Growing Up

Now gone are the days of my youthful life,
And it's time to settle down and find a wife;
I used to dance and take it all in,
But these day's things seem I have to try to win.

Being a fellow out on the town,
Is having it all and acting the clown;
With a girl and a drink the night goes by,
As like a walk on the beach with the stars in the sky.

With money to burn and a car to get there,
I'd go from place to place without ever a care;
But what seems to bother me was where I belonged,
As if the streets were my home and there was none that I wronged.

With a stack in my car and an infringement charge,
I'd con my way out and end up at large;
But God has a way of protecting his own,
When it came to the crunch it was him that I phone.

The young and the crazy, think life is very cheap,
But the price will cost more than a drink to send you to sleep;
So next time you find yourself floating around,
Remember the love that you've found.

I want to stop now and start to review,
The future and plans of dreams to come true;
For growing up as they say is hard to do,
When it all boils down to it's really up to you.

So dare to believe I what you conceive,
And through the power of prayer you might just receive;
For time has a way of healing old wounds,
Mountains will move as will ships be marooned.

Well what happens now to be happy at last,
With my head in the clouds and my heart in the past;
I've suffered my way home through dark and black,
With a hope in the heavens and a spark in the dark.


Glad I Got There