God And University

The facility of learning is one of thorough development over a schooling time frame and indeed the lifetime pursuit of the knowledge we desire. Understanding the meaning of learning is one of hierarchical change and gradual climbing of the steps of education and stages of institutions and the difference from year to year and decade to decade as we advance in technological intelligence and adapt to the new level of pursuit in the management and leadership of the world.

Now on a historical reflection we have to look at the necessary place of God in our studies as students and pupils and understand to aim to be like him in self actualization of becoming perfect in his eyes and the reflection of the real perplection we gain from comprehensive learning and studying what God represents to us in society, religion and politics.

The university is the most advanced institution for learning and it is in this place that we are thoroughly test in this our aim and pursuit for the likeness of God. Once we have advanced from primary and High School and taken the middle step of some kind of tertiary training in a type of college we are ready to tackle the final step where we can go to a University and graduate with a degree or the position as a professor. The top of the education hierarchy and chain is the position of Chancellor where after being able to have managed as a head of facility take charge of the University then it is only a matter of the right qualifications which separates the status of each old or new university from its own leadership. The students pursuit from ground level is to attain the depth of the knowledge he seeks where as a pupil he learns the depth of necessary understanding to see how God actually started and headed off the University to the Omega from the Geneses of its maturity.