Money In The Bank

It is a sad state of affairs when the country is in billions of dollars in debt and the major banks are making billions of dollars in profits. It says a lot for the management of the country and its inability to charge enough taxes in the banking sector to help meet the countries ongoing and pressing negative debt which is has got into through mismanagement of funds due to the global financial crisis and its inability to properly budget and project and forecast economic times. It needs to predict early the trends and possible downturns that look like eventuating and lead and organise accordingly to sustain economic financial control. With the case of the banks financing the customers to maximixe profit levels for the pleasure of the hard working Australians paying off mortgages and heavily charging on credit cards and other accounts to instead be accumulating revenue, while pushing itself to the limit to perform to levels that the workers are happy to ask for investment accounts and consolidate on returns of capital for reinvesting in the social and media market system of the finacial liquidity of the banking institutions. Nevertheless banks are turning over massive amounts of money through the average Australian consumer and consolidating and collaborating with their capital to return and interest rate for wealthier financial people on their investment to confirm to their customers that their money is safe, secure and stable enough to yeild an atractively high interest rate level through the reinvestment of their funds. While generally around the world, banks are capitalizing on financial markets and economic practice of capitalist systems are consequently infaltrating the European Economy, that  is going on to produce financial return on hard working conscious countries like China and Germany. America as one of the wealthiest countries in the world is playing second fiddle to harder working more productive manufacturing countries that yeild a higher return through their industry and the famous American entertainment sector is swallowing up the economy with past pleasures that have made it the democratic free country of the west despite its high tech companies and average family house and home package of the greatest independant counttry iin the world. While Australia is high on the list of best countries in the world to live in, because it is substantially balanced in the government of the finance sector with which this more adequately reflects on the current balance and the countries ability to have its own money in the bank and perform as a highly successful institution, depending on the type of Government and the trade deficit accounts and the productivity and dedication of its workers which inturn yeilds financial independence and a healthy bank account and security for individuals if the Government can harness the tax dollar as capital for infrastructure.