Environmental Evolution

As the planet revolves and evolves into an advancing environmental climate of its natural evolution the facts become important in management cycles as the world advances physically and waste needs to be addressed. The reason for recycling is fundamentally apparent as we understand the purpose of stewardship from a historical archeological point of science where the huge rock we call earth and live on is displaying certain displacements of deterioration that we humans have boldly inflicted on it without exploration and exploitation of nature and natural resources where minerals are depleting and horticulture is agriculturally consumed in abusive patterns that we neither cater for or understand the full detrimental effe3cts and the biological behavior of over cultivating and harvesting of crops and forests which leave the soil as a toxic chemical plantation of man eaten waste. This self reflection of the overall perplexing environmental evolution is susceptible to change and advancement where by the learning of the improvements is enhanced to make the desired future and rational and stable ecological reality. That our overcoming is not self infliction of our ground and make our mining and farming yield safe and economic natural environmental effects. This exploitation and manipulation of the world of biophysics is well needed to be controlled and not chemically exposed by readily contained and accepted as national and logical approach to do business in biological waste that can be renewed and reapplied to become beneficial trace elements for rich sowing and reaping of all our food products. So while we have water we have life and while there is proper utilization of our environment we can sustain it.