Make My One Life Count

I was born and came into this world,

To make my one life count and be of worth;

Something of value and plenty of peace of mind,

Showing kindness to those who were humble and kind.


Make my life count I screamed from the dark,

Fill me with light and ignite a spark;

Show me the truth of passion and wisdom,

Teach me love to know and not wither.


Make my life count for it is my one true hope,

To see clearly what's right and how always to cope;

Give me an understanding of all you have for me,

Tell me what I can do and all I can be.


Make my one life count, please ensure that you do,

To tell and to need of what all can come true;

Lead me and guide me and show me the way,

So life won't be dismal and not in dismay.


Make my one life count; I put all my trust in you,

Forever to live and in truth forever keep true;

Manage my day and reflect on all of the days,

That there is reason for living and ability of pays.


Make my one life count this I ask above all else,

That it is not going to waste or be totally of self;

Forgive what is wrong and remember the right,

That we never forget or lose sight of the light.



Eternal Skies.