Caring For Animals

People have to look after themselves and as animals are a bit different, people have to look after the animals that cannot look after themselves. Some animals as human beings have a natural instinct to look after themselves where as some people's natural instinct is to care for themselves and not animals, while animals care whether their human beings.

The problem is that human beings are generally self centered themselves and don't always care for animals in the wild are becoming extinct, while other domesticated animals are cared for by human beings and wild animals will care for themselves as far as survival goes while some preyed upon by those wild animals just to survive themselves. The thing is with all the different types of animals and whether they are domesticated or wild.

Domesticated in which includes farm animals as well as pets means that people owe those animals a duty of care, while some will eat or be eaten like wild animals, people as human beings offer prayer to care about animals and money as far as people are concerned is more important than animals and this causes animals distress and duress and while people eat animals and pay money for them, God care about the stress. While money might be paid to fix the mess, the cost is high and so is the stress. For people to care about animals and pay the price of the duress so that animals are not distressed. The consideration for the care of animals is a high mark of differentiation and vets and doctors usually have to afford the high degree of care while average family affords the mess.