We all have a contribution to make to the attributes of life,

Like an allocation of atrocities we constantly try to stop strife;

We write it all however the attributes talk to place their part,

That the decency in living is positive characteristics being smart.


The attributes of heaven are a constant form of addition,

To the personality we develop and adversity of all addiction;

The complex compilation of consulting the best of God,

Is the attributes of the nation who individually fail as odd.


Now concerning the attributes of God, further and in more detail,

We should consider all the goodness and products we can retail;

For the prize of natural selection is a fascination of what's kind,

That the determination of creation, is omnipotent mighty mind.


If the attributes of the person are respected and seen as well,

Then the health and wealth of a person refrains from going to hell;

For value of the people is a net worth and attribute of all,

From the big picture of the earth, down to us who are so small.


Please gather understanding so we can all decide what's best,

Not to tempt and tease our father or put our God to the test;

It's a pleasure to progress with attributes of beauty and of brains,

For there is luck in every mind whose brilliance allows the rains.


Like the kingdom and dominion of wisdom and the like light,

The reigns of our majesty will lead the lord of eternal life;

And these attributes are for keeping whenever the world is one,

That we win the most experience from what we have and won.



Perfect Qualities.