

You were the first and will be the last;

You people just can't do enough for you Lord,

You are the great God of our love from above.

No higher love than to simply adore you lord,

Show us clearly to see the error of our ways,

Your stength and might is for all days Lord;

You show us certainly of all of your great love.

No higher love than to picture you there Lord,

Sitting high on your thrown and reigning above;

You look down on us all and just smile,

And we all really love you all the time lord.

No higher love than all of your heart Lord,

Your mercies are beautiful to us here below;

Even if it takes us all a long time Lord,

To you forever is just a very short while.

Chapter 3 Praise and Adoration

21 Give Him Praise

Give Him praise and adoration,

God eternal on the thrown above;

Resting in the rock of reassurance,

Praise His name forever more.

Give Him praise and love Him deeply

He gives to you everything you need;

He loves you more than you know He does,

Rest assured in His loving arms of peace.

Give Him praise when you least feel like it,

He will love you back even more;

You can rest assured in your trusted saviour,

He will always turn and give you more.

Give Him praise, love and adore Him,

Raised up above on high for all to see;

Certain of your security and safety,

You can trust your life with the God of love.

Give Him praise and love all day long,

He will put you back in the place that you belong;

He will love you unconditionally forever,

There is nothing more that you could possibly do.

Give Him praise and adoration to his face,

He will love you without a trace to space;

He will show you clearly the way in which you must go,

Onward and upward to your place in heaven with Him.


Ever Only.

22 Adored Forever

Adored forever, reigning supreme,

God on high, just you ad me;

We are left here on earth to worship,

God in heaven for evermore with love.

Adored forever, oh! lover of heaven,

Since I was born again, now and forever;

Living for your righteousness, Oh! holy God,

Pleased to do your bidding, God of love.

Adored forever, I come into your presence,

Living for you daily, I rest in your peace; 

The joys of your holy kingdom, assured for me,

Blessed is your heart oh God, eternally living.

Adored forever, yet me follow you all of my life,

Allow me to do whatever you require, without ceasing;

Endlessly forever, you are God the great of all above,

I worship in your presence and adore your mighty love.

Adored forever, Oh God you always were and will,

Forever in our hearts and minds, forever in our love;

Great father of constant mercies, grace and peace and faith,

Let us love you and adore you, till the endless race.

Adored forever, heavenly father, yours the greatest love,

Cure us of all our sins and ills, restore our ales to love;

Adoration to the highest, we will sing and bless your needs,

As you constanly forgive us, of our sinful deeds.


Give God the Glory.

23 Worship Him On High

Worship Him on high who reigns forever,

Rescue us from our sinful minds and souls;

The one who lives forever, endlessly to see,

Above all earthly ways, in the heavenly realms.

Worship Him on high, who sits on the thrown,

Who goes before us up yonder, in the eye of the sky;

Who flies around before us, lest we stray and wonder,

The God of all creation, worship Him who sits on high.

Worship Him on high, who lives to redeem and restore us,

To our rightful place in His heavenly kingdom;

Saved by grace and walking by faith forever,

To worship the God of all creation and see only His face.

Worship Him on high, in songs of praise and adoration,

His beauty and His splendour beams all around us;

Perfect since the beginning, now and future forever,

Who sits and reigns in the heavens on His mighty thrown.

Woship Him on high, who looks down on us to bless us,

Who never leaves us unattended or looking for another;

The search is always in His church of total surrender,

Were he constantly blesses all of His attenders.

Worship Him who sits on high, God of all adoration,

The complex hearts of people amongst the nations;

Looking for you love and passion from the concern of others,

To the highest of the highest places, your perfect peace forever.


Above all else.

24 Lift Jesus Up Again

Lift Jesus up again to reign on high,

Above all of creation, coming through the sky;

Beauty and magesty are yours, love and joy to,

You people are your splendour forever loving you.

Lift Jesus up again, to lead and guide us rightly,

Taking all to heart, what His depth is lightly;

Mercy and the magnitude, are your heavens dwelling,

Wher everything is perfect and paradise for all.

Lift Jesus up again, to where he loves to be,

Reigning ever freely, for you at home with me;

Now you see Him, now you don't,

He is always there anyway waiting to delight.

Lift Jesus up again, up where he belongs to live,

With God in the highest heavens well above our dreams;

Coming into the fruition of all His promises,

Hell is down there waiting for all who hate Him so.

Lift Jesus up again, where the eagles soar,

Where your head lives in the heavens, places we adore;

People proving that they love Him and want Him all the more,

As He comes in through the door and walks right up to you.

Lift Jesus up again, from places unexplored,

His church and holy people want to love Him all the more;

Grace and mecy go with you as he lives within the hearts,

Of every one who love Him and trusted from the start.

Lift Jesus up again, see Him reign on His thrown above,

Sitting next to God at His right hand of love;

Rest assured in your salvation, fellowship of man,

God has come restoring you in the cource of His perfect plan.


Great to follow.

25 In Music and Song

In music and song, God you are Lord of all,

Singing for the love of you, endlessly forever;

We praise you and adore you as we harmonise,

Worshipping you forever in your heavenly kingdom.

In music and song, we lift you up on high,

Singing like the angels of the heavenly choir;

Praising and adoring you in your righteous splendour,

Heavenly father of love, is Jesus to surrender our souls.

In music and song, mountains rise and fall,

Rivers run into your oceans of love for you and me;

Birds fly through the air, their voices singing a song,

They remind us of your heavens, the place where we belong.

In music and song we adore you, your endless love,

God of all creation, who reigns in heaven above;

Perfect heart and magesty, your robe of authoratative power,

Everything within your law and far all that you allow.

In music and song, we praise and lift you up again Lord,

Jesus heavenly king and God of all the earth and heavens,

Come and join us in the congregation where we praise you,

And worship you in the heavens, amongst your church of love.

In music and song, we come into your courts of praise,

Worshipping and lovingly adoring you, through our endless days;

Heavenly father, king of creation, come and live in our hearts,

As we sing with all our might and strength, to the God of love.


Praise and Worship.

26 Hymns On The Organ

Hymns on the organ, so lovely arranged,

Chords left unbroken, sounding the same;

Melodious haromies, best echoing the name,

Jesus Christ you are God, music the game.

Hymns on the organ, deep and clear,

Soft sounds of chords, beautifully played,

The wind through the pipes, resounding aloud,

Voices protrayed in a magestic choir chorus.

The cathedral is alive, the organ surrounds,

Treble clefts and bass, alive and vibrant;

Belting out a sound of chords on the organ,

The music sounds so beautiful and magestic.

Hymns on the organ, a large and great selection,

Amazing grace, How great Thou art, Abide with me;

Just to mention a few of the amazing repetoire,

Perfect instrumental accompliment, happy arrangement.

The Hymn book open at a thousand different collections,

Hymns on the organ, sound so beautiful and magestic;

Thy God and thine rod, with staff of thine headship,

Resounding the truth of the organs pipe perfection.

Hymns on the organ, Oh how lovely they are to hear,

Vibrating through my body at a decibel clear;

Sing with all your heart out, to the God who made you,

Created in his image, a dream sounding so true.


Raise the roof off.

27 Angelic Voices

Angelic voices, choir of angels,

Voices singing angel songs;

Living loving songs of love,

God is great in all is love.

I look above me to the heavens,

I write and testify to His grace;

His mercy, truth and humility,

God is good and God is love.

Angelic voices blessing with all their heart,

Blessing God that He is love;

Thankfully fullfilled in words of love,

God is love from high above.

Anglelic voices chords of harmony,

Crystal clear and completely orderly;

Giving God the priase and glory,

His loves tells the endless story. 

Angelic voices singing with hearts of tears,

Crying pain through all the years,

God of grace and love is good,

Humility in His compassion understood.

Anglelic voices sining loud,

Clear as crystal and so concise;

Listening to the voice of God,

Echoes resound across the world.


Ears that hear.

28 The Choir Arises

Eyes that water, heart that beats,

Triumphing over all deciept;

The choir arises, angels sing,

Angels murmur, echoes ring.

The choir arises and voices sing,

Standing to give a concert here;

Peace on earth to all mankind,

The joy of Christmas and new year brings.

The choir arises, the audience applauses,

The voices sing in unison once again;

An orchestra plays a concerto suite,

Sweet to hear, good to eat.

The choir arises, music is clear,

Played in prayer of truth and grace;

Ringing, resounding, all so good,

The God of love is here for good.

The choir arises, The organ leads,

The choir join in the atmospheres fear;

All is calmed and stilled so sweet,

Tastes so perfect, breathes complete.

The choir arises, God leads us tall and small,

His hand is steadfast and true to all;

Beautiful instruments, holy scene,

The choir of angels is seen so clean.


Heard in heart.

29All Our Praise

All our praise goes on forever,

Living to the God of power,

Beauty arranged in endless pleasure,

Merciful father gives to all.

All our praise endless ever,

Truth and grace and might is His;

Persuing what we need to do,

Praising Him as is our duty.

All our praise sings loud and clear,

In him do I draw near and hear,

Here and there and everywhere,

Seeing clearly only what is in Him.

All ourpraise going to heaven high,

Living in the loving eternal sky;

Flown and blown away in the wind,

Home again and listening in.

All our praise goes to Him in song,

Singing right nothing wrong;

Perfect harmony the choir is clear,

Anglelic voices all appear.

All our praise goes on and on forever,

Going to the choir in heaven,

Praising God in all His glory,

Murmuring, muttering angel songs.


Only one sweet song.

30 Peace and Beauty

Peace and beauty is God on high,

Mountains rising to meet the sky;

Looking down on all to see,

Where are we, you and I as me.

Peace and beauty, perfect looks,

Anglelic faces, never misunderstood;

Crossing over streams and brooks;

Through valleys and gullys as words in books.

Peace and beauty, grace for all,

Mercy healing, truth will lead,

Understanding all who read,

Loving Him is all I need.

Peace and beauty, piano plays,

Chords and echoes from the grave,

Hearing them in heights above,

Listing in heaven who rise on high.

Peace and beauty, still and clear,

Close near by and feeling sure,

Of all God's goodness and grace and love,

Home sweet home, I am on my own.

Peace and beauty loving paradise,

Eternal tropics of island delights;

Sailing off into the horizons sun,

Christ is Gone, His love is God,


In endless love, across the ocean.

Chapter 4 Honour and Goodness

31 Honour Is Right

Honour is right, loyalty to,

God bless me and God bless you;

Showing you care and remember respect,

God knows and God detects.

Honour is right, I know it is,

Rewarding the valient within His eyes;

Remaining true to those who say,

Kind words with compassion and time to share.

Honour is right, To God and king,

Comparing to each other, who love and dare.

Looking for reason and trusting each other,

God's perfect plan in freedoms prayer.

Honour is right, Truth I trust,

Reason to be loyal and not to lust,

Confiding in someone in which you care,

Maintaining privacy to couple whose love shares.

Honour is right, God trusts the right,

Those who remember to put Him first;

Not the trouble makers who are the worst.

For righteousness who drink and thirst.

Honour is right, God has the last laugh,

Doing good and loving justice to Him is best;

He will look after those and they will be blessed,

By thinking of others before yourself.


Purity of thought.

32.God In Charge

God in charge of every situation,

Visiting us through every nation;

Looking down and smiling on us from heaven,

Telling us what is right from seven till eleven.

God is in charge when I am asleep,

People creeping around whil in deep sleep;

Caring and keeping me safe from strife,

I will honour and follow Him for whatevers sake.

God is in charge and me in toe,

Keeping my trust in Him, till he bestow;

I must do what is right and honour Him.

God is in charge of everyone of us all,

Whether we are great or tall or small;

Keeping us humble to learn to live,

Grace and mercy is His to give.

God is in charge, I must achknowledge,

Committed to trust everything to Him;

He will love and understand me,

If in Him I follow when things are dim.

God is in charge, to me forever,

In any circumstance or any weather;

Whether you are good or lead astray,

Being bad when you really should obey.


If I like it or not.

33 Goodness Forever

Goodness forever, will follow everywhere,

Testifying to the love that you give all;

We will love you, until you appear,

God of all creation, your always near.

Goodness forever, heaven is your house,

Mercy and truth are in your heart;

God is living righteousness and proof,

You keep loving us with goodness from above.

Goodness forever and endless love,

We respect a holy God, full of goodness for us;

Goodness from the heart, goodness from the mind,

The only question is, What is your desire?

Goodness forever, contemplate completely,

Complexities of love, found in your forgiveness;

Because a loving God, loves us all so,

More than we can hope for, more than we can know.

Goodness forever, your mercies never fail,

Entering all the hearts and minds;

For your kind people to learn and know,

For grace and truth is your endless pleasure.

Goodness forever, longing for us to be,

Peaceful and reliant to your practical help for me;

Resisting danger, safe in your presence,

Loving your goodness always for your pleasure.


Great is our God.

