How You Can't Fall In Love

I can't fall in love so easily you know,
You have to know all the facts and keep it in flow;
It might become eary to get a girl and sew,
For a family and loving relationship fur us to know.

You can't fall in love as a Lord or Earl and have them all at my feet,
You might have to be knighted and be named sir to meet;
It could be easier if you were a Duke or Scott or Brit,
But for me I would have to be a King to find the right one for it.

You see you can't fall in love with any girl on the street,
No matter how many places you go or how many people you meet;
To fall in love is something thats best left up to God,
Not aiming for Valentino or Romeo or like Cupid that's odd.

When you can't fall in love you must bow down and pray,
And that in the Lords time he will answer one day;
For the beauty of love was God's test of time,
Unto to me it is answered through the prayer of my rhyme.

Is it not that love is so perfect but just that I must find the way,
To the truth of relationships through discipline each day;
Now patience is worn and my heart's losing grip,
On the pen in my hand and the Lord of life's love tip.

I see I can't fall in love because it's beyond all on earth,
Trying to rediscover myself since the dawn of my birth;
But in the subtle lines of poetry I am answered today,
Through that word that Parsifal passed, was from the past.


In Paris was love