The beauty of love between a man and a woman is first the meeting and then the long period of the courtship relationship where flirting and complementing and buying flowers, chocolates and the many dinner appointments where you can talk aver the things that may have in common or at least your own personal tastes and likes as to find out whether you will be compatible on a long term marriage relationship. The simple affection of sweet loving kisses with someone you are very fond of is a great way to tell whether you are mutually compatible without having sex at all until you are married. You will soon learn by talking and after a qualifying period of acceptance respect and care, share a little more intimately with a kiss after the night out at the theatre, restaurant, opera or just a picnic at the beach or in the park. Courtship is the best way to tell if you will ever be perfect together for the long term plan a relationship in heaven in the form of a Godly marriage. Some churches believe that god finds the right partner for you and that you should not even kiss until you are married. I believe that God helps with the choice but it is up to the individual couples to talk and work out their salvation together for the suitability of a lifetime relationship in marriage. You can't be expected to find a partner by your parents arranged marriage choices for you but it is recommended to accept their pick or choice to talk about a permanent lasting relationship with your prescribed partner with. But in the end once God has done all the work of leading two suitable people together, it is up to the couple with the help of the church to help the marriage and the family work out. This two way communication between the couple is the only real way to make a marriage work and not the sex, but courtship is the loveliest time of life, for finding out what God is like in your lifetime partner.