The Difference Between Environment and Ecology

Environment is the surrounding and everyday dwelling place of what is the familiarization of geographical areas and the natural eco systems of life on planet earth. Ecology on the other hand is understanding and appreciating this environmental life that seeks to be controlled by natural elements and time eroded and the balance of life that fits into these eco systems for preservation and adaption of rationalisational realities of geographical areas for maintain original creation and learning to be able to manage climate conditions. The difference between the environment and the ecology of managing of the eco systems is to balance the climatic conditions in order to preserve the natural environment and protect it and preserve it for future generational communities through a society that advance but maintains the eco system to the best of the ability through natural conditions and climatic weather control systems that affect the natural environment and ecological system. Balancing the difference is important because to understand that environment you must first understand the ecology of the systems so in order to appreciate the ecological knowledge of natural phenomenon you can appreciate the adaption to the environmental management that plays a habitat and the preservation and management of ecological and environment concentrated systems. if we consider the natural ecology as the way the earth was before urbanization and suburban pollution explosion then we can look at the environmental management down through the years to what we have now as an ecological system completely different to its original inception and for and end environmental conception on what it is now and how to handle and manage these differences in a time period on an aging earth where environmental systems differentiate from ecological management to sociological and economic extremes.