The Four Attitudes Of Strength Of Mind Spirtual, Mental, Physical And Intellectual

The four attitudes of strength of mind in my eyes are the spiritual, mental, physical and intellectual. Mental and the intellectual are more both closely related to the mind, but a healthy body means healthy mind and the spiritual is more closely related to the soul. But each of these attitudes draw their strength from each other to complete the person and are all inter associated with each other from a sociological world point of view even though they are more psychological in the humanitarian sciences the infraction of the individual within the world needs these sources of strengths and attitudes to draw from to manifest as a whole and complete being. The human body is not an isolated being, but one that draws on and uses the interaction of people and community to socialise and communication for understanding their own rational minds objective in the social world. This society of intellectual human beings operate out of the physical but draw from and use the spiritual soul place and mental activity stimulation of intellectual discussion which created and applies attitudes of strength to handle various situations by drawing on the mind of these four basic levels. The intellectual first decides on the physical while the spiritual relates better with the mental for the interactive should experience of memory of what has been done and or said from the person in their human journey of discovery and explanations. Therefore these four attitudes of strength cannot be disassociated by all their right time come into play in the picture and perspective of work things to debate and relate discuss and digress subject and suggest create and concern or just interactively wander a crooked line of a straight path, to be more interesting or inventive to design and resign or just one again to function normally in society by connecting and interacting on the same or different wave length to understand and fathom the knowledge and depth of mind in a sociological world.