34 Valour and Mercy

Valour and mercy, the truth will stand,

Honour and victory from sins domain;

Strong and helpful, to love and support,

You are the great God, from heavens floor.

Valour and mercy, rspect and love,

You protect me from the painful woes;

Sky above, great is your might,

Heaven opening from within my sight.

Valour and mercy, all hate is gone,

All hate is gone, from within your mercy;

Grace and love and truth prevail,

Proving your laws of nature overcome.

Valour and mercy we fight for your greatness,

You win us back from hell, you reign forever;

You fight for us and win the sinners home,

You live to die, but in eternal realms.

Valour and mercy, kindness of heart,

Clouds of forgiveness, giving us your love;

Signs of everything right, knocking on your door,

Peace and endless mercy, now all living proof.

Valour and mercy, reigning through the skies,

Heavens door opening, hell has locked the gate;

People who love you, well you love them more,

Death and destruction, God destroyed by hate.


God of love.

35 Love Respect

Love respect, repeat you faith after me,

Love you always remember, through all eternity;

Resect for independence, well worth noting,

Grace and truth, I hope their always quoting.

Love respect, deeply endeared by faith,

In honour of all you do God for each of us;

Through the heart of your creation,

God your ruling us in every nation.

Love respect and you deserve to get it God,

You really earned the right of it, off all of us;

Loving, being a sensible realm of reality,

You are the best of everything and the quality.

Love respect God from all of us,

Giving you the glory God to reign over us;

Your the beginning and the end,

Your the never ending story of righteousness.

Love respect God, with honour and valour,

The truth reigning from you in all of us;

What you start God, you have planned to finish,

Always fixing and restoring us in your forgiveness.

You love respect God, worthy of our love and freindship,

You gave us love when we wanted to take life from you,

But you saw through it all and returned love even more.


Life forever.

36 Worth Our Reverence

Worth our reverence, on a daily basis,

To vent our frustration is very basic;

A God of kindness and love and mercy,

Leads the way for us to see clearly.

Worth our reverence, holy God,

You are always true and mighty;

Giving glory to those who honour,

You in your magestic presence.

Worth our reverence, be reassured,

The God of grace is mine and yours;

Trust in Him, His love will not fail,

His great love is always available.

Worth our reverence, my fellow man,

God is good and has a plan;

Perfect always, the planets hope,

Everything working in ways we cope.

Worth our everence, highly distinguished,

Quietly querie the quaint relinguished;

Mercy, hope and love are true,

Faith for Him and faith for me and you.

Worth our reverence, I humbly bow,

To the God of grace and might and power;

Rest assured in His love you can trust,

Being blessed without bust or lust.


Great is His love.

37 Goodness and Kindness

Goodness and kindness, mercy forever,

Perfect love, He smears us never;

Grace and unity, united beside,

Sleeps in peace by our bedside.

Goodness and kindness, His love will bless,

All the right doings and what is best;

Continuing on forever, rest assured,

His love and mercy are grace endured.

Goodness and kindness, perfect always,

Come to the waters and be readdressed;

Gather words of life from Him,

Living dreaming and offering a hymn.

Goodness and kindness, In Him we have faith,

Trusting and obeying the human race;

Knowing always our hope is assured,

Resting only in what God has appeared.

Goodness and kindness, echoes and resounds,

The truth of knowledge in Him is found;

Managing to keep our heads above the ground,

Pefect harmony from Him in love abounds.

Goodness and kindness, I have to confess,

To say what is right and then fix all the mess,

Struggling with danger and strife to adress,

Safe and secure is the test and in God do I rest.


Love His love.

38 Never Changing God

A never changing God is always the same,

From first to last He remains the fame;

Yesterday, today and tomorrow forever,

People loving and following Him in any weather.

A never changing God, well what can I say,

He remains true when all else is grey;

Trusting, loving be assured all the ways,

That God will win at the end of our days.

A never changing God, the possibilities are real,

Great and magestic in faith unto Him;

All of our times and all of our years,

Our prayers constantly offered in loving tears.

A never changing God, well grace will appear,

Through our pain and persecutions and fears;

Love will prevail and God will never fail,

In Him do I trust and unto Him I avail.

A never changing God, throughout all of eternity,

Pefect in love and faith is a certainty;

As we hope and we cope throughout the days activities,

There is a God never changing in His availability.

A never changing God, Life is full of difficulties,

Rest and assured you are safe in His mercies;

His endless pain and grace is superfluous,

From the beginning of time, His love is blessing us.


Be at peace.

39 A Medal Reward

A medal reward, from past and history,

Into the future forever persisting;

Never perishing or fainting, enduring along,

In God do I trust and in Him I belong.

A medal reward throught wars and eternity,

The flood and the famine, hunger and uncertainty;

Pursuing and loving, His grace is the victory,

Forever I am knowing His trust is a certainty.

A medal reward, can it save you or kill you,

I know that in Christ I am assured of salvation;

From troubled times or pestilence and starvation,

In faith I have grace from believing in His delivery.

A medal reward, from every station and nation,

Battlefields of armies and navies, the oceans;

Flightpaths and airstrips, flying persistantly,

Landing and sailing for a medal that is honouring.

Christ had the crown of life to the kingdom,

Where gold and jewels are His reward in eternity,

He died and He won the lives of the victums,

To celebrate the life of a neverending relinguishment.

A medal of honour rewarding the victory,

How sweet it is in the whole of eternity;

The mind of the writer, don't agree with the fighter,

The batlle is won in the hearts of the readers.


Wear it proudly.

40 The Goodness Of God

The goodness of God, Christ reassured,

Us from our foes, rest assured that God knows;

His eyes and His nose, the air as a tree grows,

Blue skies and waters, rhyming rhymn it flows.

The goodness of God, How great is His love,

The best of the best, giving goodness to us;

Faith for our futures and grace for what's left behind;

A new beginning for the rest of our living.

The goodness of God, in endless possibilities,

Changing us and making us, moulding us for giving;

Trust in His love, you can't go wrong with that,

This is what life is for, worth what God is loving.

The goodness of God, merciful from creation,

The hard work of love, starts in the nation;

Fresh food and water, nutricous and sustaining,

His goodness and love in us always remaining.

The goodness of God, trust in Him forever,

The beauty and the truth in loving memories;

The whether of the weather, unending and uncontainable,

Righteously restored in religous work so glorious.

The goodness of God, perfectly anticipating,

In Christ rest assured, be in His enduring unimtimidatingly;

Uninhibited and nonviolently, anger and hate perishing,

United in truth and the trust of His salvation perseveringly.


If you can or must.

Chapter 5 Joy and Happiness

41 Joy Reigns In Heart

We are happy and blessed,

When joy reigns in heart;

Taken on high for a time,

Lost in the peace of mind.

When joy reignes in heart,

For the best or the worst;

We are happy and loving,

When all things seem adverse.

When joy reigns in heart,

We celebrate the life;

Of the saviour more,

The confusion is never smart.

When joy reigns in heart,

We are rejoicing happily within;

Forgotton all of our troubles,

And lost all of our sin.

When joy reigns in heart,

The world will rejoice,

Peace and love in mind,

The earth is good and kind.

When joy reigns in heart,

God celebrates life with us;

The best of the best being,

The test and the rest again.


One More Time.

42 Happiness Is Best

Happiness is best to trust and obey,

The Lord and the saviour who lives on high;

Goodness and mercy shall follow me always,

If in Him do I understand, to search for and find.

Happiness is best when you have peace of mind,

When the troubles of money seem hard and unkind;

When work gets you down and your lost in the head,

Better to choose happiness and not look as if dead.

When you look to the future of brighter days ahead,

Leave your strife and your troubles all far behind;

Living in heaven is really a safe happy place,

Where the knowledge of God's love is sure to bless.

Happiness is best when you try hard in vane,

When the problems of life send you insane;

Trust in the good times and remember the best,

The God who loves you and is not that far away.

Happiness is best, the loving of life living for Him,

Whose worries are small and problems are dim;

Work for the good times of love and the rest,

With family and friends in happiness ways.

Happiness is best when the tough all get stressed,

When your lost in your mind and head not addressed;

Forgot what you had and you remembered the mess,

The memory of paradise and perfect peace was heaven.


Just keep smiling.

43 Love Not Hate

Love not hate, the good will come,

Hurting in pain is awefully dumb;

Vengence is rife and jealousy wrong,

Learn to be kind and help others win.

Love not hate, its a vicous world,

Don't retaliate when you are hit,

Turn the other cheek and smile,

Look to the brighter days for a long while.

Love not hate, plenty to eat,

Food on the table and things are sweet;

Looking for the right partner,

Sharing love together, when hate goes away.

Love not hate, the bitter is bad,

Sour and not sweet, off in conceipt;

Love in unity is always complete,

Search for the truth and all is belief.

Love and not hate, life is too short,

To hurt and not love in disbelief;

Rejoice in the saviour of the great king,

For the peace and happiness, that He does bring.

Love and not hate, things will work out,

Be good to each other and help understand;

Look to the brigher days with sun and a smile,

The dark clouds will pass and God will come in.


Just live forever.

44 Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind from people being kind,

Goodness and mercy, kindness I will find;

Trust in the truth of peace of mind,

Faith in the future, troubles have passed.

Peace on mind from when in histories past,

Has taught us the lessons of joy to find;

Hearts that celebrate in the best of life,

Joy and happiness in what comes from Thee.

Peace of mind is really not all that hard to find,

Beauty and magesty from the God who helps me;

Knowing what is right and trying to be kind,

The books of the Bible and the Devil to bind.

Peace of mind for those with the joy of the Lord,

Who found happiness in Jesus and forgot all the pain;

The wrong that is gone and left far behind,

The truth in the light and life is all a free tree.

Peace of mind, when love is hard to find,

When your lost in your head and God just a sign;

To look to the up and not down and out and not in,

Where the victory of sin was paid on the cross.

Peace of mind, I have and peace I do leave you,

Rest assured that you can trust and be blessed in Him;

When your burdens are gone and your hopes true in love,

The sun shines down and all the skies up there, blue.


He lives in me.

45 Peaceful Existance

Peaceful existance is just the right way to be,

With people all happy and not problems or fears;

The best in life is still well sure to come,

The dangers and troubles, which are all being dealt with.

Peaceful existance, loving God on high forever,

Grace and mercy to who all who come near;

Forget what went wrong and look to brighter days ahead,

God in the picture, He is perfect for so long.

Peaceful existance, blessings in weather forever,

Prosperity to the farmers who workout the whether;

Prayer from each other, God hears those who do pray,

God sees on high above and cares where the rain goes.

Peaceful existance, glorious beauty and blessings,

Grace to each other and mercy in joys heaven;

The wonder of magic, not being tragic forever,

When the spirit comes upon us in love to bestow.

Peaceful existance, travelling mercies forever,

To get where I am going and to know I belong;

The kindness of the heavens, earths joys persist,

It is just a peaceful existance and all things are bliss.

Peaceful existance, well what do you have for us now,

The God of all love, whose creation we all follow;

Whose faith is rock solid and not shallow or hollow,

The depth of understanding, right in peaceful existance.


Ultimate sacrifice.

46 Happiness Is Giving

Happiness is giving in the joy of life,

Living and honouring God's delight;

Choosing to follow and obey anyway,

When the times are tough and God got then.

Happiness is giving in the love of the Lord,

Showing mercy and kindness, your due then;

Breathing quietly and silently for His pleasure,

Understanding the wisdom of God and men.

Happiness is giving and earning peace,

A mind that is humble and won't hurt anyone;

Getting the blessing, a hundred human beings,

The joy and truth of all that God is seeing.

Happiness is giving, loving life and a lot more,

Settling to keep everything you have earned;

Patient with everyone and then a hundred more,

Long time in coming and a long time gone.

Happiness is giving, trusting in everything good,

Rich in the spirit and a whole lot still more;

Blessings and honour unto the humble poor,

Who are needing the basics of lifes for sure.

Happiness is giving to the God who gave the most,

A feast and banquet in honour of The Holy Ghost;

Feeding the family on left over lamb on toast,

The great God of Israel has come to eat the roast.


Love and order.

47 Joy Of Others

Joy of others who are persistant and kind,

With the love of God and peace on their mind;

Supporting troubled problems of human conditions,

Finding the solutions to every simple situation.

Joy to others who offer a up a tribute freely,

Rest and comfort, sitting and breathing easily;

Strenuous exercise a thing of the long gone past,

Now fragile and frail in need of the mighty Lord.

Joy to others who try invane and work hard to obtain,

The best is the rest of the load lost of pain in your heart,

God grant us forgivess for the things we all greed,

Instead of loving and trusting and supporting your need.

Joy to others, let us all just get on with the job,

Business as usual and all happing true and smart;

The great gift of God's love, forgetting all the odd,

Remaining in righteousness for wisdom for all.

