The Idea

What's the idea? To wait and watch, to learn to write?

To get what you can and to really have all you need?

Or to help others to find the way and teach them about life?

Or to just be what you have to and only try if you like?


To be the best that you can is such an unbeatable thing,

An unreachable goal because what you want is a sin if you think;

But still we must make an effort to change in order to win,

For indulgence and satisfaction are compromisable under your skin.


The idea was old and all the new ideas are getting new,

And the newer idea is changing for the better it true;

For advancement is the continual renewal of all the ideas.

That means acceptance and seeing the management of change appear.


So should we require time or money for things just to do?

Or should we decline and deny to suffer for what's to?

Possibly it's just the job to live and get on with it all,

For where all unique and important but on earth we're so small.


The idea is nice to have and to me it is really just being right,

For such a peace of mind and love of understanding is a simple delight;

And the beauty of knowing or having the gold and to cherish;

Is the miracle of living and having a perfect partner a blessing?


So let's be ourselves and see what is coming around next,

To compare and adjust and conclude in this poetical text;

For me it is a reason and a challenge and it's what's just to write,

The idea of grace appearing after I rhyme and see light.



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