Love Me or Leave Me

In life we all stand for certain things and it is hard to change me and it can be hard for you to accept me so in most cases it is a matter of love me or leave me. If I am a book sitting on the shelf in a bookshop you can choose freely to buy me or not don’t break out in a sweat or worry yourself whether you should r not but just take a moment to decide and make your choice. I use to say, I only come in one shape and colour and size and so if you don’t like me the way I am, I hope you continue on your own merry little way doing what you want to do and what pleases you. But don’t be antagonistic towards me because of the way I am. There is a lot of break downs in marriages and the divorce courts are full of people who said love me or leave me, who did not work hard enough at it to make a go of it. Who tried and failed and accepted they were not good enough to go on and continue in the way they were living. Though wicked way and desires, cheating for one reason in one way or another have offended their partners and have not lived up to their expectations and desires for marriage. Whether they were just fool hardy’s self indulgent or too easy going or not committed to a lifetime of marriage as a hard enough objective. These pitfalls and shortcomings are not acceptable in the ideal and perfect design in the relationship of marriage. I speak from observations and my own mistakes but I have never married for that reason that it has to work or it is not worth doing or entering into and that difficulty is an abhorrent repulsive negativity in itself. But my standards and requirements are mine and while they might not suit you and in most cases don’t but I continue on in my personal Endeavour and challenge for the ideal partnership and lifestyle while most people’s eyes I fail miserably and in my eyes most of the do too. But there is that hope of that happy family as an end goal and I realize that it is hard to work out but worth aiming for to achieve.