Paradise and Heaven

Well I wouldn’t really dare to put paradise in line with heaven because I would expect hell to come out the other side. The reality is that when things are too good for too long there is always a negative implication and something for some reason that something wants to go wrong. I’m not really being too negative but just a realist in the state of things and the order of affairs that imply something wrong and negativity. On the other hand the experience of paradise and heaven is too beautiful for words and the brilliant peace of mind that fills you head is the exact amount of money I was worried about for me and you are going to be the beneficiary but this because I know I can’t think all for myself but someone else must benefit out of the thought and the beautiful experience of heavenly paradise and a beautiful peaceful state of mind. I would like to keep it all the time for myself and let you share in it as well but some must pay the price and the expenditure and income is all part of the design and payment and richness our of the life of it is the best out of the worst and the bad suffering for the ultimate part of the place for the pinnacle experience of paradise in heaven. When pain and hurt is the cost and price the turnaround of the ultimate experience of reality from the point of suffering to the heavenly paradise and the reflection of perception of the paradigm and paradox of the opposite parallel turning and replaying in the reproduction of the eternal life of affairs and the interrelationship between the payment of good for bad. And it is not all about me because without you none of this would happen and none this would or could be imagines as the place of perfect place called heaven in paradise where the rotten polluted nastiness of life goes down the drain in waste and torment to that uncouth and undesirable place called hell.