Joy to others, we all just have to get on with the day,

To work for the Lord and help pay His way;

Oh mighty and magestic majesty, magnifigance is a must,

Money in the mind of the memory and the truth's trust.

Joy to others, helping the destitute and restoring their faith,

Showing them hope and the promise of things to come;

Blessings and honour for all the good things they've done.


Trusting Always.

48 Hoping For A High

Hoping for a high, blessings from the sky,

Glory and grace, full of joy and from on high;

The spirit of God who sits and reigns on the thrown,

Full of mercy and honour in righteousness adored.

Hoping for a high, in our always constant requirements,

The fresh mind of God falling right upon us from heaven;

Filling us with love for peace and joy of His presence,

The battle for survival and righteousness replenishment.

Hoping for a high, rain coming down in plentitude,

The best for the rest in the test for the right attitude;

The paradise perfection once again in full joyous mind,

Quietly explaining to God the things we all need to find.

Hoping for a high, suggesting the most possible outcome,

For al the right reasons and seasons being complete;

Satisfaction and accomplishement to all those who need,

The year falling into place and the people enjoying peace.

Hoping for a high from what is everything that we all have done,

When things go wrong and people are troubled, opens up the eye;

Searching for the truth and trusting in all righteousness,

The wisdom of God is wonderful in discovering we are all blessed.

Hoping for a high when people are still feeling down,

When the awesomeness of God and left and gone into another town;

When troubled lives receive mercy and the sun shines in the door,

The fresh breeze right through the window and life does overflow.


A simple certainty. 

49 Full Of The Spirit

Full of the spirit, life is full of blessings,

Truth and righteousness forever trusting Thee;

Happiness is coming unto those who help out others,

God and His blessings have now surely really come.

Full of the spirit and mercifulness by the side,

Taking in the living and joys coming along for the ride;

Life is but a certainty to those who remain true,

The beauty and the blessings falling from skies of blue.

Full of the spirit clouds still fill my mind,

With the heavenly sadness of Christ dieing so kind;

Filling us with mercies and glories all divine,

The God of constant sacrifice loved us in His design.

Full of the spirit, poured out in helpless love,

The torture and the pain paid by God above;

Living in my heart, I know I trust Him dearly,

Life in all its plentitude, with surplus love so clearly.

Full of the spirit, God the hard life of yours has gone,

Lost in endless measure to give us peace of mind;

Food that is never ending, a drink of eternal life,

The bread of heaven, the everlasting waters right. 

Full of the spirit, God is coming back again,

The joy of the holy spirit, remains in Christ so true;

The white love in the background, the skies of blue,

The black of night, with the sunshining stars all anew.


Get Your Fill In Him.

50 Joy and Happiness

Joy and happiness, are now all yours and mine,

Worshipping our God, with love divine in mind;

A peaceful existance with everything in place,

Life in the light from a God of endless grace.

Joy and happiness, My God I really need to know,

The best of life from everything that you bestow;

Showing us your love in what does bloom and grow,

The beauty of your majesty in all I simply know.

Joy and happiness, your grace and mercy follow,

Leading the way and guiding me, along throughout the day;

Blessing us and giving all the things we need to know,

The narrow road of life and travelling where you show.

Joy and happiness now with us here forever,

In our hearts and lives for minds forgiving ever;

Forgetting all the troubled times, answering wherever,

Whenever we ask of Him, to heal us from each other.

Joy and happiness, best to remember not forsake,

The constant pain of life in societies big mistake;

Money on the table, all you ever really needed is,

The surplus supply of God's love, now all falling into place.

Joy and happiness, now all everything you really want,

Th best of God a gift, from the God who never forgot;

Only remembering what you needed, not greeded to forget,

Because the only thing is life, is really God who lives the best.


Purchase price.

Chapter 6 Faith, Hope and Love

51 Faith First Forever

Faith first forever, whatever what may,

Christ only always, we just have to pay;

Hope in the goodtimes, love always wins,

Faith first forever, God's face does not sin.

Faith first forever, the best always was,

Christ holds the light for all that has gone;

The truth reigns internally, the kingdom has come,

The future is brighter, the righter it shone.

Faith first forever, shining into our hearts,

People on the right track, the road back has gone;

Look always unto Him, he holds the keys,

To life ever after, all that you need.

Faith first forever, put your trust in God,

He will not lead you in to dark places wrong;

He stands in truth and triumphs unto me,

Longingly loving and making sure I am free.

Faith first forever, the beauty of heavens plan,

Perfect creation, righteously restored and redeemed;

Everything righteously to our good God it seems,

Keep up the good fight, He'll light your dreams.

Faith first forever, the possibility for each,

To learn and achknowledge, the goodness to teach;

Preaching the gospel, God's words are left eternally,

In the hearts of the people, who trust in His love.

Faith first forever, the best thing you need to know,

Christ's endless beauty in God's best to bestow;

Children of God living in the kingdoms love to grow,

The best of the world is in God's smooth even flow.


No greater love.

52 Hope For The Best

Hope for the best, you won't be dissappointed,

Christ never leaves us alone and forsaken;

The beauty of His love is perfect redemption,

The fullfillment of creation in loves revelation.

Hope for the best, trust in His righteous truth,

The solution is answered in Christ's living proof;

The mighty are winning, only God undefeted,

God from heaven light my way, to see you forever.

Hope for the best, unto the awesome God unending,

Things are not dismal or seemingly crazily unfreindly;

The solution is to let God triumph in His love,

Providing and forgiving those who love Him.

Hope for the best, the test addressed rest,

But none could ever beat Him, He reigns surpreme;

His bride is the church, for all it ever means,

The wedding in heaven, the banguet feast.

Hope for the best, the future is brighter,

When you trust in the Lord above everything else;

Seeing it clearly now, the treasures are in His love,

The answers are fullfilled in relinguishing of the self.

Hope for the best, In me I am finished, in you there is love,

The best of His beauty is from the kingdom of heaven above;

Lost behind me, I will call on the name of the Lord,

The sacrifice of God, full redemption and restoration.


Salvations Fullfillment.

53 Love Never Fails

Love never fails, your safety is secured forever,

Never fear others, but only trust in the Lord;

The offering is sweeter when you know and trust Him,

The beauty of the blessing, the suffering King.

Love never fails, righteousness always stands,

The certainty of your salvation is in the Son of man;

Triumphing always according to God's perfect plan,

The offering will last longer left in His gracious hands.

Love never fails, Christ is the perfect solution,

The best ever always, seen as God's heavenly bliss;

See all His ways of his answers answering clearly,

Clean as a whistle and bright as a bristle.

Love never fails, don't ever give up the fight,

Trust in Him always, you have no chance of losing;

In Christ I rest in peace, unceasingly always,

Brighter than the heavens, brighter than the skies.

Love never fails, I thankyou for what you did on the cross,

Unforsakingly forgiving the ones who were all lost;

We could not have done it without you, the ultimate truth,

No others were as righteous, as the king of the God's.

Love never fails, the perfection of beauty surrounds you,

Lost in the wonder and the magnifigance of the saviour;

Those who have died are restored in the grace of heaven,

Never fear hell, love is stronger and longer, forever found.


He died to save you.

54 Face Before Feet

Look into the eyes of God on the seat,

His heavenly thrown in glory, we bow at His feet;

God's face undaunted, His love reigns eternally supreme,

The achknowledgement of His truth, is your endless dreams.

Don't be like Peter, with a foot in mouth disease,

Look unto Christ and God's face before your feet;

The truth is in the knowing, that His love is grace,

Feast in the kingdom of food that is sweet.

Face before feet, keep your faith left in God,

The righteous understanding of His, is pure love;

Don't look down at your feet but into the face of God,

Your face is dim and in Him, His feet He has trod.

Face before feet, look Him straight in th eye,

The kingdom of God is the bright light shining sky;

He reigns forever, the son is the sun, sin unaccepted,

See Him above, His pace and feet being percepted.

The concept of His love, in face before feet,

Is to see Him in His glory of the flood of His love;

Restored in the blood and His purity sanctifying me,

He rises above and sends His love down on Thee.

Face before feet, look up and not down,

Take a step forward and your face will glow,

Not beaten backward or forsaken, love never loses,

But faith always beats and His love always reigns supreme.


Concrete mass.

55 Fait Always Hopes

Fait always hopes, your faith is secure,

Perfect fulfillment in love all endured;

Put your trust in Him, He won't let you down,

It is fair that your faith in His love won't fail.

Fait always hopes, it has to, it can,

The knowledge of the verdict was paid long ago;

The court room decided that the judgement goes your way,

The judge says go freely, the cost was all paid.

Fait always hopes, the truth of His love,

Your faith in the fulfillment of God's endless love;

There is no other answer but to win and not hate,

You can't go on losing in the hell of the grey.

Fait always hopes, there is a brighter loving God,

Look up and upon Him, in His heavens reigning thrown;

The beauty is a feature of His perfect living truth,

The creation in full restoration, the proof of his great love.

Fait always hopes, If you have given into His great strength,

He holds you in His palm for the love of living longer life;

Rewards seem always futile when you look only unto yourself,

Look out and up to God's righteous and perfect unblemished self.

Fait always hopes, if your trust is secure in Him,

When the dull and deepest darkess, is swallowed in His love;

Pray a prayer unto God now for your unearned forgiveness,

He will grant you His favour and your sins no more He count.


No sense in losing now.

56 Love Wins In The End

Love wins in the end, it has to, it can,

It beats all the rotton, forgotton unloved;

Perfect solution, the righteousness of time,

Love wins in the end, now found in rhyme.

Love wins in the end, we will see how we go,

To get to the bottom of this, Christ's love to know;

Lines keep on coming or the writer will give up,

I have to, He has to, God has always great love.

No sense in failure, Christ triumphed on the cross,

I can't lose in Him if I trust in His truthful love;

The distance as the crow flies, is straight A to B,

I am right if I follow in Him and do not see me.

Love wins in the end, we have got a bit further,

Now I am looking for, what farther is my Father;

He was in the beginning, He remains true in the end,

The coming of His great kingdom, is lost in His love.

The future, the friendship, never afraid of Him above,

His faith found in freedom, never turn back again;

You can't get lost in the relishing of His love,

Give God the relinguishment of your unforgotton soul.

Love wins in the end, I am at the bottom of this page,

Life has come and gone in words as written so;

The past is unforgotton, the future now secured,

Christ has won the victory in all my unwritten ways.


If I only Know Him.

57 Hope In God

Hope in God, if you can remain true to the end,

Christ knows what is install, He was there before you;

Don't give up the fight, the battle continues on,

Rest assured in the victory, God holds for His friends.

Hope in God, the chioir of endless angels sing,

Their is no room in His kingdom for those who want to sin;

Give up on all your own self centred futile days,

Your only chance in heaven is to follow all God's ways.

The certainty of forgiveness rests in His love alone,

You are just not good enough to sit upon His thrown;

Commit your lives to Jesus, come afresh to Him,

The victorys is in heaven, send all of your sins to hell.

He will take upon Himself, all of your senseless care,

Showing you a better way, the narrow road to eternal life;

He been there before you, He has the keys of prayer,

He lives to reign forever in your heart beating life and mind.

He stands before the door and knocks, Is anybody there?

Open up and answer Him, He will come into your life again;

Try to live up to your calling and follow the life of Christ,

He lives perfectly in heaven, sitting at God's right hand side.

Your hope in God is not futile, never found in any disgrace,

The beauty of His love, is found in the beauty of his loving face;

No mercy is too hard, no pain beyond His comprehending,

The tragedy of rejection is lost in the love of time and space.


Never a failure.

58 Loving God

Loving God, well what else could I possibly say,

There is no greater understanding, no greater way;

Take your time to listen, talk to God all day,

Awake from your selfish ingnorance, it will be Ok.

Loving God, your perfect provider and saviour,

How could you treat Him as not your first love;

Admit your going your own way, turn to Him from behind,

Come back unto your senses, keep Him on your mind.

Loving God, you can't win it all on your own you know,

Before you were even thought of, God sat on His thrown;

There was nothing that you could do you know, He had done it all,

I thought I could do it, but He was taller and made me feel small.

His touch of love will make feel welcome, accept Him to come in,

Revel in His love, you just don't have the strength on your own;

You simply have to admit it, God was greater than you in His love,

Even though He has no equal, you have a right to be with Him.

He sent His son to die for you, how can you turn your back on Him,

There is no greater love to know, than His eternal life to live;

I am pardoned and forgiven, I have accepted His gift of grace,

The truth is that He did it for me, 2000 years before I was even born.

I thank my father eternally, love shines deep from within His heart,

Looking down on His cherished son, the lost soul who had gone stray;

Now I am celebrating the victory, there is no other possible way to be saved,

The cross of pain and suffering, held high in heaven's ancient days.


Beauty Before Any Tragedy.

59 Faith In God

Faith in God not futile, not senselessly lost above,

The cost of our salvation, was from God's only son;

Our hope secured forever, if we trust in His great love,

Mercifully granting us all the things he had taught and done.

