Saving and Spending

In the course of making money and the need for basics like food, clothing and shelter there is a need for saving just life the spending for the necessities there is a need to put something away for a rainy day. A rainy day might mean house maintenance, car repairs or an overseas holiday, in which things like this are not really part of the budget but are an unexpected or sometimes a spur of the moment decision or need to spend in which you have to have something saved up or a special kind of savings account for such things. To most people who live day to day and week by week contingency planning which is the management terminology for this kind of requirement is not usually allowed or budgeted for on a regular basis. On the other hand we have those who can mass away large amounts of money at other peoples expense to draw on at any time for any whimsical need or want just to satisfy the ego in their lifestyle. So what is it with saving and spending that the average household finds so hard to achieve and maintain while others fritter it away and those who can afford everything seem to do just that and circulation of currency is just a vehicle as it was designed to be and not a matter of worshipping the bank account. The balance and happy equilibrium is in the management of both. Having enough to satisfy your needs and keeping enough to spend on future requirements as they arise and as the will and the purpose in their season accentuates and digresses for further satisfaction and advancement instead the constant uphill battle and downward slide that affects most of us all individually and corporately as circumstances allow.