In the kitchen we have the stove, fridge and sink,

To cook something nice to eat and to have a drink;

Needing plates or bowls and cups and saucers or a mug,

Food in the pantry or coffee and tea to have some kind of drug.


The loungeroom is for reclining to sit and read or talk or watch television,

While friends and family ring to talk on the telephone;

Then as mum smiles at dad feeling quite contented with life,

The kids play with there toys just to keep them out of strife.


Then into the bedroom where we get changed and ready for bed,

With all the clothes in the wardrobe not fighting to be dead;

A good nights sleep with pleasant dreams and we're feeling quite happy,

To give all the money in the world overnight, to not have change the babies nappy.


The bathrooms got to smell nice and qwhistle squeaky clean,

As the shower is there to get rid of all the dirt that seems to mean;

The basin and the toilet must sparkle when you look in the miror,

A bath to lie and soak in till it's cold and you start to shiver.


Then the back and front yards must have a beautiful garden,

A nice place to work and spend the time as things start to harden;

The garage is to keep the car and the shed all the tools you need,

A verandah or balcony to sit back with a drink and book to relax and read.


Then we have the real estate agent who wants to sell and buy,

For the reason it goes up in value is because you improve and try;

To find some other bigger nicer house, in some other, better suburb,

Where you can work and want again as things become supurb.



Home Sweet Home.