Conservation and Conservatism

Traditionally, preservation is better then extravegance and like it's meaningful monetary reason, it has a sister relationship with "life" in that conservation and consevatism are the encironmental ecological preservation of plant species in all types of vegitation and it's brother, minerology which is part of a rapid depletion of minerals, as we mine and use up all our long term limited resources and try to recycle and maintain fresh and sustainable vegetation. They say that prevention or preservation is better than than cure or leaving it till it is too late and this would sugest leaving the minerals in the ground and returning to a natural state of complete vegetation. However while bilogical species of all kinds of breathing animals, including the mammal known as homosapian, we have a duty of care and responsibility to maintain a standard of living intelligibleness and also to rationalize our indulgences to limit our current use of resources for future generations. Being conservative is not fuddy duddy or irrational, but an intelligent and sensible approach to responsible living. We as people on earth, must adopt a preservation mentality principle for our planet, otherwise we will be left with a rapid depletion of available resources in the near  and up and coming immediate future of out ecological and environmental planet. As we aim to conserve our resources and put the environment ahead of economics, can we then manage to sustain a conservation approach and show intelligable stewardship responsibilities for our planet. The world revolves around money and we treat life as a byproduct or second rate citizen to its partner of finance, but in reality, life ie the meaning of everything and money is only a means to trvel the cource or journey and justify the beggining and the end. As we who live on earth with no real hope of any human being living to or passed 200years, we try and put a time limit to the time zones of our planets existance and revolutionary capabilities with or without us since man conceived i9ts evolutionary creation, till death consumes its all up and everything is gone. In the mean time we apply justification towards our age and era as being important as we consider meaningful time periods of evolvement, but to try and date history past 2,000 to 4,000 years is guess work and the real truth of life is that we must use what we have got and be happy to settle with what we can attain individually and as this utilization of reality is the realization of conservatism and conservation is the generalized rationalization of its own real truth of finiteness and humanities aim for logetivity.