Parsifal's Life Balances




ANTONYMS:- The Word Is A Paradox:- The Work Is A Paradigm Shift.

The word is paradox and the work is a paradigm shift is a context I have thought about and decided to base this book about Life Balances on. For like getting on the scales and weighing yourself or going to the bank or internet account to check how much money you have got in your account, life balances are just like that, a paradigm shift of change and a paradox in the balance of the scheme of things. Just as the planet we know as earth, balances in equilibrium and goes around the sun in orbit, so are everyday things being put into balance. As life is like that and balances play a major part in and through out our lives, just as we are all here to balance with the forces of nature and compete with each other for soveriegnty and domain in what is all fair in love and sport. Then of cource the business world is no exception to the financial challenge of expediency in success. A paradox is however something that has a meaning of balancing with something else and like Einstein's third law of motion, "That every action has an equal and opposite reaction", that determines the paradox, that when life starts to balance or shift into a new position, then it is when we get that change, called the paradigm shift of a new postion or status of our personal or world situation. For example if you withdraw $50 from your account and give it to me for books and I put it in my account, then we have an even exchange, like a transaction of an asset for money, that is, if you are happy with the purchase, we have a firm sale. This exchange or purchase is a paradigm shift, by moving from one position to another in a financial transaction, we have shifted the forces of nature, no matter how minimal, to a new position of account balance and when there is a difference in assetts or monetarial value, there is always some change and therefore a paradigm shift. A major example of this movement, is maybe an earthquake, then the difference before and after the earthquake is a change caused by a rupture of techtonic plates, which represents a major movement as a paradigm shift. The paradox is therefore one of life or damage, hoping no-one gets hurt in the process, but nevertheless we have changed our earths balance in the process and formed a new position of reality, just like the purchase of our book for a $50 amount. The paradigm shift then comes into play again in that the balance of the forces of nature and how they must adapt to the new reality of the shift or exchange, things or people may be displaced, but other people are there to help to get the world back into equilibrium by making life livable through, by what has been displaced, coming into harmony again with the relief efforts, which are balancing out the forces of nature, with humanitarian aid for example and the willing and kind work of working volunteers in emergency situations help of cource and my $50 donation to the earthquake fund will help as well. I hope that you can see what I am getting at with this and that as we go through and explore the life balances of nature more carefully on an individual page topic and subject heading, that you will be able to see for free what I mean by different or differences in life balances and how words come into play with meaning in the paradoxes to form paradigm shifts. Finally I guess, Life Balances, which are mostly, really "Antonyms" which show an opposite meaning to each other, are here to explain to us the difference in association of balances, what, how and why, also play a major part with vivid descriptions of parrallels and opposites in meanings. As well, life balances are ecological and environmental, like as we all should have learnt at school, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but if one wants to catch and eat the fish, one must keep the ecology and balance of nature right. There is plenty of food to eat, but keeping the environment right and being good stewards of nature, is another story we will see throughout the book in that, when you feed a person a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach a person to fish then you feed him for a lifetime. I guess, Jesus fed the multitudes with a few fish and some loaves of bread, but the worlds population plays a major part on the drain of natural replenishment and supply. Please enjoy this, the new book of Life Balances as we go through this in some more depth of understanding and explain some of the reasons that life is fair or not and what has to happen and be done to make all things come into balance, so that we can try to make everything equal for everyone and by so doing, establish an association of fairness through fair play. Then by trying to consider all aspects in balancing life, with its day to day people's problems and the constructive things as their opposites and parrallels, finally come to a sense of reality and transperency in what are real and everyday Life Balances.

Ps. Don't forget to keep your ATM receipt or your shopper docket and if you are interested I can invoice for a look at the book if you want, but for now, reading is free and if writing costs money, remember that paradox had to be written at a cost and there will be a paradigm shift at the end to compensate the author and the one affected by the difference. So as we see the reasons for the seasons come into play, may you find the peace of mind that heaven offers you, as you continue to read, because I am paid anyway. As well, remember that you are not fishing for an earthquake. I guess some fish and chips and a milkshake or can of Coke will do. Thanks for your understanding and please continue reading.

Darel McAllister.



