Parsifals Poem Ideas 1

Parsifal's Holy Love Poems


Chapter 1 Heart Of Holiness

1 Singing Like Angels

Singing like angels in heavens choir,

Voices so beautiful at God's desire;

A harmony and melody so sweet you could cry,

Like coming through the clouds, birds could fly.

I listen to the birds, chirp, sweet as can be,

Singing like angels, amongst the trees;

Their soft tender voices, loves own rejoice,

Their colour, their voices, an angelic noise.

In The cathedrals, the choir if you care,

Voices like angels, sounds soft on high air;

The hymnes, they're rejoicing to praise their God,

Choruses so sweet, like an angels response.

Singing like angels, God's own dear harrum,

Voices so childlike, God rejoices for them;

Singing like angels, I heard God say,

Let them have life more abundantly I pray.

Singing like angels, all of heavens good news,

People all praying in cathedrals wood pews;

Voices so sweet, all rejoice in the sound,

God is a good God and all heaven resounds.

Singing like angels, people come and go,

Choirs live forever in heaven I know;

Coming from the mountains tops and clouds far above,

Heavens choir, singing like angels in love.


Grace and Joy.

2 Heavens Choir

Heavens choir of angels, one more to rejoice,

Singing in harmony and different voice;

From out of the sky and palaces above,

Cathedrals filled with heavens choir of God's love.

Heavens choir, oh what, angelic voices did sing,

Goodness and beauty and love they did bring;

Ranges and valleys and high and lows,

Words all in harmony and melody does flow.

Heavens choir united, in cathedrals did sing,

Songs of praise and worship, adoration, no sin;

God is true love, what else can I say,

But to sit back and listen to heavens choir away.

Heavens choir once again, angelic voices on high,

Words of a love song to God in the sky;

A hymn high and right, in splendour of sound,

Heavens choirs feet, plastered firm the ground.

I think I will fly away at the sound, to the stars.

Over seas and high mountains in peace all around;

I reach to the sky, where heavens choir sings,

Voices in golden aray, through stained glass windows to sing.

Heavens choir now many, all standing in place,

The whole congregation and earths chosen race;

Bringing good news to the poor, through voices that sing,

Of God's gracious goodness, all right, crisp and clear.


Standing on tippy toes.

3 Beautifully Clean

Free from sin and shame and pride,

Washed beautifully clean beneath the skin;

The love of Jesus and grace of God,

Has made me whole and beautifully clean.

A house, a car, the evening stars,

My dream, my heart, my beautiful soul;

A place to live and dwell in love with thee,

Washed beautifully clean in the blood of Thee.

It is well beneath me in my soul now God,

You have shown me truth and shown me love,

You have made me clean from sin and pain,

To worship and glory, washed in your name.

The power of heaven so beautifully clean,

The blameless saviour, who bore my sin;

Who took my shame and dirt and pain,

To magnify and glorify His name.

In Him now do I serve with love,

To the king on high, who is God above;

The goodness and mercy of being a clean spirit,

The wind which comes and seems to heal it.

Beautifully clean and clear and right now,

The Devil's beaten and gone to hell;

You can have the beautiful clean love of God to,

If you will come and bend the knee to pray to God.


Straight Love.

4 Crystal Clear

Crystal clear and clean with Thee,

God's love looking down to shine on me;

To love and bless and help and heal,

To see things crystal clear and perfectly.

Crystal from here, till now life going on,

When God shone down His perfect love;

To reign in my heart and dwell with me,

The love of God and goodness of He.

Crystal clear, I pray from my heart,

To see the soul and love of God;

Crystal clear now and all things good,

Merciful saviour, now the love of God.

And he will keep me safe with Him on high,

Where I can dwell in heavens eye;

Beautifully clean and crystal clear,

My love my joy, my peace is near.

Keep me sure and free from sin,

To live in heaven and kindom win;

A place of safety and crystal clear,

Where I can live and well with Him.


Perfect beauty.

5 Holy Thoughts

Holy thoughts of things being right and good,

Holy minded people, something for God;

Love in the kingdom, everything sweet,

People trying to do just what will please.

