Serious Condemnation

Alone in the world full of struggle and stress,
Where people are concerned with God's Governments address;
And things go along and seem to happen all night,
Were perfection never fails and sin always causes strife.

So now let us look into the future and past,
Where histories happened and first will be last;
For the almighty has glory in reigning supreme,
Where serious condemnations not merely a dream.

Well what will we do with all this heaven and hell,
God only knows where he is and what's well or can tell;
For the very nature of omnipotence rules sublime,
The lord of creation and destinies final truth in rhyme.

Serious condemnation put fear in my lost head,
Where judgement and criticism causes heartache of dead;
And Jesus really loved me enough to die on the cross,
To suffer the injury and to have bore all the loss.

So lovely it is in the bright sun shining light,
As it reflects on the water so beautiful and right;
For the harbour and labourer of the weather change each day,
Lives, loves and loses the blue sky to clouds of grey.

Well now let me tell how it all can work out,
Without serious condemnation of eternal hell and doubt;
For in giving the truth turns and rewards you in life,
Where all condemnation is nothing but serious strife.


Let all the earth praise the lord