Left and Right

Left and right are a gift of life to write,

Sometimes clumsy and awkward and not perfect in sight;

We all have to learn to know the difference between them,

For they are the meaning and the interest for being happy then.


Like the side and the size of growing up through school,

And then learning to work or go to university or shop;

Whether your Arabic or Asian when language is English or British,

If your accustomed to have everything you need to be written.


When you put your shoes and socks on which one comes first,

Does it make any difference to change or is one always the worst;

The thing is we just do it and it does not matter at all,

If right and left shoe is a different size because your tall or your small.


As the older is the elder if the young is the leader of letter,

She will lead her if he lets him and that makes things better;

Because faith was victorious and the city worth the looking,

If you're sitting at a desk on one or able to make a booking.


Now if your heart is for poetry and people are in their prime,

Or if the fridge turns on and off and electricity is a crime;

For the power of the knowledge is both public and or private,

Which creates a decision for our own personal taste and climate.


So when you corner the world and things are left and right,

You can put down your pen and wish people a good night;

For all the money you chase just goes up in somebody's smoke,

And she is a good woman and he's just a good bloke.



Not Quite Happy.