The Earth's Equilibrium

The Earth must be and balance in equilibrium, this is the first law of nature. When we have to consider all aspects and components that make up this requirement, the statistical digression is crazy and enormous. But however we must endeavor to harmonise and streamline it, to bring it into conformity with all the rules and regulations of nature and meet the requirements and difficulties of an abnormal digression or an imbalanced system. There are certain facts that affect the law of nature and arguing or debating them is unwise. We must however maintain the laws of nature for equilibrium, seeing that there is such a wide and broad amount of diversion that happens, which in turn means that the normal equilibrium is thrown into imbalance. The massive size of the earth is enough to stabilize itself and will continue to do for as long as it has done it. But we the people with our own destructive and wicked ways can offset this balance by our adverse behavior. Therefore it is imperative to not only aim to do the right things but actually do it. For if not a spec was found and God could be it or the whole earth, then the balance would be in perfect equilibrium. But the reality is that all people, as everyone themselves goes their own way and systematically aims to defy gravity for the pursuit of monitorial pleasures, this self centered aim and goal is not only too self centered but it is self destructive and on a mass scale is as far as the earth's equilibrium is concerned, is mass destructive. Therefore an area and care for the concern of the balance is imperative and the only things that should be out of whack is a few minor simplifications in behavioral problems, where the ongoing manufacturing and need for recycling is increased in importance and the destructive behavior of peoples attitude is decreased in order to simply comply with the ground rules of the law of nature and that is keeping everything on Earth in equilibrium.