Faith in God is beautiful, the honouring of righteousness,

Certainty of His creation, He never fails a nation;

The hope of restoration, returning everthing in love,

Keep up your faith in God, always trust and obey.

Faith in God the answer, nothing will I lack,

My wants are senseless nonsense, He is all I need;

Nothing worse could happen than me to lose His grace,

To turn my ugly head away from His loving face.

Faith in God the possibility of the best that is yet to come,

The newness of salvation, the hope in Christ eternally;

He has brilliant understanding, all that I need to know,

If I accept and achknowledge everything that I see in Thee.

Faith in God the endless simple peace and time to come,

The truth that never fails us, but holds the eternal key;

Beautifully with bravoury, His armour will protect me,

The fruit of His great spirit, the endless hope to be.

Faith in God the spirit, to endless hope and righteousness,

To trust Him with your heart and lean solely upon His word;

The work of His undending ages, the worth of the whole world,

No greater love can come upon me, not in all of the great earth.


Simply accept it.

60 Faith, Hope and Love

Faith Hope and love, well I have to finish here,

There is no greater way to end it all than 1 Corinthians 13;

Trust in His understanding, He will do you right,

No sense in any complaining, there is nothing else to write.

Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is love,

His hope will never fail you, if you don't turn from faith again;

I am coming back to save you, the promise from the beginning,

Don't give up in the hope, but trust in His love and faith right then.

Faith, hope and love, don't miss the point, understand this,

There is nothing better that you can do, than give your life for His;

He will take you and mould you to be the kindest and the rightest,

Take you right away from your own self destructive target.

Faith hope and love, why would you want anything else but this,

His beauty reigns forever in His own self righteous bliss;

The God of al creation, the one that you simply cannot miss,

Found in all the hearts of the believers, who still trust in His.

Faith, hope and love, are you still search around for something else,

Do you think that there is a greater mind, than the one who hurled the world;

There is not greater understanding in all the knowledge of the earth,

Achknowledge and accept that Jesus is the only way to God.

Faith, hope and love, well why do you all sit and wait,

Don't you know that forgiveness is much greater than the hate;

The pages keep on turning, in the truth of eternal life and state,

We just can't beat the heart of the God whose weight, we wait.


Long Time Coming.

Bonus Poems

God Always Wins

God always wins, you should all know that by now,

Stop you sinful ways and trusting the old cow;

Bess will beat you all and Daisy is long gone dead,

Spend your time with Jesus, grace will enter your head.

God always wins, peace will fill the whole world,

If we only follow Jesus and live our lives to know;

In Him we have forgiveness, in Him there is no hate,

Just give in to Jesus and live your lives to God relate.

God always wins, so why do I try invane,

To live my life for me only, I am simply just insane;

No possible better answer, than to give your life to Him,

He will come back and answer you, making your problems all dim.

God always wins, so why does it seem like things are wrong,

Listen to the beauty of His choir of heavenly songs;

Like nothing else really matters and all is but cereal,

The hope of heaven magic, things real and ideal.

God always wins, the beauty of creation,

Simply give God your trust in everything;

When the tradegy of turmoil is lost and all seems dreams,

The food upon the table is meat and endless cream.

God always wins, what else could I possibly hope in,

There is nothing that resounds more on earth;

If you think that you have the stregth and heart to beat Him,

You may as well now just go and dig yourself a hole in the dirt.


You can't beat God.

Trust In Him

Trust in Him, lean not unto your own understanding,

His ways are higher than your own self gratification;

Achknowledge the God of righteousness and,

Everything else will fall into place where you can see.

Trust in Him, You will fail if you try to do anything else,

Live life loving God, there is nothing better that you can do;

Forget your life of indulgence, listen to what he says,

Put your trust in Jesus, He will let you know He is so.

Trust in Him, it is not really all that hard to do,

The best of every situation is answered in Him true;

You can't give up the battle with self, unless you turn to God,

Don't think that you know better, He will prove you wrong again.

You simply cannot win the battle in your own strength of mind,

Look to God in heaven, peace is always in His truth and kind;

Trust in Him, you will enjoy His blessedness and relationship,

Confess that you did it on your own, nothing but His thrown.

His truth and understanding will lead you home on high,

The beauty of His knowledege is the gift of human life;

Trust in Him, the God of grace and endless mercy,

Learn to find and follow Him forever, rather than to sin.

In grace accept all that He has done for you,

Its a crime to live your own life, Give in to God and be His;

To each their own in searching, it is a priveledge to look,

Opening up your Bible and seeing everything He did in each book.


Rhyming Love

Truth Of Love

The truth of love is great to know,

Its perfect in magestic ways,

Its lost and lonely in yourself,

Look to God for all your days.

The truth of love is yet discovered,

In tales of ancient times,

In days of old and hearts and minds;

The best is yet to know.

Stories, pictures, things of old,

These make our lives complete,

Know that the price was paid,

That God gave you His reciept.

The way we come to know Him,

Is through His precious son;

God is for the living, letting us have fun,

Don't try and stop him, get yourself some sun.

The truth of love is best in beauty,

Years to come still yet;

Your safety is important,

God your sure, safe bet.

The truth of love doesn't hurry,

Don't race around for God;

The kingdom is there waiting,

For His children to come in.

Heaven pending your salvation,

Enter in right now;

Come to God in Jesus,

Through His great mercy and power.


All Welcome Home.

Love Never Fails 2

Love never fails, His truth remains forever,

Every breath that you have ever taken comes again,

Fragile simple moments of loves endruring patients,

Signed with love forever, God says that you can go home.

Love never fails, the doctor must be mistaken,

How could you have lived your life always being forsaken;

Take a breathe, breathe again the life you were meant to live,

Jesus holds the keys to death in some unforgotton wind.

Love never fails, don't give up or give in now,

Time is of an essence, your chance for life again starts now;

What has gone has been forgotton, trust in Him today,

Start your life fresh again, start with him anew now today.

Love never fails, you just don't have time for anything else,

The long lost days of Winter are gone and long time passed,

Welcome to the Summer of Spring that has just gone bye,

Autumn is always coming, the leaves will fall and die.

Love never fails, keep looking to God on high,

There is no sense in being lost in days of time gone bye;

The past is gone and forgotton, by those who lived and died,

But not for those in Jesus, whose love will reach the sky.

Love never fails, simply fill in and complete the form,

Get yourself enrolled in the book of life and count yourself in;

There is only one way to know you know, its Jesus,

God is standing there waiting for you, just invite Him in to win.


Life Is Never Too late.



Well here we go again and another big welcome to my readers, as you come back to a book of poetry again, that I am hoping and knowing will take you in. Here we start to focus and get the picture of a big idea that will become very humble by the end of the book. The universe is infinite and the skies with the sun shining through have an enormous potential for harvesting and digesting. Though with massive amounts of work in a single sixty page book or a large number of those, this one number 25 of poetry now. We just have to slow down and reassess the whole idea of writing. Bright Right Poems, will stimulate your mind, slow down your heart rate and just help you to think on the more positive and right ideas of living. The brilliance is only superceded by originality and therefore the obvious subject matter is of writing smarter. Intelligence is not a gift of God, but an effort of hard work, patience and perserverence, we simply have to try harder, to have a higher intellect. Read more, write more and stay fcoused on the crux of the criteria and its vital importance. We are all born with every opportunity in the world and we each day take time and make decisions as to how we will spend our time during the day, ways that we can make money and ways that we can't. Things that we can write and things that we can't. Not everything is acceptable and not everything is legal. We have to know and obey the law, the laws of nature, society and God. The gift of grace for all those who work too hard or hard enough, grace is a beauty of behaviour, we simply can't do it all on our own and we need sabatical time with God to listen to others, read more, digest more and take more in, so as to be able to write at a higher level and standard, for greater input back into society. We just have to be smarter, learn more and understand the knowledge and wisdom of the universe in all its wide and diverse aspects. The fundamental question of living is not how much money you can have, time pays money over time with time. Money comes and money goes, lifestyle is about contentment and refinement, working diligently and with a concentrated focused effort for advancement. We just have to learn to know our limitations and physical requirements of necessities first. Now as I start to write an intellectual based book on brighter wrting, which is just about wholely inspired by God and His cosmic universe, with a sun that shines endlessly down onto his earth through the dark. We all have enough earth time to process thoughts, it is just about using the academic aptitude for discovery of intellectual advancement. Now that I have created an arguement for working with intelligennce, I am about to get simple again and say poetry is for sinners who want to be redeemed. Aspects of wisdom reflecting truth and honour. Christ focused once again with God in the middle of everything, not with the muddle of the devil who wants to go along for the ride, he must be bound and locked up, he creates a picture of confusion. God sorts everything out in the brightness of the day, giving perspective and enlightenment to those who try and read and write to fix things and restore the law and order God originally intended for us as good. It will be great to create, it wil be light and easy, it will be deep and hard, but mostly enjoyable, welcome once again to the new book of Bright Right Poems. I will let the righteousness of God do the leading, my simple job is to just follow and take notes for writing inspiration. Now let us get on the job of writing and reading it within the guidelines of an enormous God who came to earth as a simple human being. Great to be with you again, lets get on with the job, welcome, here we go and enjoy the read. Darel McAllister.


1 Bright As

Bright as day, right as night,

The light is something in which to follow;

Something shallow, something hollow,

Sun shines through as the mighty doller.

Bright as bright, humble light,

Light shining through the day light;

God of mercy, word of life,

Truth is shining in the light.

The Gospel of John, the word of light,

Jesus shining through day and night;

The word was in the beginning,

The light was the life of man.

Bright as coming , bad and going,

Returning in the light of truth;

Christ all living righteous proof,

Living wondering, people alouf.

Bright as the sun, shining right,

The rays are beaming in broad daylight;

Through the windows crystal clear,

And stained glass windows in colour light.

Bright as why is wisdom shone,

Refractured, twisted, decyfered right;

In words of prose and poetry,

Understanding now the light of life.


Church People.

2 Right As

Right as right, it just must be,

Right and true, clear as light;

Right to write, write as right,

Understanding kingdoms light.

Right as it can be expected,

Must be true and ready for you;

Bright as blue, read the red,

Flowing freely, as circulating.

Right as rain, clear as water,

Air and light, breathing fresh;

Drink it in, see it right,

Pleasing, holy, with great might.

Right as things just want to be,

True and righeous, needed to be;

Beautifully based, brilliantly,

Bible books, believing in you.

Right as the message intneded to be,

Art of the mind, the brain to see;

Poetry pleasing, remember me,

God is right as He must be.

Right as sermon notes are true,

Meaningful, happiness, living proof,

Understanding knowledge of self.


Well Interpreted.

3 Light Is

Light is bright and nondescript,

Shining from heaven to our eyes,

Seeing clearly what has been,

Through the light and sight of God.

Light colourful, morning fresh,

Clear and crisp, bright and right;

Seeing clearly God will come,

Into the hearts and minds of some.

Light is good and clear as day,

Each morning and different ray;

Watching seeing, who did what,

Christ is good and God a lot.

Light is right form here to there,

Coming from the sun with care,

Night is dark, but lights a spark,

Heralds angels to hear the hark.

Light is due from morning shower,

Seeing Christ come as God with power;

First look out to what God will want,

Listen carefully to what would what.

Light is clear and free to see,

Coming cleanly unto me;

Best the brightness and the beauty,

Light as right, I've done my duty.


See the day.

4 Sight First

Sight first, but walk by faith,

Seeing in the dark of night;

Write the wrongs to right,

Seeing rightly, all God's might.

Sight first, but not by right,

Faith first, but not by sight,

Understanding what is right,

Walking daily in the light.

Sight first, the truth is might,

God first, the truth is right;

Must be understanding sight,

Faith in God is always right.

Sight first but listen carefully,

To the truth of magesticness;

Bright and right I see the light,

Walking daily by faith not sight.

Sight first, but which way,

How can I know the way to go;

Looking always unto God,

Thou will know, where Thou has trod.

Looking forward, face the truth,

Faith is right to me and you;

But where and when I must compare,

I will follow where though has been.


Thou as me.

5 Faith Forever

Faith forever, I must keep hope,

To travel where Thine angels spoke;

Loving God, I trust in Thee,

He will look after you and me.

Faith forever, unto me,

I will trust inThine and Thee,

Thou Thy love unto me,

Bless me to be free with love.

Faith forever, God knows me,

I will humble unto Thee;

Thou is good and Thou art great,

God's love and message I relate.

Faith forever, morning tea,

Thou my God, has been good to me;

Afternoons and dinner time,

Breakfast first for coffee time.

Faith forever, first to Thee,

Love of God unto me;

I love God, can't you see,

God the best faith for me.

Faith forever, look above,

All God's goodness and His love;

Come to me, when Thou will call,

I will hear both tall and small.


One day.

