Faith, Hope And Love

We all need something in which we can hope,
Something more than nothing to pass and not cope;
For people have their problems it's faith well one may say,
To live and help another from their troubles of the day.

And true it is as well that the devil has his spell,
To lead us in to something we'd rather not to do as well;
But hope there is it we persist and maintain that we are his,
The Christ the life who shines the light, the one who really is.

Now faith was first upon my mind when God had plot his course,
To find a friend a faithful friend for future from past resource;
And now the time has come to kind to live with the employ,
The thought of faith and truth and such to which we might enjoy.

For faith is true beyond all else a strength upon which to count,
Love is great we know all that but it's in faith that things amount;
Well I hope you can see it righteously this beauty known as faith,
For when eternity comes to you and time paused you layeth.

But let us not forget the word to be known as imply love,
For god had strength beyond all else who sits on high above;
And when we are weal and loath ourself because our sin,
He reaches down and sees our toil and enables us to win.

Love can be as well my friend and passion between man and women,
A love in life for man and wife a beauty in loving submission;
For like a wedding made in heaven is paramount fort getting,
The paradise and love of Christ who joined the two together.


Two white doves - Free to leave the nest