The Meaning Of Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year and despite the negative implications of scrooge and the give me, give me, give me things that children naturally desire, it is truly beautiful because God gave his son to as a ransom for our lives to save and redeem the world from sin. It was like a present under the Christmas Tree and it was like no other thing on earth. It was like the meaningfulness of life at the point of its absolute greatest. It was like God dying on the cross only to be born again in a baby that came into the world to save and redeem the lost. It was a precious replacement of my sing and yours into a perfection so glorious and out of this world that it was only God in heaven who knew the truth. But we all share in the love and joy of blessings of Christmas. Just like Santa is up there on the north pole in his factory making toys for the children. God gave his life for us to give our lives to him, that we too  like giving and leave the getting from what God gave back to him. For it is not until we acknowledge him as our lord and savior that we are truly free to worship and believe all the greatest things in life, for our heavenly father, our dad of all creation gave up his life and sent his son not only to die on the tree but to rise from the dead and truly share in the feast of forgiveness but the atoning blood of the lamb that Easter may come and all the events of the year may pass but remember our dad and celebrate his live and gift to us all in his son and therefore is the meaning of Christmas in the present and presence of his gift.