6 True Hope

True hope happens, true hope life,

Goodness gracious, truth is right;

God with others, good to me,

Truth and mercy, good to see.

True hope believes, sees the reason,

God loving me, me loving Him;

Fresh in the sunlight, kills disease,

People breathing, pills with ease.

True hope listens, good to hear,

The way things are, how things appear;

Seeing the truth in the light,

Reason to believe what is right.

True hope understands, comprehends,

Borrowed lending, returned to friend;

Luck with the love, not quite right,

God is love, everythings right.

True hope forever, hoping happily,

Christ is the light, mightily;

The best of the light, life of God,

Heaven happening, hope is right.

True hope deserves, lots of love,

Faith frst forever, things above;

Gracious and merciful, all redeemed,

The life of Jesus, blood washed me clean.


A real good day.

7 Writing It

Writing it easy, writing it simple,

Hope and belief, nothing sinful;

Something with truth, good to see,

Writing it right, great to me.

Writing is really, not all that good,

Bad boy being, mad mood money;

Writing it hard, or so it appears,

Grace and mercy, fruit to me.

Writing it harder, things work out,

Good for each other, what is allowed;

Means for the good times, always wins,

Trouble for grey days, something sinned.

Writing it, imagining it, all things real,

Gracious mind, how you feel;

Good to think clearly, everything unreal,

Perfect and happening, true as steel.

Writing it perfectly, natural selection,

Giving me granted, attention detection;

Choose what you want wisely,

Good things help people agree.


Wanting for free.

8 Time Wins

Time wins or just so it seems,

Lost in my mind, or in my dreams;

Keeping it simple, surplus cream,

Not as sinful as things might mean.

Time wins out, count me in,

Money for spenders, costs a fortune;

Music is playing, better the tune,

Listening instead of writing.

Time wins out, best kept secret,

God knows you understand;

Things in the right light,

Beauty is best to understand.

Times wins this time, time is right,

Not lost in mind or out of sight;

Keeping it organised, truth is right,

Studied the thought, reading write.

Time wins again, this next time,

More time, that is still to come;

Patients of waiting, stations online,

People getting on and off the train.

Time wins for sure, the beach shore,

Playing in the sand, time lines mine;

The sun is a gold mine, Gods mind fine,

Creating the tide and the waves, ticking beating.


A good book.

9 Sign For

Sign for this and sign for that,

If you go into the sun, wear a hat;

Sunscreen and lotion, smart makes sense,

Gods ultra violets, burn in the heat.

Sign for those, sign for these,

Anger and violence is disease;

April showers, April flowers,

Pills on the intake, my mistake.

Sign for the literature, anyway you please,

What suits me and what suits you;

What is right and what seems true,

The best of beauty, the best of blue.

Signs for drivng, see what you need,

Don't break the law, fines apply;

Just in a nick of time, lights we see,

Police are dawning, another day please.

Signs of the weather, you can see,

Know what you are reading;

See what you are leading to me,

I know what I need, you read me please,

Signs of whatever, Jesus is coming soon;

Take in the weather, whether you see,

The bright days ahead, from overseas.


No good yawning.

10 My Might

My might, might be your might,

Your sight, not my sight;

Wrong again, write to me,

Right to me, just might be.

My might, your might, might as well,

Seeing order, chaos strays;

Law is a good thing, trouble perishes,

Best in the light, the truth will win.

My might, God is mightier to me,

My might is the love of God;

God might be happening to me,

Grace and truth creation wins.

My might, might by my might,

Your might, might be reading me;

God might be leading us,

We need to see what is His.

My might, your might, God's might,

Strong and true and right to me;

God's might just what will be,

What must be, what will be, truth and light.

My might, what might, just might be,

Something happening true to me,

Best in your sight, what might be,

Prayer to God for what must and might.


What is new?


11 Nice Night

Nice light to see, colours are bright,

Clear as the day, dark as the night;

Sun through the clouds, rays to eye,

Bright coloured days, refracted light.

Nice light to see, heaven is heavy,

Must be the right light, life to see;

Weighing and waiting, retaing forever,

Light is right for health and happiness.

Nice light to know, remember the words,

Down on the page, discovering birds;

Listen to hear, truth may appear,

In the light light to know, heaven is clear.

Nice light to have, want the best thing,

That can be anything furnished within;

Beauty portraying, the right light to see,

Right for the day, heaven for me.

Nice light to consider, reflecting perfectly,

Bright brilliant contrasts, mirror paradise;

Looking for heaven, angels adore Thee,

Bright light for heaven, nice to reign, He.

Nice light I reckon, clear as the day,

Clean whistling breeze, cource you can't see;

Right light, the nice light, light as can be,

In perfect harmony for you and for me.


Problem Promise.

12 Lights Right

Lights right, soft and gentle,

Mantle, men and man, mental;

Wrong women, woman wrote,

Words, works, writes, water.

Lights right, beaming gracefully,

Perfectly and good to see;

Clear, clean, consciouence free,

Meaning nicely, a green tree.

Lights right, night sky,

The sun shining down to me;

Rays beaming moonlit dreams,

Stars streaming, moonlit light beams.

Lights right, don't fight the flight,

So it seems and apears to me;

Perfectly shining, sunlit rays,

God talking peacefully, light of day.

Lights right, it just has to be,

Sight seeing true and free,

Right to me, write to you,

Rivers running, go their way;

Lights right, can't you see,

You question and ask me;

The problem is, everything clear,

In God I draw near and hear.


Bright beams.

13 Sight Right

Sight right, seeing clearly,

Bright right, keep it clean;

No more litter, literature means;

Put it in the bin, no more sin.

Sight right, a zillion or nothing,

Nearly everything nil to me;

Keep me covered, something coming,

God your watching, nothing funny.

Sight right seeing what you want,

No more pushing or shoves a lot;

Being kind to people, who will what,

God the ocean, air a lot.

Sight right perfectly, reflecting clearly,

Just the way it should be to me;

Relating rightly, clear to see, you see,

I am landing, running along the tarmack.

Sight right, strapped in for the flight,

Taking off again, still nothing wrong;

Flying through the atmosphere, in space,

Seeing the curvature of the earth from the air.

Sight right, driving along the road,

Life is a journey, it is fair to say;

The road and path, the walk of day,

I am glad you helped me in what to say.


Viewing adventure.

14 Night Light

Night light, right knight,

Bright night, knight light;

Dark night, dark ages,

Black knight, medieval.

Night light, right to see,

Right to me, light days;

Reading writing, good to see,

Light of day, dark knights.

Night light, see the words,

Bright knight, light night;

See the light, middle ages,

Clear to me, see the light.

Night Light, which one way,

Right knight, write clear;

The knight wins, one night,

Won the day, light waves.

Night light, street life,

Stay at home, safe and sound;

Good to live, The dark knight,

Rock of ages, God the light.

Night light, dark of day,

Right light, knight to pay;

Best right, write the night,

The light knight, right OK.


Knight light.

15 Day Light

Day light seeing, day light robbery,

Seeing clearly, no snobbery;

Pay the way, daylight hours,

Night time, turn out the light.

Day light, clear as clear,

I have been wrong, I've been here;

Weeks and months, days and years,

Day light time, time to go out.

Day light, plenty to do,

Lots of things for me and you;

Fun to work, God is good,

Work for time, rhyme for money.

Day light, God is bright,

Seeing us as we should be;

Doing right, doing good,

Muddy people, creepy people.

Day light, the good knight,

Lots of nights, day light;

Bad nights, see the day,

Going each their humble way.

Day light, sun shines bright,

Light rays, the knight days;

The knights life, day light,

Go your way, seize the day.


The good knight.

16 This Way

This way your way,

I did it my way;

Frank Sinatra,

Eat your heart out.

This way, my way,

I am going your way;

If you go my way,

I will go your way.

This way, new day,

Everything is Ok;

Good year, your beer,

Waste wine, not water.

This way, your Ok,

Wait tables, not weight;

Wait for rain water,

Water weights, for itself.

This way, I am OK,

I write, I am right;

You read, your way,

My words, way of day.

This way, the other way,

That way, have a good day;

Next time, money is mine,

The other way, this is OK.


Next Poem.

17 That Way

That way, others OK,

My way, that way;

This way, your way,

My weigh, that way.

The other way, that is Ok,

The best way, your way;

If I go my way,

You will go your way to.

Not sure which way,

Weigh it in the balance;

Each way a sure way,

Make up you mind, which way.

That way, weigh for me,

100 Kgs, 1000 kms;

Christmas was, good as gold,

God creates that way.

That way, right for me,

Which way, write for you;

Eats weigh, that weighs,

A kg each way, my weigh.

That way, its Ok,

Best possible way;

For me and you,

Your way, your weigh.

My way that way, I get mine,

Your way, you get yours fine;

Best way, right way,

Write for me, read for you.


Best Bit.

18 Streaming Beams

Streaming beams of sunlight,

Its the buisness, if you are in it;

Seeing clearly, sunny days,

Shining right into my heart.

Streaming beams of happiness,

Pleasant pictures home to see;

Pretty moments of beautiful,

Brilliant light shines in darkness.

Streaming beams of wood,

You would, if I were you;

I will do it my way anyway,

Love you to go my way.

Streaming beams of worriedness,

Working, wanting, waiting, words;

All the way you lead, God is good,

Will you listen to me everyday.

Streaming beams of troublesome,

Thoughts of praise and productivity;

Prayer for peace, in and of activity,

Doing and going, perfectly.

Streaming beams of sunlit days,

Joy and peace forever;

In good and clement weather,

Problems just seem to go their own way.


Property Patience.

19 All Array

All array bright and shining,

Stars of speckled, spangled order;

Rays of light from the sun up there,

Very pretty coming shining down.

All array, and it good condition,

Cars going everytwhere, so it seems;

Line them up in grid formation,

Put the pedal down in town.

All array, organisation discerns,

A lot of money, all that you can earn;

All array, change again, its Ok,

Its my money anyway, your Ok.

All array, rainbow days are fine,

Best people don't drink wine;

Water your beer down, not mine,

Don't waste spirits, God use mine.

All array, best possible outcome,

Desired and attainable income;

Good results, you pay the fine,

Good weather, best is mine.

All array, all of the day,

Sun shining through the clouds of time;

Light on my mind, heavy heaven,

Making money, whatever is inclined.


In the wind.

20 Rainbows

Suit yourself, I am doing it,

Rainbows through your mind;

Beautiful colours, all bright,

Brilliant rainbow reflection.

Refracted light, water vapour,

Vaucluse, Point Piper, interaction;

Double bay, Rose Bay, attraction,

Rainbow ways, cloudy days.

Bright shining through the skies,

Rainbows paint a pretty picture;

Poised perfect, possible selection,

Connection, rejection, detection.

Rainbows are a lovely complexion,

Painted through the skies perfection;

Refleced in a lovely relationship,

Family time and money for children.

Rainbows really right religously,

Written, eaten, drinking, beating;

Cosmic wonder, drops of love,

Fantastic colours, God's perfection.

Rainbows shining through the skies with love,

Coloured, beaming, bright government;

Brilliant mined, coloured with faith,

Every rainbow, the universe hopes.


Great Goodness.


21 Got To be Right

Go to be right, write it clear,

Understand what I mean;

Seeing what you have to clean,

So its worth seeing where you have been.

Really right, put it down in words,

Sit back and listen to the sound of the birds;

Beautiful music, the mind on the matter,

Stop all that banging and noisy clatter.

Going to be right, whatever you say,

If it takes all time, if it takes all day;

Money for the moment, memories might,

Make it mean if you can, where you have been.

Got to be right, really right,

Sight of the oceans, mountains might;

Hear the wind blow, through the trees,

Breathing through my nose, good to see.

It has to be right, get it right,

Lift Jesus higher, up for the world to see;

Coming through the clouds in a second,

Planes and trains, by land or see.

It has got to be right, right for God,

Everything in the light, nothing odd;

Pleasing to see which way He goes,

Time through the dark ages, everyone knows.


Flat plains.

22 See It Clear

See it clear, crystal clear,

Clean as a whistle, right near;

Perfectly clear, while your here,

Hear and see the sea with fear.

See it clear, prayer is fair,

Life in well spoken words;

What you saw and heard,

Best of the given situation.

See it clear, as plain as,

The nose on your face;

Head and mind around brain,

Heart if you want it to rain.

See it clear, best is yet to come,

Not what you don't know;

Who is it, that is not dumb,

Numbers you must know and need,

All the bread that you can eat to knead.

See it clear, possibilities all to me,

Keep it going and smooth flowing;

Doing everything to make complete,

Doctors do not decieve but receipt.

See it clear, is all you need to do,

So that the future is brighter for you;

Brighter for me, beautiful to you,

Best of everything happening true.


Complex complacency.

23 Keep Perfect

Keep perfect, all the time,

Lots of love, rhyming rhyme;

Best of the best, all the time,

You just have to be better to beat.

