A Hundred Times

I told you I'd like to live to one hundred,

In fact I told you a hundred times not to die;

Yet you went on and lived in your own individual way,

Being adventurous being deceptive and deceitful all day.


I was told to be a good boy if I wanted to live a long time,

With all the temptations of money along the way and in rhyme;

I couldn't explain what it really meant to want tell time first,

But the best thing I could do was to learn not to be worst.


A hundred times I said I want money before the time,

But I needed the time to work and get the money in my prime;

The cost and the price of it was a hundred times lucky,

And the crime was the telly and women being just clucky.


I look at the clock and it was a hundred times round,

The days of this earth went past till my feet could hit the ground;

A hundred times I wished I was married and not single,

But God told me to write and wait for Christmas time jingle.


Now the truth of the matter is that the moment is at hand,

As the years all pass by and I spend one hundred grand;

I've been around the world and you wonder what is to show,

But the experience of a lifetime is worth more than you know.


Well I'm now lost for words and a bit stuck for what to do,

For all of the time I've known and for a hundred times to come true;

So for now what I think it is all meaning double or nothing,

That when I go up to heaven I know hell will mean something.



A Long Life.