Gradual Resource Depletion

In the due course of time and as the earth has evolved on a path of rapid depletion. It is only a matter of this expiry date of the end of time when we use up all of the resources allocated and available to us since man first walked the earth. Now with the industrialization revolution and the manufacturing productiveness of resource utilization in provided supplied and goods of material possessions we have use up and gradually depleted a lot of our natural resources, from minerals to fossil fuels and old growth timbers in heritage listed rainforest areas that have overgrown their usefulness but must be preserved for future generations. The fact that the use of precious metals and mineral resources for base metals and precious stones are mined and extracted for high turnover of commercial use means that we are in a course of procedure where we must recycle all mineralogy and use up what is left wisely to preserve the natural minerals of the earth for reuse and regenerative reuse of recyclable resources and the circulation of these minerals for the continual use and re-use of the precious commodities. Gradual resource depletion comes at a cost of not only extracting the minerals and refining them but at the continual diminishment of the content of the left over and remaining minerals still in the ground that have been there since the beginning of time that have formed and evolved through heat and pressure and we have used up must of life available supplies of these natural mineral resources and now are fused with running out of these precious resources that through over mining and greed of miners and their mine owners have taken advantage of the sale ability and demand on the minerals to a point of embarrassment so much that unless we learn to manage and look after what we have got through recycle resources we will end up with nothing but a pit full of broken and rusty deteriorated manufactured things that have no use and no value and we have nothing left for ourselves but an empty shell of earth that goes back to God as a waste by product due to gradual resource depletion.