Keep perfect, select right,

Stay on side, do what is right;

Money in the bank, all the time,

Just how much you have and haven't.

Keep perfect, watch yourself,

You might end up being someone else;

Not good to mess around,with the wrong people,

Get married in church under the steeple.

Keep perfect, behave yourself,

Watch what you are doing, not someone else;

It pays to know, what one is doing,

All the way around the world and keep on going.

Keep perfect, waiting takes time,

You are so busy with things on your mind;

Getting things done is another thing,

You can't sit doing nothing and expect to win.

Keep perfect, a sign of the times,

Doing good so people can understand;

Within reason of what is in high demand,

Reflecting the image of God with command.


Stay Cool.

24 Stay Right

Stay right, stay tight,

Look around, is all all right;

God cares, He is perfect,

Looking at you to, are you nearly.

Stay right, look right,

Good looks at the heart and soul;

What is wrong with rock and roll,

Being great, can take its toll.

Stay right, it is good to be,

Nice to have and great to see;

What is right for you and me,

Not what is wrong, with the hard fight.

Stay right, look at me,

I love birds, they are free;

Lots of words and trees to see,

Loving God, His truth to me.

Stay right, loads of love,

Robots come and rockets go;

Technical electronics overflow,

To the place in space to know.

Stay right, things to know,

Lots of good as onwards go;

People moving on from here to there,

A new home in heaven, still yet to appear.


Earth time.

25 Truth Really

Truth really, the hard facts to know,

Love that lasts for all eternity;

Life has its moments, it is still fair to say,

Just keep on going in any fashion or way.

Truth really as hard as it really seems,

When the best thing that you can possibly do,

Is to believe and to look upon His face;

And achknowledge what you can and can't do.

Truth really, the best thing possible,

When all works out right and probable;

A logic order for everything going right,

The best of everything, heavens delight.

Truth really, just what you need to know,

What has been and what is to come;

Plenty to do and everything you have done,

Love of the real world, everything fun.

Truth really, what is happening for me now,

I should always know what I am doing;

Saying just what is on my mind,

So that people will understand me.

Truth Really, hurts right deep down inside,

Sharing your opinion, keeping people onside;

Deciding what is right for yourself by being kind,

So that you end up with peace of mind.


Might be right.

26 Beautifully New

Beautifully new, what else can you do,

But love every moment happening true;

What was old, is gone and passed,

The good old days, if only they could last.

Beautifully new, she smiles again with love,

The good things of God come from above,

Looking pretty, sitting there, if only I knew;

What makes her tick and my mind to congrew.

Beautifully knew, what is old again has been,

Everything growing fresh and clean anew;

Like the first taste of Spring time and newness of leaves,

God has been there first, everything new returns.

Beautifully new, flowers blooming with straight love,

Noses smelling rose drops and perfume fragrences;

The best in life comes abck again, to remind you true,

So that you can remember everything that you knew.

Beautifully new, what goes around comes around again,

In glorious new colours and senses of being;

Tastes of God's kingdom straight out of the oven,

The ancient ruins are modern times in government.

Beautifully new, splashing around the cash,

Buying anything to your hearts delight;

Things in shops left there sitting on the stands,

Eating at restaurants or from supermarkets everywhere.

Beautifully new and beyond all things else,

The best books in town, still sitting on the shelf,

Read till you mind can't take in any more words,

Sit back and listen to a new song of the birds.


Coming back true.

27 Blue Bay

Blue bay, water looking fesh and new,

Cool and clear, clean and very true;

Beautiful to look at and a lovely blue,

People looking at people swimming there.

Blue bay, picture, postcard, perfect,

Looking at the surface as a relecting mirror;

Water of life refreshing, causing no strife,

The love of your days, the time of your life.

Blue bay, not so far away in time to see,

An inlet from the beaches and harbour;

Golden sand lining the beach and bay,

Cooling down in the water on a hot summers day.

Blue bay, best solution is to cut all the polution,

Keep it pristeen for others to love and enjoy;

Peace as the river flows out and in again,

The tide changing and flowing in and out.

Blue bay, a lovely place to go and enjoy,

A place of peace and a sanctuary of rest;

Bright sun shining down and blessing,

Giving people a good understanding and dressing.

Blue bay, possiblilities seem unending, coming to mind,

Not sure whether I have anything left though, for people to see;

The skies matching colour blue, true to see with the eye to,

Blue oceans and rivers all running into a place called blue bay.


Cool drink.

28 Clean Water

Clean water, very refreshing,

Sweet tasting and rejuvinating;

Hydration, health and happiness,

Circulation and revitalization.

Clean water, beautiful to drink,

Lovely to see, clear as can be;

Using it for washing and cleaning,

Many a purpose that you can find.

Clean water, what do you see?

Best of everything, true to me;

God gives us life to keep going,

Clean water, sustenence to be knowing.

Clean water, through all the ages,

Of flooding and drowning in pages;

Rain falls down nice as can be,

Filling the dams for you and me.

Clean water, life in the balance,

More than food and not as much as air;

But a vital commodity definitely for sure,

Like the sun shining down, we need a drink.

Clean water, What do you all think?

Are your thoughts as clear as crystal;

Is your mind focused on the right thing?

Best that you can do, is to drink clean water.


Taste the difference.

29 Crystal Clear

Crystal clear, as life is dear,

People in prayera nd drawing near,

Closer to God, as all should well be,

Lines written down and right in style.

Crystal clear and trees need water,

A life giving drink of what you need;

The thirst of many, satistfied by plenty,

A drink of water or maybe twenty.

Crystal clear, not thrown like mud,

Purities flowing through your blood;

Get the picture, Noah and the flood,

Abraham, Moses and David's mood.

Crystal clear, Lord of Lords and king of kings,

Jesus Christ, what are you waiting for?

He will come back, the way you saw him go,

He will lead you home to the kingdom of God on high.

Crystal clear, don't you see through it all yet,

Are your eyes with scales or blind from night;

Turn your hearts and minds unto the king,

He will lead you to the righteousness of light.

Crystal clear, the water that you drink,

The best of life, Jesus living water;

Take another breath and have another think,

Can you connect with God, is it to Jesus that you link.


Best in the end.

30 I Like It Like That

I like it like that, take off my hat,

Raise your glass and drink that;

Don't get drunk on alcohol,

It will lead you tio the dark.

I like it like that, take off you hat,

Raise your glass to God and have a drink;

Drink of the water of eternal life,

Everlasting life that will always last.

I like it like that, Jesus come and see,

Have a look at you and have a look at me;

Do I meet the standards? you so highly ask,

I have not done it by myself, you took me to task.

I like it like that, you just keep on going,

Stop to say high and then pass me by;

You are going sailing on up there sky high,

Heaven is really paradise, I need a plane to fly.

I like it like that, brilliant mind, bright blue sky,

Still trying to fly, up in the atmosphere so high;

God bless Mary and Joseph and His son,

Jesus son of God, You are The Christ of God.

I like it like that, the plains across the country,

Plenty of air as free as a bird, just you look and see,

God gives us plenty and all and everything we need;

I love to travel by train, across the wide brown land and read.


Need clean, clear air.


31 Its A New Day

Its a new day, good to see,

Keep it clean, clear and mean;

Nice to see, right to me,

Something bright, knew to me.

Its a new day, know what is right,

Looking for good, God in sight;

What to read, what to write,

Things of truth, I must decide.

Its a new day, bright as can be,

God shining down in the sun on me;

The son of God, kingdom of heaven,

Life eternal. everlasting to me.

Its a new day, look out and see,

Look up to God and what is He;

He sits on the thrown of heavens love,

Divine government from God above.

Its a new day, God makes us happy,

Blessing us when we are down and crappy;

Bright as bright, as bright can be,

God's shining love of mercy to agree.

Its a new day, grace on your face,

Love on your mind, what are you inclined?

Look to Him who holds heavens key,

All is good in the love from Thee.


Best to me.

32 See The Light

See the light, perfect light,

Right as right, as right can be;

Shining clearly through air to sea,

Se what it has install for Thee.

See what the light is on bended knee,

Bow down to God in humble plee;

Ask Him to lead you in your prayers,

To have peace on earth and lose despairs.

See the light, the true light of He,

God shines down on you and me;

Don't get burned or drowned in the flood,

The rotton perish, Jesus blood saves me.

See the light, the truth of love,

Breathing, beating, the life in Thee;

Christ holding the keys for me,

You come to His kingdom, in heaven for you.

See the light, Christs perfect light,

Brilliant minded, shining on me;

Filling my heart with the love of Thine,

Words can hardly express or fill the line.

See the light, the light of God,

He holds the lamp and lights the way,

The cross of Christ, how could it be,

That God would send His son to die for me;


Saw the bright.

33 Perfect Vision

Perfect vision, crystal clear,

Everything right and true to me;

Get down to the bottom line,

Business as usual as we shall see.

Perfect vision, twenty twenty sight,

Twenty Twenty one now, one might;

Twenty Thirty in sight, see it come,

Do you have to give up on all of the fun?

Perfect vision, see the world,

The earth turning around after being hurled;

Diffferent degrees and the same old place,

The beauty of Gods loving smiling face.

Perfect vision, still what you need,

Twenty four hours every day and night;

Reading, turning, see God in the light,

Three sixty days and three sixty degrees.

Perfect vision, helps us all to see,

Just what God wants for you and me;

The mission on earth is nearly finished,

Help God do the job to keep on going.

Perfect vision, what is next you must ask?

Just look behind and beyond the dark of door;

Look to the light iof heaven above,

Look to the brilliance of all of God's love.


Happening true.

34 Right To Me

Right to me, write to you,

Read me, write for me, read you;

Sun shining bright, right as day,

Clean clear, air, good to breathe.

Right to me, wrong to you,

Let me know what you are really doing;

Say what you like, right or wrong,

Living life as long as you can.

Right to me, helps me understand you,

Things happening as just possible;

Things happening true as true,

Good and right to me and you.

Right to me, as I usually do,

Reading the writing, you have known to see;

Remember the words you did see in me,

Really the writing is right for me to see.

Right to me, what else could possibly be,

All the righteousness of God in Thee;

The length of life beyond all measure,

The heights of heaven, are eternal treasure.

Right to me, glory and grace to see and be,

Forgiveness beyond all cost of everything else;

Christ died on the cross for all the lost,

What a price, what a saviour, God did for me.


Extreme measures.

35 Brighter Eyes

Brighter eyes, happier eyes,

Smiling faces, looking wise;

Seeing smarter, asking why,

Captain Cook on his charter.

Brighter eyes, stronger eyes,

Healthier, happier, seeing skies;

Remembering stars and space,

God's good love and great grace.

Brighter eyes, bright blue skies,

Sunny days and seeing right;

Writing brighter with eyes of light,

A few tears, the dear old deer died.

Brighter eyes, the best of blue,

Brighter eyes, bright blue skies;

The best of life, bright blue eyes,

Shining sun down through the skies.

Brighter eyes, see it all clear,

The world of yours has dawned anew;

The earth not so small, but big and blue,

The green spinning ball, is still on call.

Brighter eyes, will still see it all,

Hang around till it is all finsihed,

All complete and not diminished;

Brighter eyes, will read and write it all.


Coming back.

36 Its A Clear Day

Its a clear day, shiney and new,

Bright and happy, like me and you;

See what it has to offer to you,

Brand new day, clear and clean to do.

Its a clear day, not a cloud in sight,

Blue skies beaming in heavens delight;

Overcast forcasted, not God's way,

Bright as bright, years are passed.

Its a clear day or maybe that is just how it seems,

Clouds stream past and go through the day;

Venturing freely their own way to dissapear,

Till once again it is a new day drawing near.

Its a clear day, sultry, humid, despairing there,

God brightens up the whole thing in a single glare;

Reflecting His glory and endless days and years,

In beautiful tears of raindrops fountaining again.

Its a clear day, can you stand to stand the brightness,

Cover your eyes from the dark of night;

See the sun shining clearly in bright day light,

God rules and reigns over all the earth.

Its a clear day, sun shining down brightly,

Now without a single cloud in visible sight;

Its a bright as bright as can be, right to see,

As long as your troubled eyes are focused on Thee.


Heavens Kingdom.

37 The Sun Shines

The sun shines down beaming on me,

God the father, Going further for Thee;

God the son, Christ to be as Thine to me.

All I see is a big ball of fire for The Devil.

The sun shines beaming down on me,

God sent Satan to burn in eternal hell;

Christ returned to heaven and sits at right to Thee,

Smiling, loving, looking, frowning and fighting for me.

The sun shines down, heavens angels laugh again at me,

Why am I troubled and looking up and upon to Thee;

The sky is clear crystal blue to look up and see,

The eternal God of all ages is in love with Thee.

The sun shines, the big blue world beyond the skies,

Heavens home for God and in the kingdoms realms;

The limits of earth only limited to some who won't believe,

Trust in The lord and start to acknowledge and concieve His love.

