Time is Important

Time is the most important thing in our lives and often we do not recognize it but instead preferring money or something else when really the length of time we live is the most valuable thing we can quire. In any given lifetime there is a numerous amount of complexities which surface and arise to show their head above the ground so that we can learn and persevere to find the road along the journey that leads to the maximum amount of time on earth. While fame and glory and riches and treasures are seemingly attractive the fact is that the best things in life are free and the requirement and acquirement of the heavenly peace of thought is that comes from righteousness and following the correct line of thought is what develops and builds to be a long term requisition and acquisition in the priorities and the demands within the constraints of ideal living. The reality is that we are all tempted and attracted to things that we think will make us happy but the accumulation of personal possessions is just a misguided and misdirected trap that takes away from the natural beauty and all the unlimited trimmings that are offered by self denial and discipline and perseverance to attain the final destiny of a long life. While we do require and need to attain something of worth and value that add to our own positive self image, they are not to be worshipped or become our main goal or put first in our life. Instead drawing upon the full resources and natural unlimited supply of God’s love and grace and putting our faith and trust but also with our finances and the attitudes that perform to healthy thought patterns and the self reflection that bouncing it off him improves and seeks to attain the prize and gift of our most valuable source and requisite that which is time.