A Different Kind of Work 1

One job for most of us is enough to consume most of our lives. But the fact that in my faculty of management jobs and work are both very varied and different in the course of any day let along the course of a year. From builders, plumbers and electrician all part of the urban development in societal communities and neighbourhoods to the offices of banking stock markets and investment or insurance companies. All these require management and the structuring of some kind and dorm and of management, in my trade and field of retail where there is a number of jobs such as sales assistance, cashiers, store men and buyers. All these especially in shops require the greater amount of workers not only to buy but also to produce and purchase the goods in the creation and generation of jobs and work that is also in the distribution and freight. Ordering and more nowadays information technology are in great demand and setting new trends and ideas for sales generation and purchasing of goods. Doctors and nurses, dentists and health specialists all require some sort of management even if it is only personal grooming and hygiene, a different kind of work might be meaning a change of career midstream or at an age when the regular kind of work is boring and uninteresting. The fact motivational speakers, political and religious ministers and the more flamboyant artists and literary authors or accountants, engineers and architects are all in a vital unification cord system that unites and invites to encourage the connection and change of interrelationship to invest in the diversification of work and to provide the challenge to succeed in work.