I'll Know A Rose

I'll know a rose in flowing beauty and poetry of a beautiful passion, with a way with words and a clear understanding of what the picture will be like when I die. It is a matter of the knowledge of a productive and a well researched life that realizes the fruitfulness of all the goodness of life. With the attitude and mind to be constantly at work and engrossed and thoroughly inter-twined in life it is simple too difficult and really unavoidable to forget.

For it is in the nature of work that when we try to kill ourselves in an overwhelming amount of work we actually bounce back and have to step out and take a step back and take a chance to stop and smell the roses. With all their glorious beauty and the heavenly scented fragrance of their odorous perfume it is simply too difficult to neglect and to simply really perfectly divines to want to forget completely so we all have to look at the array of colours of reds, pinks, yellows, oranges, whites and mauves to simply never wish that we could not remember seeing them and not want to not want to look at them again.

I knew a rose when I first started school and it was a pink one that was the first thing I saw when I walked through the gate at school and it died within a year or two and was dug out but I will never forget it and when I am reminded of the pink rose was who will be the one to be my wife I think of the red one that I have to read to find and give it to her. But the special place in my life second to God is the pink rose. I'll know a rose till the day I die and even though the rose dies too, it blooms again in spring and I will make sure that I do to, to rise for the occasion of knowing a rose, just like Jesus rose from the dead because the taste of life was sweet so too will I know a rose because to die is to live and to live is to die a rose.