Where Have I Been

Where I have been since long ago,
Where would you find me, I just don't know;
When are you coming back along this way,
Why am I here, on this very new day.

Where have I been since I don't know when,
Where am I now, putting this down in pen;
Where will I go from here to now,
When am I coming back to where I know.

Why am I here, I dare ask why,
Why aren't you with me by my side;
Where have I been and why am I here,
When while I'm here I don't know where I've been.

What will become of me the very next day,
What's really right are we all just OK;
Where have you been and where have I been,
I guess here's where we meet in the middle of a scene.

What of tomorrow and the day after that,
Still putting down what's in my mind a new hat;
Think of it clearly while I tell you the truth,
You're so very beautiful here under my roof.

Then there's the dolphin and whale and shark,
The lizard the eagle and the smoke after dark;
So where have you been does it matter anyway,
As long as your back now it's all ok with me.


I'm here now