1 He And She.................Written

2 Him And Her................Written

3 Man And Woman.........Written

4 Masculine And Feminine.Written

5 Me Or You....................Written

6 Us And We...................Written

7 They And Them............Written

8 Those And These..........Written

9 Get And Got...................Written

10Who And What..............Written

11 I And Thee....................Written

12 Mine And Thine............Written


13Anything And Everything Written

14 Nothing And Something Written

15 Nothing For Yourself Written

16 Yourself And Anything Written

17 Myself And Yourself Written

18 Myself And Anything Written

19 Myself And Everything Written


20 Sooner Or Later Written

21 Now And Again Writen

22 Then And When Written

23 Past And Present Written

24 Present And Future Written

25 Future And Past Written

26 Ages And Years Written

27 Time And Ages Written

28 Time And Years Written

29 Time And Season Written

30 Years And Currency Written


31 Make And Made Written

32 Gave and Have Written

33 With And Give Written

34 Take And Took Written

35 Book And Look Written

36 All And Awe Written

37 Ore And Oar Written

38 Mine Or Mind Written

39 Bank And Money Written

40 Word Or Work Written


41 Age And Page Written

42 Wisdom And Water Written

43 Worth And Birth Written

44 Thing And Think Written

45 Drink And Link Written

46 Birds And Words Written

47 Pill And Dill Written

48 Hard And Guard Written

49 Kingdom And Garden Written


50 High And Low Written

51 Tall And Small Written

52 Long And Short Written

53 Early And Late Written

54 More Or Less Written

55 Faster And Slower Written

56 Heavy And Light Written

57 Lot Or Bit Written

58 Plenty Or None Written

59 Much Or Some Written

60 Maximum And Minimum Written

61 Big Or Little Written

62 All Or Nil Written


63 Top And Bottom Written

64 Above And Below Written

65 Right And Left Written

66 Black And White Written

67 Brighter And Duller Written

68 Like Or Dislike Written

69 Love And Hate Written

70 Sweet Or Sour Written

71 Rich Or Poor Written

72 Old Or New Written

73 Money Or Time Written

74 Expensive And Cheap Written


75 Wet And Dry Written

76 Fresh Or Stale Written

77 Best And Worse Written

78 Betting Or Certain Written

79 Sure Or Risky Written

80 Nice Or Nasty

All things in life can be nice or nasty and understanding the difference is sometimes hard to understand, while at others when someone gives you a sharp blast, you know that you are alive by their nasty nature. Being nice is a much more pleasant thought and people always prefer people who are nice to them than those who are nasty. Spiteful and hurtful natures are nasty and we hate the experience of the people who hold and use these personality traits. They just don't think most of the time and there short tempered fuse just attacks without cause or reason and the recipient of the attack is just left feeling cold and strange without understanding reason or why most of the time. The thing about being nice is that peopel are much more attracted to this type of eprson, they win freinds more easily and have a lot more freinds than nasty people. It is a matter of being patient and staying calm when an attack comes as well as avoiding attacking someone when you feel that they have done the worng thing by you or that you have been hurt yourself. Never reciprcate a nasty painful attack just because you have been given one. As two wrongs never make a right and the only thing that can come out of defending yourself is the possibly of violence. Don't allow yourself to be it by a nasty person and walk off or run theother way if the situation arises. Nice people have a much more loving personality and much more pleasant to be around. Try and seek out nice people and avoid nasty people as much as you can.Try and read as much as you ca,n as readers are more understanding of other people and can asseess a nasty or nice person quickly or at first glance. Nice people will always win in the end and realy a nasty person goes nowhere fast. Experience is the key to this and also important in rcognising those undesired nasty epople. If you are nice yourself, generally people will be nice back to you and if you are a nasty person the same is true to them as well, people will be nasty back to them. Always try to avoid the confrontation first and if you are a nice person the confrontaion is less likely to arise. Nice people win and nasty people lose in the end, be nice and not a nasty person.  

81 Laughter Or Tears

82 Perfect and Flawed Written

83 Beautiful Or Aweful

84 Pretty And Ugly

85 Useful Or Worthless


86 Run And Sit

87 Do Or Say

88 Walk Or Talk

89 See And Hear

90 Smell And Touch

91 Move And Still

92 Eat And Beat


93 Coming And Going

94 Letter And Getter

95 Picking And Ticking

96 Driving And Living

97 Sailing And Flying

98 Buyers And Sellers

99 Winning And Sinning

100 Gaining Or Losing

101 Expensive Or Cheap

102 Attack Or Defend


103 Wise Or Fool

104 Words And Numbers

105 Things Or People

106 Manager And Staff

107 Teacher Anmd Student

108 Modern And Ancient

109 Geography And History

110 English And Math

111 Assets And Liabilities


112 Paradox And Paradigm

113 Paradise And Parrallel

114 Smart And Dumb

115 Clever And Stupid

116 Intelligent Or Idiot

117 Logic Or Wander

118 Leading Or Reading

119 Learning And Understanding

120 Knowledge And Experience


121 Music And Poetry

122 Rhyme And Reason

123 Fashion And Passion

124 Animals And Trees

125 Rivers And Mountains

126 Land And Seas

127 Social And Entertainment

128 Royalty And Religion

129 Century And Millenium


130 Church Or School

131 Hospital and Hotels

132 Restaurants and Supermarkets

133 Shops And Houses

134 Banks And Stations

135 Suburb And Shire

136 City And State

137 Country And Continent


138 God And Devil

139 Good And Evil

140 Heaven Or Hell

141 Faith Or Filth

142 Sick Or Well

143 Hope Or Cope

144 Head Or Heart

145 Mercy Or Grace

146 Piece And Peace Written

147 Listen Or Hear

148 Great And Week

149 Glory And Story


150 The World Our Earth Written

151 Religion And Evolution Written

152 Environment And Geology Written

153 Kingdom And Meaning Written

154 The Balance Between Life And Death Written

155 Safe And Secure Written

156 Peace And Harmony Written

157 Living And Loving Written

158 God And Memory 2 pages Written

159 Heavy And Light Written

160 All The Answers Written

Final Word

The Begginning and End Written

The End