Fear Of God

As a baby born of live,
We wonder how God shines above;
Through many distant time and passage,
That we might live and learn the message.

But wisdom was and wisdom is,
And wisdom will to be like his;
For through the fear of loving God,
The wisdom of the years aren't odd.

It may be right to live and make,
To live on earth for air we need;
But fear of God can be more than real,
That one might not have shelter or meal.

But the meaning of it all is this,
That we in life must have faith to kiss;

To love each other beyond compare,
But with our God can live through prayer.

Well many a thing in life goes wrong,
And really it is simple as a bird's sweet song;
For sin is so easy and can beat us all,
But why worry over such a nice word so small.

In many a time it is all too much,
And fear of God can worry us to death as such;
When really the worst fear is death itself,
But fear of God is like whether your Bible is on the shelf.


Pen in hand