Working and Retirement

From an early age after completing the required and desired education, a life in a working career commences and that is set and encourages to continue until retirement. I don't want to detract from the essence and passionate necessity of a major part of the life in the job, of whatever type or form that maybe, but however in the due course of life's expansion and the facilitation of all the individual early needs and requirements to be happy, satisfied and complete in family and personality we should have set apart a portion of our salary for retirement. This may be the required superannuation payments and contributions or it may be just building a personal share portfolio to meet the necessary expenditure of retirement or it may just be a matter of saving enough to live on in your retirement comfortably, possibly supported by a government pension or as well be, that being you're only and total income as part of the government system on a total pension in government housing if you were not able to acquire the abundance of life in the course of your journey along it in accumulation and the expansion of society. There s no real reason as to why you should not be able to enjoy your retirement but some say you should never stop working and never give up on life or that you are never really old enough to commit to total retirement anyway and for those in that category there is always something else to do but play bowls and watch television for the rest of your days and time. I have always worked all my life, whether on a pension on in a paid position but I am not one to push myself to the limit all the time but enjoy the pleasure on intelligent understanding and I write when inspired or in the mood to make.