My How Times Change Now

My how times change, they always have and they always will. The fact is that we live in a world of constant change and there is little we can do to stop it or ask the question, why even try? Rapid change slow change, change in money, times, places, people, and things. All these things change in the course of time and people moving from place to place costs a lot of money. Nowadays we live in a modern world evolved from our ancient ancestors which has changed over the years to form our current community government and management hierarchies and social and political systems. For us to progress further we need to be susceptible to change and have the faith in our ability to continue to do so. But they challenge comes in the form of limitations. Natural resources running out, human physical body limited to x amount of years of work and that in itself means change for the future generations coming through, that no matter how hard we try we have always got to take a good hard look at ourselves and see where we have been and where there is room for improvements. Because the world does not stop turning and the earth does not stop spinning and orbits around the sun, but in times to come we can stop and look back on all the things we have done and see and notice what changes has occurred. The fact s that as the population continues to rise now there has to be more food hard looks at what is going on around us and prepare for the multitudes of people that are the rise. The influx itself means more change and adaptability to the climate and topology and foresee and make the necessary changes to fit the requirements of the day and the years to come, because if we don’t act now and are ignorant to change, change will get the better of us and we will be unprepared for future sustainability.