The Last Word of Political Equalizing Economics

Economic reform and political change is the basic reason for monetarial pursuits in the first place as really nothing is ever stable and the earth keeps turning around and the world constantly re-organises and changes. So for a Final Point on Equalised Econopmics, we have to consider it, as always in a government that produces political policies and relies upon them, based upon facts and as much as possible, they try to identify the truth for the best government systems but are constantly hindered by changing circumstances and with that aspect of fire fighting, it is to management what the change of reality is to politicians. If everything was always right we would need no political police and there would be no sick people needing ambulances. So as the crisis and the emergency situation arises we must be prepared to handle it with maintained discipline through our good work and already established infrastructure, just to prove that our maintenance is good enough and that we can continually continue to maintain the stability for as long as we can, but remembering to be prepared and organized to handle difficult situations that arise and eventuate in a day-to- day working of people moving, to make a living and get from one place to another and stay at home or work in the meantime while they are managing to feed their family and educate their kids and keep them from being unrealistically rich. So our ideal world of shopping and eating and travelling and building retirement packages, while paying off the mortgage, instills financial security and sets the next generation up to replenish the social system and the government controlled community for the politicians to govern and win the hearts of its people to vote for them while the rest of the circumstances change or vary from what is the stable reality of everyones work to the economic normality of an ideal world.