The sunshines boldly and as brigthly as can be,

Laughing at all the humans endless possibilities;

God has a plan to love and prosper you,

Not to give into the Devil's endless requests and needs.

The sun shines down bright as bright as can possibly be,

Lost in the dark ages of missed fortunes of endless time;

Be sure your sin will find you out in time and God will save you,

You can't win when your chips are down and you back spin.


Obedience is Truth.

38 Skies and Light

Skies and light, what could possibly be,

Brighter days than you and I have seen;

Hiding in the shadows of dark days,

Different meanings and truth in sight.

Skies and light, through eternal ages and days,

Years pass by and new days come and go each way;

The trouble is we don't know exactly which what way,

Only that through skies and light, God wins at the end of the day.

Skies and light, changing and rearranging in all possible ways,

Hiding in hidden twisted corners of long gone words;

Blessings falling down upon you from heavens birds,

Songs of love and happiness, singing through God's eyes.

Skies and light of happiness, holding onto the truth you trust in,

The best in life is free when you look up and see within;

Pack up all your troubles and out your rubbish in the bin.

Skies and light, heavens, heavy, happiness so bright,

Crying tears of joy and pain in anquishes love delight;

Happiness beaming on your face through the light of day,

Skies are looking down on you throughout all your live long days.

Skies and light throughout your long lost lonely years of sight,

Look again a fresh and new, God has a new day and sky for you;

See it clearly, the love of God shining down in the light for you,

The light of the skies shining down, a mixed brand new day for you.


The way it shold be.

39 Through The Air

Through the air acomes a plane with Christ on it,

Returning from heaven for all to see clear as clear;

Bright as the day and as true as the wind,

He lands on the tarmac to take away all of the sin.

Through the air He breathes on us all afresh and new,

He lights the way and leads the day to go home again with you;

Taking us to be with Him in heaven the rapture of pentacost,

Grace and mercy flowing in a river of love, forgiveness to.

Through the air, the people of the kingdom, come to live with Him,

Forever and unending new possibilities of wondrous, fantastic wins;

Even the goverment and parliament ask to talk and speak with God,

Offerring up a prayer for peace and perfect guidance to lead.

Through the air I must compare, what has go got for us today,

Life eternal happening in a loving brilliant and brand new way;

It is the loving happiness of peace and caring loving thoughts,

All the goodness of truth and righteousness in God's Olympic Sports.

Through the air and all the problems of the world are solved and forgotton,

In the humility of loving and the truth is constantly happening;

The best is yet to come in all the goodness of God's long lost days,

God has an endless future for all the wonders of truth to realize.


40 Brand New Light

Brand new light, shed on us each new happening day,

All the dififerent ways gone and come again,

Each with endless possibilities of what is eyt to come,

To see the coming of His love in grace and truth from above.

Brand new light, each and every brand new day,

The sun burns constantly on each and every one of us who sin;

God looking down searching, smiling wondering what is on out mind,

Only for those who care or dare or who are or not heavenly inclined.

Brand new light, for wondrous and endless possibilities to come,

The glory of God shining through the smiling son who won, no sin, one sun,

Don't you hate to ask and querie why God would worry me,

Doesn't the taste of glory go down in God's victiory.

Brand you light again to begin and start, stars of night by sight,

Looking down and smiling again the knight saw the daysa nd nights;

Al the best and brillaint love gone in days long pased and past,

The truth of returning again that God will come back after lunch.

Brand new light and you still have to go on and back to work again,

All the pen pushing typing that is all just going to happen again;

You had breakfast and are going to go home in evening at the end of the day,

All your lived long holidays taking up for you to spend the rest of your pay.



41 As It Is

As it is and always was,

Bright and brilliant;

Sun was light,

Memories loving life.

As it is and will be,

Flowing freely unto me;

Reality check, all Ok,

Sitting pretty, face the truth.

As it is and wants to be,

The way it was and has to be;

Right at the time of writing,

The light of life, lighting.

As it is, best of all,

Certain height, tall or small;

Middle distance, margin call,

Medium and measured unto Thy.

As it is, something new,

Best to sit in a private pew;

Hear and listen to what it is,

Who will want, need to fear.

As it is, the way it should,

Being right and always good;

Perfect truth, achknowledge God,

Dull, dark, ages, in bright light.


Sure Thing.

42 Light To Me

Light to me, light to you,

Right to me, write to you;

Love of God, sanctified,

Bright to me, Bright to you.

Light to me, not too heavy.

Heavens light, bright and right;

Wait to you, weight to me,

Time of day, something to see.

Light to me, have your own way,

Right to me, something for you;

God of truth, best for you,

Right to me, love of God.

Light to me, small and true,

Sure of what someone knew;

Something now, something then,

Where and when, how and who.

Light to me, life to you,

Sun shining bright as can be;

Don't get burnt in all your fun,

Live your life in the son.

Light to me, thin and hard,

Eating less, more for yours;

Losing weight, fat is hard,

Wait for God to lead you home.

Light for me, seeing you true,

Good to see what God can do;

Jesus Christ, The one and only,

Do the work and spread the word.


Door Opening.

43 Water Is Too

Water is too, for those of you,

You who drink too much alcohol,

Down the tube and gurgler,

Gargling gargoyles, gangreen spew.

Water is too, best for you, you know,

Flush the water and bad stuff to;

Use the water, love of God for you.

Water is too, too good for you,

Don't miss out on the business due;

The rain won't wait for me and you,

It fills the dam, when good and true.

Water is too, best that you can drink,

All that juice and soft drink to;

Sugar and sweetness, very nice,

Not good for you though, in a bad mess.

Water is too good for you, you know,

Loving life and eternal reigning repeats;

Nothing beats the water that you drink,

Also for washing, showering and cleaning to.

Water is too, from the love of God,

Life giving freshness and life for you;

Eternal life and loving, living drinking,

The water of life, living water.


Sweet as.

44 Trees Grow

Trees grow tall and slow,

Bees flying and polinating;

Regeneration and rejuvination,

Forrests forever as trees grow.

Trees grow, green and brown,

Branches, stretching and flowing down;

Reaching to the sky, their humble due,

The blue above and always blessing you.

Trees grow, by still waters, or streams,

God blesses us with photosynthesis;

Leaves and trunks, roots beneath,

A canopy of time and space.

Trees grow, tundera and rainforest,

Ancient history in very old species;

A thousand years that some did live,

Old and grey and in the system.

Trees grow, the best to know,

Time and life in freinds of ours;

God the gift of eternal life,

The preaching of the ministry.

Trees grow, cut down for paper,

Printing books of pretty poetry;

What was written, come and see,

Jesus Christ the cross of life for Thee.


Beautifully slow.

45 Breathing Air

Breathing air, good to live,

Beating heart, what to give;

Circulation, blood and oxygen,

Exhale and perspire oxidents.

Breathing air, love is good,

God on high, heavens place;

Living, looking, grace form space,

Faith and hope, live in love.

Breathing air, good to see,

The love of God good for me;

You need time to understand Thee,

A good book to read, words are free.

Breathing air, beat and eat,

Food for thought, what you ought;

Work for the house, home sweet home,

God is calling, now its time to go.

Breathing air, frsh to smell,

Don't spend your life, going to hell;

Choose the way to heaven on high,

Best for you in what to buy.

Breathing air, best believing,

Trees are giving oxygen;

Time on the cross, carbon dioxide,

Died to live, working perspiration.


Been and back.

46 See To Sea

See to sea, sail away,

Sailing ships for us to see;

Here to there and back again,

Oceans are teaming life.

See to sea and around about,

Discovering truth of lands to be;

Continents and islands where,

Boats can sail around and land.

See to sea and cosmic dust,

Satelite pictures showing us;

Views of earth from shore to sure,

Global picture, rich the more.

See to sea and travelling North,

From the South returning home;

Don't forget your humble birth,

All around the world our earth.

See to sea and ocean liners,

Cruising loving, dinner, dining;

The best of life has a price,

The cost to love, hearts Titanic.

See to sea, a world of new,

Venturing out and sicovering anew;

Fresh and old, near and far,

Travelling on sail and star.


Start again.

47 Waves Blow

Waves blow from shore to shore,

Sure as eggs, the sun will shine,

Sea breeze and ocean spray,

Berries, juices, salt water and fresh.

Waves blow in the wind and tide,

Bread fruits, lamb and catlle see;

Sailing ships in wind are set to go,

Places, people, things to see and know.

Waves blow and I will find and follow,

Flowing in the breeze, places to go;

Christ the sun and water the wind,

Ice and poles, some of them sinned.

Waves blow, winding, wandering where,

Wondering, waterfalls, rise and fall;

Surf is up and ground the swell,

Sands of time, a long time well.

Waves blow, happening true,

Sun and sea, freinds for me;

To be the best, you must get the rest,

God is love, life the test.

Waves blow, near and far,

Around the world, the guiding star;

Sailing ships in right seas are,

Safe and secure and not by car.


Blowing freely.

48 Windy Breeze

Windy breeze through the trees,

Surf and seas, not all that much ease;

Cycles of turning, breathing air,

Fresh and new, with pleasure please.

Windy breeze, a long lost treasure,

From out of the morning, awake anew;

Good to take a brand new breath,

Breathing freely, the joyful breeze.

Windy breeze, life on high air,

Altitudes change and trade with care;

Training always to be ready for death,

The birth of life is always afresh.

Windy breeze, God's joyful life,

Pleasant, purposeful, best for us;

Sailing anew under fresh new wind,

Moving quickly in heavens, heavy ocean.

Windy breeze, takes what it needs,

People want a lot and people greed;

Trust the strenght of God at sea,

The wide blue horizon, a windy breeze.

Windy breeze, wherever it blows,

Turning around and coming back it grows;

Breathe it in, this fresh new breath,

The flush of seasons, will lose the less.


Discovering sins.

49 The People Are

The people are, lost in heaven,

Gone home to be with Thee on high;

Saved the day from hell and weigh,

Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, the life.

The people are lost of earth,

Different times, since Adam's birth;

Noah and Moses, were duely lost,

Jesus a saviour, to pay the cost.

The people are lost in time,

In different verse and different rhyme;

Parsifal a kinight on a quest,

To find out exactly, what is best.

The people are lost at home,

Not knowing what and where to Rome;

I kid I did and looked to God,

He would lead me from all the odd.

The people are lost and doomed in hell,

God the cross redeemed them then;

Could not find a place to hide,

In God draw close and in Him abide.

The people are all joyfully living,

The cost of love and bringing, giving;

Find a place with Thee to love,

The house and family from God above.


In time of need.

50 A Poem In Time

A poem in time to come alive,

From dark ages and aweful crime;

Words of truth in lines of rhyme,

To save the day from within my prime.

A poem in time, happening in rhyme,

Coming true and alive with you;

Working the way right down the page,

The beauty of the world, its age.

A poem in time, no more crime,

Stamp you feet on all the grime;

Graffitti and tattoes an artful lime,

Paintings feel free to fit the line.

A poem in time, the fame all new,

The family struggling through the famine,

God's mission to rescue all who need.

The hope for love and life to read and lead.

A poem in time, the love of rhyme,

A fresh taste of brand new words again;

The work of paying, which that is due,

The dutiful truth of all beyond blue.

A poem in time, the beautiful birth,

God the whole wide enormous earth;

A heart so big that none can well tell,

Saved in a minute, a million church bells.


Always anew and fresh.


51 A Poem In Heaven

A poem in heaven, a new found friend,

Rhyming, writing just going right down;

No time to lose or to make amend,

Jesus saved it all in time to lend.

A poem in heaven, helll bent hard,

A nice new house with a big backyard;

Build it yourself or build it for me,

I will pay money for free for all to see.

A poem in heaven, the peaceful cause,

Flowing and knowing the joys of prose;

Taking time out to sit and pause,

To think anew and a fresh the source.

A poem in heaven, belief and trust,

Faith for a reason, an absolute must;

The truth is justice for all who fail,

Established and maintained by God as sane.

A poem in heaven, sitting at the right hand there,

The care of home for those in prayer;

A purpose for living and freedoms law,

God grants His children even still more.

A poem in heaven, to end all the trouble and pain,

The world turning around to come back and start again;

Life goes on living and loving God best,

The beautiful brilliance of God is at rest.


Shoppers paradise.

52 Rhymning Right

Rhymning right, heavens delight to write,

The beauty of the ages, hells paradise;

Rhymning right, the time of the day,

Everything going its home sweet way.

Rhymning right, write I wrote,

Established the truth, another note;

The beauty of briliance, a boat afloat,

Politicians watching who gets the vote.

Rhymning right, a light or fright,

The weight of freight, write as life;

The trouble with strife, a lack of wife,

The problem fixed with a kitchen knife.

Rhymning right, a knight who writes,

The day and night I have come to like;

A flight or fight, up to heavens stairs,

Staring right at the write compares.

