The Unbeatable Rose

In the spring when the rain has fallen,

And the grass is green and the garden blooming;

Comes the rose in colours to all for adoring,

And the unbeatable rose is the life imploring.


And like a man who had been tempted to sin,

On his way to his death and to be dead and win;

The unbeatable rose is the resurrection victory,

The answer to those who believe in the glory.


Now the people have tried to change and save,

To lead back the dead from the hurting and grave;

The unbeatable rose is a blood red and the way,

Of life everlasting like God's son on the day.


The unbeatable rose so true and infinitely perfect,

That is a fashion to serve and to follow and reflect;

The man who has done and gone to be with the Lord,

Whose women could tell the perfume and smell the reward.


And the memory is meaningful and the food for the thought,

The beauty unendingly and unendless to live and be bought;

That the freeness once given of life in the unbeatable rose,

Is a proposition of return in the image of the one who knows.


And no one can ever forget the scent of a rose to the nose,

The unbeatable rose from which reminded all heaven has shows;

And the magic is replaced by the fleeting last breath,

That with the unbeatable rose you can really beat death.



Victory Waiting.