Buildings and Business

Buildings are for business and that is the bottom line. The key to building infrastructure and maintaining it is to have a firm foundation and aim for the sky. It is a gradual slow and long term project to develop enough money and interest to build a building, to have the right of land and design it so that it is cosmetically attractive and structurally sound. Business is generated by office work where by the man on the ground does all the running around to get paid and support the hierarchy of the office building block. Business is then generated by organizational procedure and the need to meet and fulfill demand and supply. Generating business is all part of the productive interest that is profited out of by the product which people have invested time and money in to generate turnover and utilisation of the various resources and distributive products. Buildings which already stand cosmetically in and as cities are built to last to stand and not to be torn down took attractive for business and generate interest and attraction for the city. In the city where the central business district is standing and structure to perform in many intricate connections and organizational links that lead one service to another and where by the people can be highly productive, leading business for themselves to earn a good and valued income that creates a worthwhile livelihood of activity generated by their industrious work. This then formulates the basis of a countries economic turnaround of international trade and traffic which not only offers services and products but makes the country and it's cities an attractive place to visit and a hype for the tourism industry. Government intervention is only necessary when things get out of control and like the government buildings themselves business must earn enough to pay tax and reinvest funds into the economy as well to maintain infrastructure which is at ground level business and buildings.