Whose Life Is It?

Whose life is it? I said, Well it all grow on trees, said another. So I guess you're guess is as good as mine and if you would like to hazard one guess as well to anyway. But the real questions are, Why does it matter? Am I entitled to my own life? or does it belong to God? or is it just a free for all anyway? Must I have faith in life? Well to look at an irrational question rationally, one must make a decision and decide for themselves. We each have our own interpretation on who has the right to life or who can write about it or who wants to make a claim to it and then again, Whose life is it? or again, Is it really or rationally right to ask? I guess we could go on forever philosophizing about it in ideas and statements that at the end of the day, really what it is all about is the memory you might remember of how much money you have got in the bank or is it a picture of heaven or paradisical grandeur. And the plants live or die and is it up to us or God to water them. We must eat in order to survive and with a little prayer it all helps us along the way. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life and he also said he who wants his life will lose it but whoever loses it for my sake and the sake of the gospel shall have life, life abundantly and life eternal, forever everlasting life. Thanks be to God who gave his sons life that whoever should believe in him shall have life and be then forgiven of their sins for believing and trusting in the one who gave it. For this have I come that you may have life and have it abundantly. So whose life is it really, was it a free gift, did you have to pay a price for it, was the cost too high or too cheap. Is there a matter of grace and faith and mercy or are we all going to hell where there is not life, only death and destruction. Thanks be to the lord Jesus who gave his life that we might have life and live with God ever after eternally in heaven and his paradise.