All I Read Is This

All I read is this and I know it I guess but somewhere in the middle of it all was a hell of a lot of words that meant something. I am now trying to explain in some kind of idea and formulation in a page of what has taken a lifetime so far and I have to somehow account for it in a few short words and sentences to go down on the page. This page as it is starting to turn out and into something is an explanation that the real complexities of life can be simply and formulated and condensed into or complete and perfect page producing some kind of recount and an explanation of what it was all about, and it is about this. It is about writing pages and all I end up with is yet another page that simply defines it all in itself and this on my page.

All I read is this that I have read over a million pages through many, many, books and pages of written formulated documentation that in the form of information it has contributed to my knowledge on things and taught e the skills I need to know to write a repertoire of my own account of evidence on how I see life reproduced but other authors as well as myself in the reading and leading of learning to be understood in the understanding of knowing that you have a complete recollection of the things you know and can draw on to write another page and be read to become more instituted in thought for again the chance to pick up a pen and write some more at another stage and place in life to repeat the whole process and procedure all over again in another new and completely difference format of what it means by this and what this actually means by being it is good just to be alive and to be able to continue on and do this after all the things I've gone through and go through and will go through just to write another page and indeed in the process it is still just another step in the completion of this one and the dwindling down to the bottom of the page that has just flowed out of my heart and mind in the conceptualization and the invisualisation of the completion of formulating of this page which is simply this that all I need is this and then this is all I need to know.