Heading Forward

In the past we have done things wrong and paid the price severely. We have aimed to get rich and famous by heading forward in a successful attitude of ignorant ambition. We have aimed for the mountain tips and stars of heaven experience but in the process have fallen well short of the desired destination and accomplishment by having a real good hell of a time and have consequentially insufficiently fallen short of our aims, goals and expectations. While some have gained through exploitation and greedy pig hearted selfish desires and still as a society and human economic economy have ignored the basic human rights of being humane people who live in a community of a society that seeks and desires to profit selfishly out of the less fortunate and under privileges and impoverity of the world that we so desperately seek to avoid but should hang our heads in shame instead over the ignorance and neglect that most of us show. While there are some that really care and have headed in the right direction to try and sustain life and prolonged death so that though diligent suffering there may show the kindness and love to those who on the other side of the world live in squalor, disease and completely inadequate living conditions. Heading forward is about how we all as human beings can be respectful an honest with ourselves and others through showing charitable acts of giving that will not only bless the lives of others but will seek to improve conditions for the equality and sacrificial beauty of being able to share life with someone else who otherwise might have died through our ignorant neglect and the wonderful winning of souls into the kingdom o God and all the goodness and richness there is to share and benefit by from those and for those who long live with him and be a part of the glorious treasures he does offer.