Parsifal Revolutionises Reality

The World Will Work


I wrote this book to stabilise our relationships with ourselves because we drift into worlds far apart from what is actual reality. So I have set aside and depicted many of the attributes of these worlds and the reality which we must come to terms with and face as a real and out right natural world. It is really only a complilation of ideas that set a level of expectations for not what I think is right but how you see you're world and how you see reality, because I can only supply reality from my perspective and my way of looking at things. It is in this reading of how I see the realities,that I have portrayed what you see and reflect on them yourself to formulate your own set of opinions in the hope that you might revolutionise reality and write, something I might read and the implications of the reality that I could not see but you see clearly and work towards setting once again, another set of realities. Parsifal revolutionizes reality not of his own concern but for the preservation of other idealities that rationalize themselves in the reflections of the timeless trace of the spice of life that often goes left unsaid or unnoticed and becomes clear when we try and explain the way we see things in the reality of our lives, that other people may or might see as unseen observations, but relevant to revolutionizing reality and adding to things that take the world to a new level of reality and living standards, for the desires of an obtainable universe and the real world of work in written literature that make real things and the true and best possibble reality for feasible and rational realization.


                                                                 For The Betterment of Society

                                                                 Darel Robert McAllister

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