Holy thoughts of Thee, good and gold,

Holy thoughts of Thee, Thy love so bold;

Holy types of people, what will unfold,

Holiness pleases all things of old.

Holy thoughts of God, good and everyhthing right,

Holy places to visit all love and might;

Holy heads and hearts, God's right idea,

Everything in the right place, nothing out of sight.

Something to see, God in our minds,

People loving and kind, holy in our hearts;

Perfect wisdom and might, God's only way,

Venturing out there to home and space.

Holy thoughts to dwell on and live,

God's lovingkindness and something to give;

Peace in our hearts and love in our heads,

Joy is the start of holy thoughts read.

Holy thoughts of peace, for me and you,

God watching over to make all things new;

Thinking the right way we each or to do,

God loving us back for these things we can use.


Ever Present And With Us.

6 Trying To Do Right

Trying to do right, you think you can,

Everything going your way, if things can;

You want what you can have, no time for me,

I must be following some kind of heavenly plan.

Trying to do right, I know I can't,

God's love wins, every time I start;

I want to get my own way, no chance of that,

Best going in to God, then I know what is right.

Trying to do right, well we all should,

If any one on earth, possibly could;

Each to their own way, living in sin,

All should turn to God's way and possibly win.

Trying to do right, Which way do I go,

If I do it my way, God won't know;

You think your own way will win in the end,

God has got good news for you, my long lost friend.

Trying to do what is right, Well I sit down and think,

To write what I can, hoping all things will link;

It is a special kind of magic, when all it comes together,

Light at the end of the tunnel, God has the victory.

Trying to do what is right, We all think we can,

Each and all individually, we see the plan;

I am trying to do it my way, I think I can,

I am left, high and dry, God takes my hand.


I could not do it my way.

7 Being Good

Being good is for the birds and the bees,

There is no way on earth, I could possibly be;

Being kind I might win, even a few,

But being good, everyone thinks I overgrew.

Being good it is hard to even imagine,

What can be done without things happening;

I have to work at this job of making things right,

Seeing God has the helm and reigns for meaning.

Being good, well there is no way on earth that I possibly could,

Get all of these things done for the good of me;

I have to let go and turn and listen to God,

He will show me the truth, the proof and the light.

Being good is best left unsaid and undone,

Everthing right shining under the sun;

Trying to do everything my own way,

Being good, well I am just not cut out for it Ok.

If everybody was being good, there would be no trouble on earth,

Nothing going wrong and everthing right at birth;

I know that the devil won't listen to God,

Being good, doing things my own way, something is worth.


Out Of Character.

8 Honest To God

Honest to God, things best left unsaid,

Telling the truth, no one will be dead,

Honest to God, heres how the story goes,

Don't get out of bed, stay where it is safe.

Honest to God, no fuss intended,

Everything going right, no pun intended;

So much to do, in so little time,

Everything happening Gods way for a change.

Honest To God, I should do what I am told,

Not keep wandering, going where its cold;

Good to be seen in the light, right and true,

Honest to God, there is a purpose for you.

Honest to God and a reason to live,

The joy and the beauty, the blessings they give;

Life in the place of holiness and heaven,

Honest to God, things are best right and even.

Honest to God, there is a clear right path,

Straight and a narrow one, going to heaven,

Look, find and follow it, you will soon clearly see,

The place of rest for your soul in eternity.

Honest to God, I have been writing for a while,

My mind is starting to get weary and restless in style;

Look out for God, who just goes on and on forever;

Over mountains and ridges and through all kinds of weather,

Honest to God, he always finds the right kind of weather.


Places I have never been.

9 Worship In Truth

Worship in truth and the spirit of holiness,

The right kind of places for people who travel it;

Look where you are going and worship in truth,

God has an eternal plan for the good of you.

Worhsip in truth and not relax in idleness,

Come into the light in the spirit of heaviness;

Stay right minded and focus on the things above you,

To live in the love of heaven, not focused on you.

Worship in truth and look unto Christ,

He will, lead you and guide you in His heavenly light;

Making money is a thing of dark ages past,

Come into the truth of the saving knowledge of God.