Rhymning right, the light through the ages,

The dark days gone in the heat and despair;

The dead are buried and being raised to heaven,

What is gone and beaten is lost in deep hell.

Rhymning right, a message that is sown to tell,

The best of the rest of your life, fruit as food;

A poet writes what they like in any kind of mood,

Though, life is full of cares and dares in prayers.


Poetry Air.

53 Pearly Gates

Pearly gates, happening so beautiful and true,

St. Peter standing there, waiting for me and you;

Come to Jesus, be assured of your place in heaven,

No good looking down all the time and going to hell.

Pearly gates, I hear you calling my name to come home,

Confess your sins and get God to put your guilt in the bin;

Get your share of the good life, but wait for God,

He will save you from yourself at the time of day.

Pearly gates, why do you ask me what is everything I have done,

Leading me home to Yourself, you who made for us a way;

Jesus Christ the son of God, sent to the cross for sin to pay,

Pearly gates, why do you sit there or stand and ask?

Who paid for you, did you not know it was a free gift,

All you have to do is to repent and believe in God;

You home in heaven is secured by your faith in Him,

Pearl gates, trying to lead me up the streets golden path.

The road of life is sure sweet and nice to live long;

As long as you are saved by the redeeming Lord,

Don't get burned in hell or lose your way home to heaven.


Ring My Bell.

54 Golden Path

Golden path of the streets of heavens home,

Its nice on earth as I venture and rome;

Travelling the road of life is sweet,

Heaven to know, to put up my feet.

Golden path of righteousness and love,

Lead me home to heaven on high above;

I am lost in so much hell of anquish and pain,

Show me your life, it is so much better to gain.

Lead me to the golden path of your eternal joys,

Jesus Christ you are the one, The God of love;

Teach me the way and give me the keys of life,

Let me search and find the king and Lord of above.

Lead me to golden path of life, all the treasures of heaven,

There is more to life than buying coffee at seven eleven;

I know you have the ways fo righteousness for me to see,

Help me to write the blessings of God for all to see.

The golden path of life is an eternal one to walk,

The truth and blessings of the joys of His kingdom;

The best for the brilliance and beauty of the blueness,

Taking time for me to get to know you better and well.

The golden path and life is a liberality for new people to know,

When you have given your life to jesus and not blind anymore;

Opened our eyes from the darkness and to the truth of light,

The eternal life of your home in heaven, wonderfully mine.


God's mercies.

55 Clear Skies

Clear skies, not a cloud in sight,

Nothing but blue skies smiling back at me;

All the joys of heaven for you and me to see,

The best of the best in day and nights clear skies.

Clear skies happening true for all to see and enjoy,

The life from the dark ages now clean and upfront;

Looking fresh and anew and all happening clean and true,

The beauty of clear skies congruent and lovely to see.

Clear skies a gem and a beautiful visual must to take in,

The new breath of breathing all the goodness away from sin;

Left high and right minded, stranded in your own thoughts of self,

Now you have time to read all those unread books on the shelf.

Clear skies a journey and path to heavens golden path,

The right to the kingdom of Jesus's heavenly eternal life;

A place of smooth sailing and a fresh taste of a breath of wind,

Trees swaying in the distance of a what a few clouds have sinned.

Clear skies now knowing all the best of the God of heaven above,

Believing in all the goodness and kindness of God's heavenly love;

Giving peace and sure sightedness of a mission of mind,

The wisdom of the ages saved by our God, Christ the divine.


Perfect days.

56 Stars At Night

Stars at night, briliant and bright,

Lighting the dark sky, with sights;

Colourful aroura's in sparkled array,

Twinkling with dazzling flashes of light.

Stars at night, heavens home path,

Universal attractions of sparks;

Different suns each one unique,

Stars in beaming moonlight, so it seems.

Stars at night, happening true,

Everything possible for you;

New life in the spirit, stars speak,

Like going up the river or a different creek.

Flickering and shining coming down,

Stars are marvellous and like a dream;

Moonlight crystals of golden cream,

Stars are lovely and perfect for you to see.

Like the movie or television stars on the screen,

All must be good and right, while coming clean;

Clear as spangled silver as they rightly mean,

Wondering what keeps them hanging there or how long they will be.

Stars are such a wonderful wonder of sunshining light,

How they got there in the first place or how long they have been;

Formed from gaseous substances out of cosmis dust,

Roaming out of space for you and me to observe and see.


Lonely planets.

57 Different Planets

Different planets, names of the above,

Mercury, Earth, Mars, Venus and Jupiter;

Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto and Aries,

The planets of our universe and solar system.

Different planets, each of its own uniqueness,

Zodiac constellations within the limits;

Some ouside our galaxy we have no knowledge of,

But they are there for sure, but unamed, unloved.

The sun at the centre, the planets surrounding,

Orbiting the sun in their own time limit of years;

Praising, blessing, happening, God anew and away,

As days turn into nights of eternal light and night of day.

Anew and atmospheric, all united in cosmic truth and love,

The God of the universe guiding each around from abovel;

The grace and beauty of the universe, turning around as planets,

No life of any kind except earth with people, animals and plants.

Planets are as uch a part of us as our minds and hearts,

Beautiful in creation and started right from the start;

An array of wonder, amazement and magnifigance in stature and size,

Perfect in every way and true, as much as disguised from the sky.

Planets as plane and perfect, with no problem to us as yet,

Turning around an revolving in each ones own orbits circle;

Not as if I worry about whens when I lay me down in bed to sleep,

But think on such a grandeour of total astonishment, at such a wondrous set.


Happening in true time.

58 The King's Castle

The king's castle, a mansion of Godly proportion,

Of ghostly magnifigance and pleasant to see;

A palace in each of the places down through ages of time,

Motes and heavens quarters for a kings compare.

The king's castle, his home for long time reign,

God's earthly home for His descendants to claim;

Rigthly owned and possessed by those who claim,

To be God's people of heaven for the kings name.

The kings catsle a place of royal establisment true,

 A place of monarchical birthright for people from Him;

Lovingly knowing that their security is safe in God,

The kings heredical achievement estabished in fame.

The kings castle a fortress of government concern,

Born in righteousnes of God for His kingdoms heirs;

Who choose to compare prayers with churches and airs,

Cathedrals of grandeur alongside, full of heavenly dreams.

The kings castle His love an dpasison to serve his people,

Not a tyrant who will be killed or decieved by others;

Righteously established and held in the book of love,

Arthur or King David from in God's heaven up above.

The kings castle, his heart and minds permanent place,

Until he gets old and passes on to his eldest, then goes back to God;

Nothing in the dark ages left rotton, undone or odd,

But the truth in the light of God's heavenly righteous love.


Next in Line.

59 God's Home

God's home is in heaven from all places left on earth,

People who had won the battle to go and share His love;

God's home is perfect in selection of righeous estate,

The tablernacle of people hearts and lives that are true.

God's home is a beauty, beyond all else on earth,

Heavens highest place, where nowhere else will do;

The righteous who are perfect, sharing forever His love,

His home is in heaven, is a place of love and righteousness.

God's home is the present and respect of His merciful love,

The presence of His spirit established in contrite righteous love;

Love is the key word, when you are talking about God,

His brilliance and His brightness is greater than all else.

God's home is surrounded by angels in a beautiful parade of worship,

His face lights the world on constant leadersip and pleasure;

We surrendered to the surroundings of a better place then anything,

Serrving our loving God is His magnificent place of splendour.

God's home is like an island of dug up ancient treasure,

Exploring the universal love of His endless joy and measure;

One day going home to be with Him in his home forever,

Our joy so sweet that all God wants from us is His pleasure.

God's home is a perfect wonderful place to live in,

When you die to Jesus, you are given access to His heaven;

As writing goes on daily in the success of any kind of weather,

God's home is permanently in heaven despite the endless whether.


Righteous Estate.

60 Way To There

The only way to get there is through Christs sacrifice,

The only way to heaven is throughGod'' righteous son;

The perfect living atonement for all the weight of sin,

The devil gone and beaten and put into the bin.

The way from here to there is something I call sweet,

The victory and the triumph over all the evil deceipt;

God handing you the key to heaven with a paid receipt,

Christ the living king of glory in God's kingdom of heaven.

The way to there is perfect if you follow Christ in all that is right,

The truth and the final deserved end from hells deceptive plight;

The certainty of victory once again in Christ's sweet perfect delight,

Reserved for those who love God, beyond all the earth's wrong might.

The way to there is lovely, the beauty of all the hidden truth,

Established in the radiance of what is righteous and proven right;

The bright right of Christain living ain all God's right of sight,

So that what ends up getting from here to there is only the way of light.

The way to there, which is to where God lives in righteous heaven,

Is to love Him clearly and dearly and follow Jesus Christ The Lord;

To love God more than anything and give Him all your salvations life,

Thankyou Jesus my Lord and saviour, I know I am always worth your love.

The best way to there, to set foot in the door of God's righteous heavenly home,

Is to achknowledge Him as your saviour and bow to His thrown above;

In perfect humble adoration of all His soverign reign and worship him in love,

The governemnt and authority of heaven is written in Christ's blood.


Perfect truth.

Bonus Poems


Down in the snowy mountains,

Running streams and rivers flow;

From snow capped peak mountains,

To the valleys and out to sea they go.

Where wild deer roam and mountain horse,

Where kangeroos and wombats live;

A place of grassy river sides,

Where horse and cattle take their stride.

Waterfalls and creeks, mountain gulfs and holes,

Walking tracks and backpack camps;

Bush tucker cooking, lamps at night,

The eagle and crow fly and squawk.

Down the mountain as the water runs,

To creeks and streams under the sun;

Mountain streams that team with life,

Where trouble melts and no problems strife.

To take a drink of water from the mountain stream,

Of fresh clean water as clean as the air;

Where the high of inhaling intake touches the sky,

Of a night time when the stars are shining bright.

Where the wild bush horses run as free as the wind,

When the ridges and valleys, meet mountain streams;

For sadly now this tale has come unto an end,

As the mountain streams are this mans new found friend.


Sillouette Eclipse Dreams.


Wild life plentiful, abundant and free,

Roaming the earth with you and me;

Spiders and snakes, crocodiles and sharks,

Dangerous and harmless struggling to survive.

Kangeroos and emus, wombats and koalas,

Bears and deer, mountain lion and moose;

Tigers and lions, panthers and cougars,

Elephants and rhinos, giraffes and hippoes.

Gazelle and hiena, foxes and rabbits,

Seals and ottos, walrus and djon;

The great whale, humpback and blue whale to,

Krill and prawn, plus lobsters as well.

Eagles and hawks, flying and diving,

Swooping upon their prey at times;

Raven and dove as free as their love,

Cockatoo and parrot, kiwi and echidna.

Flowers that grow on the side of a mountain,

Fish in the streams of salmon and trout;

Gods call on the wild, man is born,

Did man come along and ruin it all?

Where grace and mercy are not of the world,

The heart of the wild, a humble child;

Jesus Christ, son of God, son of man,

Born of a virgin, not to fear the wild life near.

The wildlife a thing to cherish and flourish,

Where the appetite of man is flavoured and nourished;

Heavens calling, animals kingdoms home,

The continents of which to and from, they roam.

Land of our fathers, tame the heart,

The wild life sacred and people being smart;

Remain so clever so as not to touch,

The amazing wildlife of nature as such.


Best left alone.

Final Word


Now that we have got things into some form of perspective for the right light of God's eternal love. The reign of constant heaven is more clearly visible and expected to be seen through the righteous words of God. His word of truth and love is more than a blessing and a discovery of truth, but an eternal righteousness of love completely surrendered to us in His heavenly kingdoms reign of love. As discovered from within the text, love is indeed the key and operative word, it takes precendence over joy and peace even though they are important, but the love of God is such a highly sort after and desired thing that cannot and never be matched with importance. If you know the love of God, you have solved the problem of how to get to His mighty and wondrous kingdom. His love is above everything else, it is the pinacle and the high point of the righeousness of His wisdom and His grace and mercy, only demonstrated for once and for all in the giving of His son Jesus, in the atoning love of God for the redemption of our souls and the forgiveness of our sins. The Bright Right poems has tried to get to this love of God, it is the only way to truly know God, in all His magnifigance and creation. Things in the right light and not dark and dismal in the depths of depair and hatred of each other. Firmly fixed and focused on what is right and what holds true with all the accepted and established understandings of the people of the worlds comprehension. I hope that you have seen this as a book of love, with its many diversified and divulgent aspects, words of certainty and love of truth and not hate and lack of hope. There is a brighter world for all and there is a hope and faith, that is found in the love of God. Hold onto the facts of life and don't let go of the love of God. Try to get it, find it and be affectionately atrracted to to it, it is the greastest thing, beside God himself. God bless you all in your future endeavours and stay good and be kind. Darel R McAllister.