The Love Of God

So high and far yet such unreachable things,
The love of God and grace it does bring;
We aim for the hills but there's still some to climb,
Like an old grandfather clock at a twelve o'clock chime.

I concentrate hard on the woman I can't find,
To catch her perhaps I'd have love on my mind;
But the love of God is there for me to think,
That one day in wed I will love and will link.

The love of God such an important thing to know,
As I learn and achieve for my mind to grow;
It doesn't matter much if you have nothing at all,
Because the ice will still melt and snow will still fall.

It's kind of alright to find the right one,
Through Jesus Christ who has really well won;
Though not to give up on to the reason as why,
For in this life I'll pass and still fail to die.

Now all I need is to look back on the past,
That this love of God will really well last;
I can't win at all if I none of this thing,
For the love of God is above everything.

So above everything else is the love of God,
Which to argue and question would be very odd;
But such a precious thing might still have a price,
Freely given to all which is so very nice.


As if money ever matters