Worship in truth and live lives acceptable,

God is a good God, above all us unrespectable;

Worship in truth and you will see the light,

God's plan in heaven, with everything being right.

Worship in truth and the pspiritof understanding,

With everything in the light, without people straying;

Worship in truth and the beauty will be real,

Like the flowers that bloom in Gods kingdom ideal.

Do not go too far over to the left or the right,

Stay straight on the path of the truth and the light;

God is a good God, someone we can all trust,

Without all the trouble and strife and fuss.


In Thankfullness.

10 Servant Minded

Pain and suffering, working along,

Doing what is right and nothing wrong;

Living for others, the way things should be;

Peace, loving, kindness, following Thee.

I'll help you by the way you help me,

Christ was a servant, the way I should be,

I will help you no matter what is wrong,

Nothing to hurt or harm, nothing odd.

I'll help you, the way it should be,

Nothing rotton or odd, but only me;

You are my master, I will serve you,

To help you with the things I should do.

I love God and He loves me,

Helping and serving for the kindom to be;

Making life better and easier to see,

The world is a great place for God to agree.

Helping and serving, it is Gods way to,

For us and others for the things to do;

Loving and helping, everything right,

God watches over us in heavens delight.

Working together, helps make things right,

Serving each other is Gods love and might;

Looking out to see where I can serve you,

Things for me to do, to help out you.


Right Minded Thinking.

Chapter 2 Peace and Holiness

11 Filling My Mind With Peace

Filling my mind with peace,

It is a great and gracious thing to do;

Love of a good and holy God,

More things to play with and to do.

Filling my mind with peace,

It is a heavenly type of thought;

It is loving and giving to one another,

It is a kind and different sport.

Filling my mind with peace,

It is beatiful and lovely all the time;

Given to me from God above,

Trying to use up every resort.

Filling my mind with peace,

Filled with heavenly places and ideas;

Going back to where the mind began,

It is a good idea to want to do.

Filling my mind with peace,

Looking to the future of the world;

If all would be as it should,

This is how it ought to be.

Filling my mind with peace,

Things going right all the time,

Belonging and staying on top of things,

Thinking thoughts of peace and not strife.


Time for tranquility.

12 Holy and Right

Holy and right and all things good,

Peace and plenty as how they should;

Love and honour a very good thing,

God blessing others in kinds of thing.

Holy and right and all things good,

Love, joy and peace, and hope I could;

Faith in the mind, strength in the will,

A heart to serve and purpose fulfil.

Holy and right and all things good,

Kindness and glory to love and will;

Mercy for each other when tempers flare,

Gods care and goodness and all things well.

Holy and right and all things good,

Time on our hands to do what we can;

Help, serve and care, as we should,

God watching over us to see things will.

Holy and right and all things good,

Patience, love and kindness, God is good;

Joy in the heart and depth of despair,

Gone, beaten and forgotton, nothing wrong there.

Holy and right and all things good,

Blessing, honour and love, living proof;

Time for peace and not war,

Everything, everywhere in Gods prayer.


Love and care.

13 Good To Each Other

Good to each other in times of strife.

Caring for each other, husband and wife;

Life is far to short to go it alone,

You need some love and care of home.

Good to each other, one more time,

Words that fit into this caring rhyme;

People aren't perfect, but most try hard,

To be the best they can, along the road.

Good to each other, when life is tough,

Caring and helping when things are rough;

Remember the good old days with God,

Back to the pen and type all the odd.

Good to each other, I dare ask again,

Is there anything else I can put down then;

When all is taking its time on earth,

Stick to the truth and proof of birth.

Good to each other, we need to care,

Love one another and always share;

People need people it is fair to say,

Throughout the world and time of day.

Good to each other, you be my guest,

Answers are found when you look and guess;

When everything goes beyond the stress,

God comes into the picture to fix the mess.


All is not lost.

14 Caring Helps

Caring helps at times of need,

Hearing prayers from people, God to lead;

When crisis comes, look up to God above,

He will show you His care and love.

