Equilateral Equalizer

To formulate the equation of the system of balance, one needs the equilateral equalizer. Where positives are negatives black is white and right is wrong. So now you ask me how can I put up with and accept these conditions when equality is not true and not only is it all grey and the weather is terrible and then it is a matter of whether lightening strikes on people who write to be right or the right strike themselves. Rationally speaking I am simply in need for the dissernment of confusion and a clear perspective and view of the situation starting to make a play to come into the picture of common sense. You see with balance you need is a minority and a majority wants to totalize and become totalitarian in socialistic circles of capitalist domination and has dominion over all the denominations of civil life. This basic balance has intrinsic equality and goes ahead to formulate its own position of equalization. With something that is equilateral, even if it is in all angles and sides of the equation, obtuse or a rhombus, it's eqwualizing equalizer ability is nevertheless adjacent to the strength of its triangular acuteness. Well so it is with people because we are all striving for the same goal and position in society where the richest is the most average and the poorest entitles to all the heaven. So for the middle class citizen where they fit in, in the social system is moderately fair which only suggests that the equalizer is disqualified because of the equilateral situation of the system. To put you further in the mind of the eye of understanding, retaining this knowledge is only possible when it is informative and to brilliantly conceive the new overall awareness of the reality it creates,, generates renewed formulation of re-inventiveness. Therefore the equilateral equalizer is the earth on its axis and it is the world going around in harmonious equilibrium and it's the planet orbiting the sun but unless one person on earth fathoms the depth of the perfection of its supreme reality, it dies an injustice for the self. This permeating fragrance of irregularity and a suggestion of incompetence can look ill, but the thing is too big to argue with so while it is in notation format of written dialogue we have a simple yet complex view of equilateral equalization.