Creation and Evolution

The idea of the earth being created by a divine being called God ad a systematic logical progression of the origin of species to evolve and change in the theory of evolution are both diametrically opposed in united I'm trying to explain the thought of the existence and history of being.

Really we live in a highly complex world of social structure and infrastructure that is naive and clueless about the key question, the chicken or the egg or how life started on earth how it can and could of existed so far for x amount of finite years and how it works and lives today from a past that is extraneous to look back into and delve into the truth of its real origin. A rock this size with inhabitable life foes not just come into existence with a big bang it does however move and evolve over a period of time that advances it to the modern school of thought. This creation of so called coming into being and all the intricacies of the reproduction of a highly intelligent form of multifaceted creatures and things is what makes life so very interesting and its complex ability to reproduce is the highest intelligence known to mankind. Explaining the historic ruins and ancient people groups and how or who or what or why the first man put foot on the earth one in front of the other has no real rational explanation except that God was a person who started things and that that is the fundamental foundation and logical place to start for if God didn’t do it and God never existed we would have nothing of the great gothic and Baroque Architecture of the world and all the massive amounts of med and man hours put into the buildings of Europe should never be and continue to be an ongoing debate even if the big rock is millions or billions of years old we have a limited time on earth and we must do our best to maintain and advance it with buildings and social system structures to live on if the inhabitable way that people animals and vegetation does in order to prove God did something.