Caring helps with different people,

Looking to see the needs to fill;

When you get old, you need more care,

Love and attention from people there.

Caring helps, you see and say,

Don't ignore those going astray;

Point out the right way to go if you can,

Show people you care, under God's good plan.

Caring helps, it is fine to say,

Sun smiling down, people going there way;

Its all good and perfect at the end of the day,

Caring people, help others find their way.

Caring helps, have you not noticed,

Others doing, for others comfort;

When things are not going the way you expected,

Caring people are there to protect you.

Caring helps, if you dare to try,

Look another in the hurting eye;

Aleviate the pain and trouble there,

Teach others how and show you care.


Meant Good.

15 From Good Works

From good works, come love and healing,

Open the mind to people receiving;

Show how much you want to help,

To care and see others get well.

Grace is found when life is too hard,

When you stretch beyond the measure and yard;

Good works aren't easy, but shows you care,

Teaching people love and respect.

From good works, comes love and help,

Financial gifts to the kingdoms head;

Cherish each kind of gift in heart,

To do good works for Gods word to spread.

From good works comes, pride and envy,

Thinking you are better than others, is jealousy;

It rots the mind and stops the cause,

To serve and love and recieve applause.

From good works, comes peace and hate,

The two together do not relate;

The vane will think they did it for themsleves,

Not gifts to kids from Santa and eleves.

From good works comes more reward,

Money and things, for not being board;

The truth be known, it is good to help,

But not enjoy all the pleasure from someone else.

From good works. is the love of God,

Working for the kingdom is nothing odd;

Helping others leans towards results,

A better world for God, against the odds.


Work For God.

16 Knowledge Minded

Knowledge minded is a different world,

Striving for things and not for peace;

All the books you have read, sit on the shelf;

For myself to know and to tell yourself.

Words come asy and cheap and kind,

Trying to find and keep peace on your mind;

Knowledge things you have heard or read,

Best learning form the Bible or you will be lead.

Beats having problems for a while at a time,

Knowing whats right and rhymes in the rhyme;

Being kind is a surity of peace on your mind,

Problems come and go you seem to want to find.

Knowledge will help you get on with your life,

Knowing what to do and is right to stay out of strife;

God bless us all as in this wisdom we seek,

To love one another and kiss the other cheek.

Knowledge is a tool and resouce for helping you live,

Staying out of trouble and a bursting bubble in bed;

Truth and afcts are established out of what is right to know,

The knowledge that you are sure of what to do and say.

Make sure your right and that you know what your saying,

Know for sure that you have read the books on the shelf;

Knowledge is a crime if you sin to yourself,

God's gift of love is worth more than being dead.


Truth To Save.

17 God Is Perfect

18 Peace and Holiness

19 Joy Being Given

20 A Happy Ending

Chapter 3 Kind and Meek

21 Kingdom Children

22 Learn Again

23 Jesus Loves Me

24 Good As Gold

25 Happily Loving

26 Boys and Girls

27 Weak In Mind

28 Blessed Are The Meek

29 Old Fashioned Care

30 To Rest A Day

Chapter 4 Humble In Spirit

31 Suffer Unto Me

32 Servant Hearted

33 Doing Gods Will

34 Strong In Heart

Strong in heart, strong in mind,

Week in spirit, lovely and kind;

Strong in heart, head over tails,

As strong as God, love never fails.

Strong in heart, strong in mind,

Rich in spirit, being humble and kind;

Strong in heart, strong in head,

Understanding, that God wants us lead.

Strong in heart, strong in mind,

Love is burning, a passionate desire;

Strong in heart, loves simple ways,

God is yearning, for us to follow His ways.

Strong in heart, Strong being well said;

A nice soft voice, or loud instead;

Being a smooth talker, you get your own way,

Better to listen, best not to stray.

Strong in heart, mind, soul and head,

God is calling, heaven wants us lead;

Strong in heart, best left unsaid,

Passing the wind or beating instead.

Strong in heart, softer, kinder and humble,

Lost in mind, surrounded by jungle;

God is best, less stressed and undressed,

God is strong, the rest put to the test.


