The Ability to Sell

Everyone is given the gift of life and everyone needs money to buy and at some stage in your lie you will need to sell something and a lot of people make a trade or career out of selling. The fact that for most people with average intelligence or above, this comes naturally. To be a super salesman or woman is for the super elite and out performers above and beyond the rest and it is not easy for them either but a matter of discipline and dedication to the cause. Selling is easy because we all pick products off the shelf at the supermarkets but it is hard to make or generate a sale. The transaction is very difficult because we have to count the cost of what we can afford and what we cannot and this involved paying the price. Health is another factor because you can’t work if you are not well and you can’t sell if you are sick. So the ability to sell is a matter of health and happiness, having the product and attaining it's real worth and valuing the item so that it is exchanged for the right price. The cost and sell factor is in the making of the product and the actual ability to sell is in finding the right customer with the right need and requirement to purchase and attain the item or products. If things are cheap enough they will sell at nearly any price but the more expensive the more consideration is given to paying the price so the profit and turnover are the real consideration in acquiring wealth. That is another price in itself and massive amounts of money can affect your health and the price is the time and the ability to sell is your life and the transaction is death so no one is the real winner just the person who can safely and modestly control his wealth because in the making of fortune there is always a positive and negative and life really is a cell.