Mens Health

Different types of men, suffer from different types of illnesses, a whole string of them in fact. There are both mental health issues and physical ailments to the body that deteriorate mental well being and the physical health of the body. Men suffer differently to women and the real point however is not how you all suffer individually but the general health and well being of men. Men get prostate cancer, diabetes and alcoholic poisoning and nicotine addictions, along with the common stresses of life, such as anxiety disorder, depression, unnecessary worrying and other more permanent mental illnesses such bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and masculinity problems, such as premature ejaculation and controlling sexual behavioral patterns in casual sex and illicit pornography. The reality is to that med aren't all that different to women but suffer the same or similar illnesses in different ways. The obvious reproduction organs differ of course and pain and hurts are experienced differently by both men and women. A man suffers simply for being a man and having to go out and do the heavy physical work and lifting while he also tends to sit down for too long in front of the TV and get obesity. For hard types of jobs, like mechanics, engineers, tradesmen which incorporate, builders, electricians, and plumbers, the money is good but often the lifestyle taxes heavily on men's health, while they can maintain the work for prolonged duration, the long term effects are and can be quite detrimental to their health. Relaxing with a book or fishing trip or a game of golf and not having the television on all the time with the football and the cricket, but varying sports and entertainment is a good general rule for maintaining men's health. Giving up the alcohol and exercising and eating right more of the time is ideal.