Loving and Kind.

35 A Good Mind

36 Loving Jesus

37 All Things Right

38 Best Be Humble

39 Humble Humans

40 Wind, Air, Spirit

Chapter 5 Blessings Upon You

41 Blessing Others

42 Blessed Are The Givers

43 Blessed If You Do Right

44 Best To Be Blessing

45 Blessings From Heaven

46 Blessings Forever

47 God Blesses Us

48 Better To Trust

49 Believe In The Blessing

50 Blessings Are Beautiful

Chapter 6 For The Love Of God

51 High and Mighty

52 Enthroned Forever

53 Heaven In Mind

54 No Greater Love

55 God On High

56 Truth Reigns

57 Trust In His Might

58 Love Endlessly

59 He Loved Me Back

60 His Love Is Paradise

Parsifal's Worship Poems


Chapter 1 All Beautiful 

1 Beautiful Attitudes

2 Beautiful Minds

3 Beautiful Heaven

4 Beautiful Forever

5 Reigning Beautifully

6 Beautiful Hearts 

7 Being Beautiful

8 Big, Best and Beautiful

9 Seeing The Beauty In Others

10 Beautiful Worship

Chapter 2 Worshiping God

11 God Is Worthy

12 Greatful Adoration

13 Forever Loved

14 No Matter the Cost

15 The Price Is Paid

16 Full Honour and Glory

17 Graciously Atoned

18 Church Is A Blessing

19 Heaven Reigns

20 No Higher Love

Chapter 3 Praise and Adoration

21 Give Him Praise

22 Adored Forever

23 Worship Him On High

24 Lift Jesus Up Again

25 In Music and Song

26 Hymns On The Organ

27 Angelic Voices

28 The Choir Arises

29All Our Praise

30 Peace and Beauty

Chapter 4 Honour and Goodness

31 Honour Is Right

32God In Charge

33 Goodness Forever

34 Valour and Mercy

35 Love Respect

36 Worth Our Reverence 

37 Goodness and Kindness

38 Never Changing God

39 A Medal Reward

40 The Goodness Of God

Chapter 5 Joy and Happiness

41 Joy Reigns In Heart

42 Happiness Is Best

43 Love Not Hate

44 Peace Of Mind

45 Peaceful Existance

46 Happiness Is Giving

47 Joy Of Others

48 Hoping For A High

49 Full Of The Spirit

50 Joy and Happiness

Chapter 6 Faith, Hope and Love

51 Faith First Forever

52 Hope For The Best

53 Love Never Fails

54 Face Before Feet

55 Fait Always Hopes

56 Love Wins In The End

57 Hope In God

58 Loving God

59 Faith In God

60 Love, Hope and Faith

Bonus Poems

God Always Wins

Trust In Him

Truth Of Love




1 Bright As

2 Right As

3 Light Is

4 Sight First

5 Faith Forever

6 True Hope

7 Writing It

8 Time Wins

9 Sign For

10 My Might


11 Nice Night

12 Lights Right

13 Sight Right

14 Night Light

15 Day Light

16 This Way

17 That Way

18 Streaming Beams

19 All Array

20 Rainbows


21 Got To be Right

22 See It Clear

23 Keep Perfect

24 Stay Right

25 Truth Really 

26 Beautifully New

27 Blue Bay 

28 Clean Water

29 Crystal Clear

30 I Like It LIke That


31 Its A New Day

32 See The Light

33 Perfect Vision

34 Right To Me

35 Brighter Eyes

36 Its A Clear Day

37 The Sun Shines

38 Skies and Light

39 Through The Air

40 Brand New Light


41 As It Is

42 Light To Me

43 Water Is Too

44 Trees Grow

45 Breathing Air

46 See To Sea

47 Waves Blow

48 Windy Breeze

49 The People Are

50 A Poem In Time


51 A Poem In Heaven

52 Rhymning Right

53 Pearly Gates

54 Golden Path

55 Clear Skies

56 Stars At Night

57 Different Planets

58 King's Castle

59 Gods Home

60 Way To There

Bonus Poems

Final Word